BlackBerry Beta Zone Hits 100,000 member – Giving Away Prizes!!

BlackBerry Beta Zone has hit 100,000 members and they are giving away prizes for this accomplishment! Starting Monday April 11-12, 2011 RIM will be handing out prizes to randomly-selected BlackBerry Beta Zone members who have updated their User Profiles.


Coming Soon: Celic by Mobster Mobile Design

Being a lover of dark techy themes, Mobster Mobile really hit the spot with Celic.  Celic is pleasant on the eyes, sophisticated and oh so pretty.  With a mix of graphic, complexity and accessibility to areas on your berry;  this theme doesn’t ask to be on your phone, you beg it to be!

Autism Awareness Theme by AJC3 Designs

As many of the readers know, 2 of my kids have a form of autism known as “Asberger’s Syndrome”.  Asberger’s Syndrome affects the way a child processes information and also affects their social skills and their senses.  What people do not know is that it mimics a lot of other illnesses and goes undiagnosed and untreated.  1 in 150 children is born with […]

Did you Miss BlackBerry Developer Day? Here are the slides from Toronto DevDay!

Yesterday DevDay was held in Toronto, Ontario. Thanks to @digitalhomeboy and BBE for giving me the heads up on the slides! @digitalhomeboy got his hands dirty with the BlackBerry PlayBook and was also able to grab the overview packed with 62 slides covering market opportunity, Java development, Web development, Theme development, Super Apps, Enhanced services, […]

Gloss by BBT Designs

When a theme developer puts a lot of time into a theme, it shows.  What BBT Designs did with Gloss is incredible!  Not only did they make 1 theme that can change colors and opacity options, but they THEN went to make multiple colors with multiple options.  It’s insane and I love it!

RIM Extending Free Developer PlayBook Offer Until April 19th?

Well looks like RIM decided to extend the free PlayBook offer again; this time until April 19th. So for all of you Developers that haven’t put together a application for the PlayBook… Get after it… and ship me your playbook. The change has yet to reflect on the website but give it some time to […]

Get the 1st Nerd Approved Theme for FREE! – DDDRoid Xoom by DrkApprentice Designs 20 Copies Up for Grabs!

First off we would like to congratulate DrkApprentice Designs for being the first winner of our new Nerd Approved Gold Star! DrkApprentice Designs has graciously hooked us up with 20 FREE copies of DDDRoid Xoom the theme that won them the first ever Nerd Approved Gold Star. AJC3Designs reviewed DDDRoid Xoom just the other day […]

Review: Mega Knight by MMMOOO Win 1 of 20 Copies!

  Mega Knight by MMMOOO is a super, multi-functional app for your BlackBerry. Mega Knight is like having “Tigers Blood” for your BlackBerry (Sorry I had to say it). The app is absolutely amazing! Mega Knight is compatible with BlackBerry OS 5.0 and 6 devices. The application features brilliant UI “Elegant and bold” as MMMOOO […]

Welcome to HedoneDesign

When you deal with BlackBerry themes, you will see a lot of developers.  Some of them are very talented and make wonderful themes.  Blackberry themes have come a long way since Plazmic 4.7.  One name that has become a household name is HedoneDesign.  HedoneDesign is the Dom Pérignon fine wine of theme developers.  They were […]

Clingo by Allsop Universal Mobile Neklit

This week was a very exciting time in the wireless game. CTIA has just ended but not without leaving an impression as always.  I had the opportunity to go there and found some amazing products.  One of those products is from a company Allsop.

Attention Developers!! Get your Themes and or Apps Nerd Approved!!

At Nerdberry, we take theme/app reviews very seriously.  We know that developers put a ton of time into the best themes around.  We know what it takes to build a theme/app.  AJC3 Designs as a theme developer knows all too well the struggles it takes to make the best possible theme/app and to keep it […]

DE-LEXION by Walker Themes

Every so often I tell developers if your going to make a theme, do it right.  To those I have told that to, please take notes from Ring Walker.  They are one of the few developers that is constantly pushing the envelope and coming out with something sleek, new and fresh.  So much dedication and […]

Serenity by Mobster Mobile Design

Every now and then you come across a theme that is just so well made and so well done that you can look at it for hours. Serenity is like that.  Mobster Mobile Design has created a them so beautiful that doing a simple review is actually quite difficult for me to do.  But we […]

Shooter by Pootermobile

Its one awesome theme after another from this guy.  Shooter by Pootermobile isn’t his newest theme, but it is in the top 10 of my favorites.  If you are a die hard video gamer this theme is a must for you.  High quality, awesome features and great layout are some things we have come to […]

DDDRoid Xoom by DrkApprentice Designs

Since the dawn of the Android phone people have been replicating it to the Blackberry Smartphone.  Some can pull it off, others, not so much.  Drk Apprentice is one of the few that pull it off and to it well!  I have been an avid Blackberry user since late 2008, and I have to tell […]

Best Buy Reward Zone Playbook Sweepstakes

Best Buy has jumped into the Playbook giveaway group, but have sweetened the deal with a trip to see the Foo Fighters live.  10 lucky Grand Prize Reward Zone members will will 2 show tickets, round trip airfare, 3 night hotel accommodations, the new Foo Fighters CD, and a Playbook bundle. That’s a $4700 value! They are also […]

Rogers Giving Away a free BlackBerry Curve 8520 every day until March 15th!

  Rogers Canada is giving away a BlackBerry Curve 8520 everyday until March 15th! The contest is open to residents of Canada who are 15 years or older, residents of Quebec are not able to take part. To enter the contest all you need to do is go to the  Rogers Facebook page and “Like” […]

Win a BlackBerry PlayBook from Tether!- Save 50% on Tether!

  Tether just let me know that they are turning 2! Well Tether Happy Birthday from the NerdBerry Crew! Tether is offering a huge discount on their app and a chance to win an BlackBerry Play Book! Here is what they had to say: Hard to believe, but this week we’re celebrating our second birthday […]

Theme Review: MultiCalendar from the Multi Range Theme Series by BerryGoodThemes!

BGT knocked it out of the park with his latest series of themes.  The series is entitled Multi Range.  We know there are a lot of BlackBerry users who like simple, yet stylish looking themes. You’ll find just that in this latest BGT release.  Featuring six different themes from Messages, Tasks, Texts, Calendar, Memo, and […]

Theme Review: iSlide 6.0 by BerryGoodThemes

  BGT is back at it again!  Many of you love the BlackBerry 6 sliding panels but wish it was a little spicier.  BGT has put an iPhone spin on the default theme with his latest creation, iSlide 6.0. He has a custom set of iPhone like icons throughout the theme.  Even iPhone like images […]