Video: BlackBerry PlayBook booting up with BlackBerry 10

Just this morning we told you how BlackBerry Mexico posted a Tweet saying that we should see BlackBerry 10 on the BlackBerry PlayBook in a few weeks, well MFaroTusino on YouTube is hard at work trying to make it happen. As you will see in the above video the PlayBook will boot and is currently […]


Netflix CEO still hasn’t used BlackBerry 10 – says not enough volume to warrant an app

BlackBerry did a total restart with BlackBerry 10, and many of us were hoping that it would help bring some of the bigger names to the ecosystem.  With the Z10 and Q10 now available we have seen numerous big name apps come to BlackBerry 10, and while some like Skype and Kindle have built BB10 […]

BlackBerry shows off a Flex Screen Smartphone Display in latest patent submission

BlackBerry has been busy of late.  With he launch of BlackBerry 10, the Z10 and Q10 and soon to be Q5, you wouldn’t think they would have had much time for much else.  However in a new patent submission you can see that BlackBerry has been working on flexible screen technology for the future.  In […]

BlackBerry Q5 set to retail at approx. £20.00 a month in the UK

Typically when a new phone is announced there are several prices that get released leading up the official one. Most of the time these prices are place holders for online retailers, but this time the price comes right from Rob Orr (BlackBerry UK’s Managing Director).  According to Orr the Q5 will approximately be £20.00 on a […]

NerdBerry is headed to BlackBerry Live!

With BlackBerry Live set to kick off on Tuesday, we will be flying into Orlando tomorrow to get all set up to bring you the most update BlackBerry coverage. Make sure you are following us on Twitter for photo’s from the event as well more information on BlackBerry Live 2013 and BlackBerry Jam 2013. As […]

BlackBerry R10 appears to have a 2180mAh battery

We saw some more leaked images and specs for the BlackBerry R10 (expected to be the Curve model for BlackBerry 10) last week that showed the R10 as having a 1800mAh non-removable battery.  Well it seems that someone who has their hands on a R10 decided to open up the device to check things out. […]

BlackBerry sales appear to remain strong despite some negative reports

We all know that analysts are not always reporting the exact facts.  It is part of their job to make predictions and analysis that will help to bolster their portfolio.  Recently there have been some negative reports regarding the sales of BlackBerry 10 devices from Pacific Crest and Cleveland research.  Despite these negative reports of […]

Will BlackBerry be able to win third place in the mobile operating system race?

There have been many reports and speculation about whether or not BlackBerry 10 is enough to help BlackBerry win the third position in the mobile operating system race.  There is no doubt that either Android or iOS can be caught, and therefore third place has been left to a battle between BlackBerry 10 and Windows […]

BlackBerry submits patent for wearable computer accessory

It seems that even BlackBerry is looking at getting into the wearable tech game.  Google has had the most media attention of late thanks to Google Galls, but it seems that BlackBerry is also looking to enter the wearable tech market with some accessories to pair nicely with your BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry’s conceptual accessory is […]

Carphone Warehouse Selfridges sells out of BlackBerry Q10′s in 90 minutes

There was no doubt that the BlackBerry Q10 was going to be a hit with traditional BlackBerry fans, but it seems that people are going crazy over it.  According to early reports Carphone Warehouse Selfridges in the UK sold out of 2000 Q10′s in only 90 minutes today.  Now there are a few caveats before […]

BlackBerry “Aristo” Phablet Specs Leaked?!?!

We all know that BlackBerry will be launching a flagship device around the end of the year, this device is rumored to be called BlackBerry Aristo. BlackBerry Aristo phablet has recently been rumored to offer the following specs: 4.65-inch screen 1080×1920 screen resolution on a Super AMOLED  4GB RAM 3,000mAh battery According to a source […]

Secure Workspace coming to iOS and Android devices via BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1

Earlier today some features and information on the upcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1 got leaked out.  Upon closer inspection Ronen over at Berryreview noticed something interesting for companies that run a BYOD policy for their employees.  It looks like BES 10.1 will provide IT admins with the ability to set up a secure workspace within […]

Will selling 3 million BlackBerry 10 devices help BlackBerry break even in Q1 FY14?

There is always another analyst that is given their opinion on what BlackBerry needs to do in order to remain a profitable company.  Whether it be selling more units than they have in years, or simply start to license their product out to other device manufacturers.  Well according to a contributor over at Seeking Alpha, BlackBerry […]

WhatsApp denies rumors regarding Google acquisition

We reported yesterday about a rumor concerning Google looking to acquire WhatsApp for somewhere in the $1 billion range.  Well WhatsApp has now spoken up and are denying these rumors, stating that they are not in talks with the search giant.

BlackBerry Q10 launching in Canada on April 30th

BlackBerry had previously said that the Q10 would be releasing in April, and it looks like it will come right down to the wire in Canada.  In this leaked screenshot passed along to Mobilesyrup, it seems that Rogers will be releasing the BlackBerry Q10 on April 30th.

Google rumored to be in talks to acquire WhatsApp for $1 Billion

There is a new rumor circulating the interwebs today, and it is in regards to Google possibly looking to acquire popular messaging client WhatsApp for close to $1 billion.  According to sources of DigitalTrends Google has been in discussion with WhatsApp for the last few weeks, and that the hold up is WhatsApp looking to […]

Q10 Radio Bands List surface

There has been quite a bit of discussion surrounding  the upcoming Q10 BB10 device but one thing that has not been discussed very much is the different bands that might be available on the device.   There has been some new documentation that has surface that explains all of the bands available on the 4 different […]

Chinese Government Orders 2 Million BlackBerry Q10′s?!?!?!?

The BlackBerry Q10 is all over the news today, According to “The Chinese Bureau of Economic and Cultural Development has signed an intent to purchase 2 million Blackberry Q10 handsets according to filials with FYD Enterprises in Macau.” If this is true we will be seeing a press release very soon from BlackBerry.

Carphone Warehouse goes live with their BlackBerry Q10 pre-orders in the UK

If you are in the UK and have been waiting patiently, or not so patiently, for the BlackBerry Q10 to get released that time is very near.  Today you can now pre-order the BlackBerry Q10 from Carphone Warehouse, and the device is expected to be releases sometime around the end of April.

Seeing duplicates of your Gmail contacts on your Z10? BlackBerry is working on a fix

If you are a Gmail user then you have most likely synced your contacts on the BlackBerry Z10.  You will have also noticed that you probably have duplicates of all your contacts.  Well the good news is that BlackBerry is aware of the issue and they are currently working on a fix for the issues.