Luke At The Stars For BlackBerry Playbook, Makes You Read The Game Title Twice

First because I thought it was Star Wars related. And then because it really is “look at the stars.” Took me a minute to realize, I was a bit slow I admit. Anyway, Luke has a cute back story: Luke at the Stars is a tiny puzzle game that tells the story of Luke, a […]

LinkedInEmailRedditEvernotePrintShare/Bookmark uses Story Maker to capture all the action on Trade Deadline Day

If you have ever watched any kind of NHL insider show you will have noticed that a large portion of the hosts use a BlackBerry.  Now of course with BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 being available in the US and Canada now, many of the NHL reporters have switched over to the device and decided […]

BlackBerry 10 & Robert Rodriguez – Episode II – Project Green Screen

BlackBerry is continuing with their Keep Moving Project series. BlackBerry teamed up with director Robert Rodriguez for another episode, this one being called Two Scoops. The videos are two parts. The first one is about Robert and story telling and also a person being a certain way to begin with but then they change. The […]

Videos From BlackBerry 10 USA Launch

BlackBerry 10 was launched less than two weeks ago in the USA. The big launch party happened in NYC. BlackBerry was able to catch some of the action. The best parts of the launch are featured in videos after the break.

#TeamBlackBerry Do It Big with BlackNBerry!

Mobile Link #TeamBlackBerry want to show your love for BlackBerry along with new BlackBerry 10!? Well here is another music video from mikelcal (Mikel Calderon), Remember Proud to Be A BlackSheep,  this time a remake to Black N Berry! Stand up #TEAMBLACKBERRY and be heard!!  Everything we do we do on our Z10 Black N Berry! Hit the jump to download this song and others from Mikel

Game Review: Devil’s Attorney for BlackBerry 10

There are some stellar games making their way to BlackBerry 10.  One of the latest is Devil’s Attorney, which is a turn-based strategy game in which you play a less than reputable attorney named Max McMann.  The gameplay is really easy to learn, but it will keep you thinking as you have to take different […]

Dragon’s Den Kevin O’Leary dumps his iPhone and Switches to the BlackBerry Z10

It seems that one of the Dragons has decided that the BlackBerry Z10 is better than his iPhone.  Kevin O’Leary (Dragon’s Den, Lang & Leary Exchange) has recently gone on air and stated that the BlackBerry Z10 “is the technology on the market today”.  Now that is quite a vote of confidence from someone who has always […]

BlackBerry Z10 Commerical, Not One Of BlackBerry’s Best

BlackBerries are typically well made phones. At least when you hold them in your hands they don’t feel cheap. The same “quality product” thought, doesn’t apply to all of their commercials. In the latest BlackBerry Z10 commercial you get the impression that it was an afterthought. I would compare it to someone writing their term […]

BlackBerry Makes Official How-To Video On Updating The BlackBerry Z10 Software

Some people are natural techies that figure things out on their own. Other people need guidance. I fall somewhere in the middle. BlackBerry is taking out the guess work of updating software on the BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry 10 is new to everyone and is a bit trickier to navigate so they have made a video […]

Lil E “I Rep BlackBerry 10″ Video

There has been a lot of positive press surrounding BB10 ranging from press articles across the web and a lot of different videos available as well.  Today we received word that Lil E had released yet another BlackBerry video; this one is titled “I Rep BlackBerry 10″  hit the break for the video.

Missed the Thorsten Heins interview with Piers Morgan? Here is your second chance

Mobile Link BlackBerry CEO sat down with Piers Morgan of CNN (Thorsten Heins on Piers Morgan Live) to discuss the where the company is standing in the current market.  If you missed watching the interview live, fret not, as there is now a recoded version posted for all of us to enjoy.  Be sure to […]

Lil E AKA Mr. BlackBerry 10 (@BTBREPRESENTA) – #IRepBlackBerry10 Official Lyrics Video

Mobile Link LIL E just BBMed me to let me know that he has released the I Rep BlackBerry 10 official lyrics video. I wanted to make sure that #TeamBlackBerry had a chance to check out the video! We first let you know about Lil E AKA Mr. BlackBerry 10 (@BTBREPRESENTA) – #IRepBlackBerry10 back on […]

Check out the BlackBerry Z10 demo video from the BlackBerry House at #SXSW

This past week #SXSW has been taking place in Austin Texas, and of course BlackBerry was on hand to show people what BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 are all about.  NerdBerry was even in the house, as Art made the trip down to check out what BlackBerry was showcasing in the lead up to the […]

Square app running on a BlackBerry Z10

We have seen quite a few non-BlackBerry apps make their way to BlackBerry 10 thanks to how easy it is to port over an app.  We just got sent this video of the Square mobile payment app running on a Z10 and I for one am happy to see it working so well.  I use […]

BlackBerry and Mercedes AMG Petronas hit the road together [Video]

We brought you the news that BlackBerry and Mercedes have teamed up together, and now we have a new video showcasing the partnership. The Mercedes AMG Petronas drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, are big fans of some of the new BlackBerry 10 features.  It only seems right that we see some more news on […]

Businesses Around The World Are Buying BlackBerry 10 And Downloading BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Some good news from the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog, businesses around the globe are buying up BlackBerry 10. With the deal that is offered and how good the OS is, it is not surprising that people are taking advantage of it. BlackBerry is giving businesses a free BlackBerry 10 smartphone offer with BES 10 […]

Alicia Keys & the Keep Moving Projects: Your City Your Video – Los Angeles

Alicia Keys is filming videos for her Keep Moving Projects. This one is for Los Angeles. She has collected pictures of her fans and has displayed them in the video with her singing. For more info on the Keep Moving Projects check it out here.

BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects – Neil Gaiman – A Calendar of Tales Episode 4

  Mobile Link Neil Gaiman has teamed up with BlackBerry for the Keep Moving Projects. With the help of his readers and fans, and a BlackBerry 10 device, he’ll be writing his latest series, featuring 12 tales. Follow this collaborative journey to determine what keeps all of us moving.

Autumn Dynasty, A New Game For BlackBerry 10

This is Touch Dimensions’ first game for the BlackBerry 10 OS. Autumn Dynasty is a multi touch strategy adventure ported over from iOS. The Chinese painting comes to life as a battlefield and you have to fight off barbarians. With exceptional graphics, and elaborate gameplay, this definitely is a worthy port.

BlackBerry Experience Forum Makes A Stop in New York City

The BlackBerry Experience has been making multiple stops for a while now and still has some to go. Their last stop was in Chicago yesterday and then they are headed to Dubai on the 13th. On the 4th they were in New York City and some video was recorded of the event. The BlackBerry Experience […]