Cascades UI Engine and Qt Application Framework Previewed at DevCon Europe

TAT, The Astonishing Tribe was acquired by RIM and with the future of Blackberry Tablet OS which powers the Blackberry Playbook as well as the new Blackberry 10 OS. At DevCon Europe keynote TAT shows off even more applications for developers to use and that shall be soon available on the Blackberry Playbook. Check out the video!

Video: BlackBerry DevCon Europe 2012 Keynote Now Online

DevCon 2012 officially gets underway way today! If you were not able to make it to Europe to attend DevCon, RIM has now published the keynote online for your personal viewing, grabs some good eats and kick back and enjoy the Blackberry Goodness!

VP’s of EMEA Product Management & Marketing Talk First BlackBerry DevCon Europe

Here is a video of Rob Orr VP of EMEA product management and Rory O’Neil VP of marketing giving their thoughts on the first DevCon Europe happening in Amsterdam.

Download Videos to MP3 with YouTube2MP3 for BlackBerry Smartphones!

YouTube2MP3 allows you to convert your favorite YouTube clips to MP3 downloaded directly in your phone for personal use. You can select Device Memory or save directly to your Memory Card in any desired location you choose!

How Tough is Your BlackBerry Device? – Videos: BlackBerry Smartphone Durability Testing

RIM has put together some really cool videos showing just how tough BlackBerry devices are. There are currently three video’s below hit the break to check them out!

How To: Make for “Night Bikes” from BlackBerry Commercial

When RIM released the Blackberrry Curves, the final of the Blackberry 7 OS devices, They advertised a commercial called, “Night Bikes.”  I really like this commercial and it is definitely worth watching in my opinion. And now comes about a video that gives you the how to make these cool Night Bikes!

Four New Videos From BlackBerry!

RIM has post four new video’s on their BlackBerry YouTube channel and we thought you would like to check them out! The videos are titled Keeping families connected with BlackBerry 7, BlackBerry Roxy Lifestyle Store Opening, ‘Go BBM’ BlackBerry Plan from Vodafone India, Bollywood Hungama on the BlackBerry PlayBook . Hit the break and check […]

BlackBerry Social Media Solutions for Business

RIM has posted the following video to showcase how BlackBerry social media applications work with you’re everyday business ventures. Hit the break for more!

CHYM 96.7 FM Waterloo shows appreciation for RIM, reminds us all there is more to the company than just smartphones

A lot of people think that RIM is scrambling to cover their losses and recover from their recent downfall in the mobile world.  Recently they appointed a new CEO for the company as a starting point on the road to recovery.  One thing that people forget is what companies do other than what they are […]

Polar Mobile Raises $6 Million For Their MediaEverywhere Product Line

Polar Mobile has just announced that they have received $6 Million in funding for their MediaEverywhere Product line. They got the funding from Georgian Partners on top of $3 Million that was already invested by private partners. Hit the break for a video on the MediaEverywhere product

Video: #BBMUglySweater Fan Night in New York City

RIM has posted the video below on their YouTube channel showcasing the #BBMUglySweater Fan Night in New York City! Hit the break for the video!

Video: McCain Canada Hands PlayBooks to Their Saleforce

McCain Canada has handed out BlackBerry PlayBook’s to their salesforce running their custom application on the device. The application will make selling their products a lot easier! Hit the break to check out the video!

FREE App: Rock File Manager By Rock Soft

Rock Soft has released Rock File Manager for BlackBerry smartphones. Rock File Manager, really cool and powerful tool allows you manage your documents, photos, music and every kind of files happily, with zip rar compress and extract function, quick search function, COD install function, favorites function and even more! Hit the break for a demo […]

BlackBerry Messenger Philippines: First in On the Action

Experience BlackBerry Messenger. Unlimited BBM™ Messaging, photo sharing and group chats anytime anywhere with BBM instant messaging app. More on BBM and its service plans from as low as P99 at

What happened in Vegas: BlackBerry at CES 2012

You know that old saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”? Well apparently RIM has not heard this saying before… Just kidding they put together a cool summary video of what happened in Vegas. Hit the break for the video!

Video: CES 2012: Annu Dawar Provides an Insider Perspective on OS 7.1 for BlackBerry Smartphones

Earlier this week we were excited to launch the OS 7.1 update for BlackBerry 7 smartphones. Here at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show I caught up with Annu Dawar, Sr Product Manager for BlackBerry 7, to give us an in-depth insider perspective on all things BlackBerry OS 7.1.

Video: Cut The Rope Featured On The Playbook At CES

Cut The Rope game for the Playbook was shown at CES briefly. Zepto Lab’s has already released it for Android and iOS and now you can have it on your Playbook. hit the break for the video!

Playbook OS 2.0 Print To Go App Seen On Video From CES

Looks like there is going to be a Print To Go app on the Playbook OS 2.0. RIM showed off the app at CES 2012 and someone was smart to film it. hit the break to see the video and the app in action!

QNX Automotive Dev discusses HTML5 for infotainment systems

Most application developers are starting to lean towards HTML5, RIM made an announcement last year sometime that they will also start to implement HTML5 into the applications that are available on the Playbook.  Here is a video featuring Sheridan Ethier that discusses how HTML5 and QNX work function within infotainment systems in today’s cars.  Hit […]

TechCrunch’s Biased and Passive Aggressive Interview With RIM at #CES2012

CES is this week and TechCrunch visited the BlackBerry Booth.  There were quite a few underlying jabs directed at RIM during this interview.