Viber Coming Soon to BlackBerry

There is a new app coming to BlackBerry called Viber that allows you to text and call other users for free.  The company tweeted that their software would soon be available for BlackBerry users. 


Video: She Did Me Shady On The BBM!

Poor guy is wronged by his girl using BBM! This is quite the Blackberry song, it gets really catchy at the end. Check out this video made by youdogyouproductions. hit the break for the video!

Funny AT&T Guy from BlackBerry Commercial Gets Meme

Remember the new AT&T Commercial that showed off the BlackBerry Torch 9810 we told you about yesterday? Well today that hilarious “Huh?” guy from the commercial gets a comical meme that just fits, and they look strikingly similar?? Hit the jump to check out the commercial and the new meme, and let us know what you […]

Video: Blackberry Lifestyle Store Opening

The entirely Blackberry dedicated store was opened back in September, in Thailand by Jaymart. The video features a quick tour of the store,the official opening and the long line ups! Hit the break for the video!

BBM Apps Hackathon videos show off developer stories

RIM has been doing a lot with the Hackathon events lately, and allowing the developers to show off all of the cool and upcoming things that they have been working on as of late.  RIM released a few different videos showcasing the stories of some of the developers that have been involved in the hackathon […]

Video: How To Setup Blackberry Messenger Groups

The Blackberry team put together a video that shows you how to setup BBM groups. The BBM groups are a great way to get a bunch of people together and have a large conversation. You can also share pictures, lists and more. hit the break for the video

Concept Video: The Future Looks Bright For BlackBerry

After watching both of these videos the future for BlackBerry looks extremely bright! The videos resemble Micorsoft’s “Office 2019” video. The videos are being branded as “BlackBerry Enterprising Minds” and shows off multiple applications for BBX and the future of BlackBerry. Hit the break to view the videos and don’t forget to leave your comments!

Video: Changing your BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

Video describing how to change the BlackBerry ID that a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is registered with

Video: Updating BlackBerry PlayBook Software

Video describing how to check for updates and apply them to a BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

Video: BlackBerry PlayBook advanced Browser options

Video on advanced features of the BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

Video: Tips for using the BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

Video on basic use of the BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

Video: Using the Music Store on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Video describing how to sue the Music Store on the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

Video: The Incredible Powerful BlackBerry 7 OS Commercial

RIM is really pushing the envelop with the advertising of the new Blackberry OS 7 devices. They have done a great job with this new commercial called, “The Incredible Powerful BlackBerry 7 OS.”  I really like this commercial and it is definitely worth watching in my opinion.  Let us know what you think after the jump.

Video: BlackBerry Bold 9900 First Impression – Plaza Senayan, Indonesia

Here is a video of Nicholas Saputra and his first impressions of the 9900.

Golf Battle 3D Now Available For The Playbook In Blackberry App World Plus Game Trailer

Golf Battle 3D, a Marmalade SDK developed game for the Playbook, was just launched today. You can play online against multiple platforms including iOS and Android. hit the break for the game trailer

Video: Check Out Android’s Gingerbread And Honeycomb Running On the Playbook

This video shows off the power of the Playbook and its capabilities using the Honeycomb and Gingerbread launchers. See how it works, running different apps after the break.

Jane McGonigal on gaming and “gamification” at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

Interview with BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 speaker Jane McGonigal on gaming and “gamification”.

BackBreaker Gets Demo On the BlackBerry PlayBook

We have seen alot of new games released and or coming to the Blackberry Playbook from DevCon. And RIM is really pushing the envelope with BackBreaker! This is a very popular game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS. I really have enjoyed playing this game and can’t wait to have it on my Playbook, the graphics […]

Video: Crackberry Kevin Shares Insight on RIMpire

We are very excited about all of the news that is coming about from RIM, and with news and applications and games coming to the Playbook and soon to be the new BBX platform. One can only imagine, and see just where RIM is taking all of the new focus on the Playbook. Think about […]

Radar Shown On Playbook Using The USB + Quick Video

TAT BlackBerry PlayBook Demo at DevCon showcases the power of the Playbook using USB on the go. With the USB connected, the Playbook is capable of showing a radar map. hit the break for the video