Well by now I am guessing everyone knows who I am, if not I am Art AKA @Sleepy2009 on twitter. I am the founding father of (AN) and  (NB). AN and NB are a huge part of my life, as I am obsessed with all things Android and BlackBerry related (hence why I started the sites). By day I am a VP of Sales for a company here in Houston, TX. By night I am a very proud father of 2 beautiful kids. I was born in Baltimore Maryland and met my beautiful wife in good ole Salisbury MD, We moved to Houston, TX in 2002 and have been loving life ever since! If you have any question or concerns you can e-mail me at for anything Android related or  for anything BlackBerry related.



Brendan, aka B_ren, has been an avid mobile tech fan for many years.  B_ren has been using a smartphone for about 6 years now and is historically a BlackBerry user.  Over the years B_ren has used and owned pretty much every BlackBerry release, from his first model the 8300 all the up to the 9900.  As a Senior Editor for both and B_ren is always scouring the globe looking for news to bring to you our readers.  When not writing about everything Android and BlackBerry related, B_ren is working in sales in Ottawa, Canada and trying to stay warm in the winter.  Make sure you follow @B_ren8 on Twitter, and always feel free to send him an email for any questions or tips.



I was born in Indiana and have lived in Oklahoma for the last 11 years. I have always had a interest in technology, I was introduced to smart phones when I worked at a cell phone shop. I discovered blackberry and knew that I was hooked for life. I am married to the most amazing woman who understands all of the quirky weird things about me. I have 3 fur babies, 2 golden retrievers (parker and paislee) and a cat (lloyd), that keep me occupied when I am not working as one of the Senior writers for NerdBerry I constantly look for new and interesting things that have to do with Blackberry.  Currently I am working getting my hands on a OS7 device so I can tinker with the new OS.



I was born on a boat bound for destiny. Instead, she finds herself writing for NerdBerry… Kimberly, her princess name, is a 20 something who enjoys texting, taking pictures and napping. When not doing one of the above, she thinks about making or eating Jell-O and what her cats think of her. Currently living in Vancouver BC, she pays high rent, high taxes and refuses to pay for cable. She likes the color purple, sushi, and the internet.