Video:BBM Music To Their Ears

This video is a promo for BBM Music and its features. Greyson Chance, a singer who is popular through Youtube, is also in the video. Be sure to watch! hit the break for the video!


Extreme Flight Game For Blackberry

Extreme Flight was just recently launched for Blackberry smart phones. Through 40 levels, you guide the plane through rings. Watch the game trailer, to get a preview of the game and how it works. hit the break for the game trailer!

Challenging Puzzle Game Cubyrinth, For The Playbook Plus Game Trailer

It’s a labyrinth (maze) in cube form, hence the name Cubyrinth. They come in different colors, difficulty groups and 70 goals. You have to rotate the smaller cubes within the Cubyrinth to get to the goal and along the way avoid enemies. hit the break for the game trailer!

I Turn My Blackberry Off- Music Video, Latest Blackberry Inspired Song

There are a few Blackberry parody music videos floating around YouTube. I Turn My Blackberry Off is the latest one. Complete with text and screen shots of texts, you can follow along if you want… hit the break for the video!

BatBerry Car Progress After One Year- Interview With Tim Neil

BatBerry was last mentioned over a year ago. Since then lots has happened. But for those who don’t know what it is, BatBerry is a car that is a replica of THE Batmobile which will be powered by the Playbook running custom apps. If you don’t know what the Batmobile is, you are living under […]

Vlingo Launches Videos Of Their Own Brand Of Virtual Assistant

Vlingo, known for being a “virtual assistant” has launched their own funny videos as a counter to Apple’s Siri. It is available for Blackberry, iOs and Android phones. Some people may prefer it to Siri. Check out Vlingo’s site for information and to download.

Catching up with Timeless Love’s lead actor Aloysius Pang

RIM caught up with Timeless Love actor Aloysius Pang as he spends an afternoon with some of his fans and tells us more about his Timeless Love experience!

BBM Heroes — Philippines hosts 1st Asian Flag Football Championship

BlackBerry supports the 1st Asian Flag Football Championship which saw teams from 10 countries play compete with one another. Watch how the players and organizers of the event tell their stories on how they use BBM in their everyday lives.

Video: Upgrading BlackBerry OS

In a new video from RIM you can learn how to upgrade the OS for your BlackBerry Device! Find out how to install or upgrade your BlackBerry OS.

Traffic Wonder For The Playbook Makes Its Debut

Traffic Wonder was ported over to the Playbook, previously just being for iOS. It’s a puzzle maze- like game, you must guide the car to the end without hitting other cars. As you go on, it gets more complicated, more cars, faster cars, more obstacles. The video preview is the iOS version but you can […]

Get Path Installed On Your Playbook

App Description: Path is the Smart Journal that helps you share life with the ones you love. You can share your thoughts, the music you’re listening to, where you are, who you’re with, when you wake up and when you sleep, and beautiful high-quality photos. And for those of you who like to share on […]

RIM Following Through With Plans To Be A Hot Commodity In South East Asia

We let you know recently that RIM was going to open 4000 variants of Blackberry stores/kiosks in South East Asia. They have been continuing on that train by holding various contests for Valentines and also as a sponsorship for of a movie in Singapore. There is a video of the press conference and trailer for […]

The World’s Largest BlackBerry Only Social Network is Now Apart of NerdBerry!!

NerdBerry is extremely happy to announce that The World’s Largest BlackBerry Only Social Network is Now Apart of NerdBerry! BlackBerry Underground is 7000+ members strong and growing everyday. Over the next few weeks we will be making some tiny adjustments to BBU, but for the most part the site will remain the same. Besure to […]

Unity Adds Another Game To Their Playbook Game Collection: Super Crossfire

A new day, a new Unity game. Super Crossfire from Radian Games is a shooter game, rapid fire and very colorful. This is one of those games that reminds you of an old school one but is very modern looking. hit the break for a video preview

AirAttack By Union SDK Is Now Available On The Playbook + Game Video

AirAttack was previously only for iOS and Android, but Union put together a Playbook version and it is now available! AirAttack is an air combat fighter game with awesome graphics. hit the break for the game trailer

Dummy Jake Game For The Playbook + Game Trailer

Poor Dummy Jake is falling and you have to tilt the Playbook (to avoid obstacles) to get him to the bottom. You have a limited amount of time, but no limit on what he is up against when he falls. He could get hit by asteroids, power cans, ice rings and more! Watch the video […]

Video: Telefonica Digital shows off lineup of BlackBerry Smartphones

We have given you news on the past of NFC Blackberry 7 devices and the ability to use your smartphone for mobile payments. As well as the Blackberry Bold and Curve devices receiving their, MasterCard PayPass Handset Certification, Telefonica Digital has jumped on board as well, as they have teamed with RIM for mobile payments […]

Videos: Blackberry Curve 9320

The following videos are from the first leaked OS from the Blackberry Curve 9320. It comes with the following specs: 3G, 2MP camera, dedicated BBM button, and OS 7.1. hit the break for the videos!

Preview WebGL For Playbook App Development

As most of you probably already know, with the upgrade of Playbook OS 2.0 comes with WebGL. This means much better 3D games and maps then what are currently available. Blackberry Playbook is the only tablet that has WebGL. Hit the break for a video preview

[Update] BlackBerry Video Store Avaliable on for Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0 *Coming to other countries soon!

[Update] BlackBerry Video Store (initially be available in the United States – support for other countries is expected to be added later this year) Along with the new Blackberry Playbook OS 2.o comes about the new Blackberry Video store power by Rovi through their acquired subsidiary Sonic Solutions. Currently the new Video Store only works for that […]