Sprint Selling The Playbook For $199 in After Christmas Sale

Sprint will be selling Playbook for the low low price of $199 in their after Christmas sale!  After Christmas you can head over to Sprint between 12/26/11 and 1/7/12 and pick one up the best Blackberry Tablet to date! If you have yet to get your tablet, or if Santa doesn’t leave you one, head over to Sprint the day after Christmas!


Sprint Selling The Playbook For $199 But Only Until Nov 27th

Sprint is also selling the Playbook for the low low price of $199. The sale ends on Nov 27th, so you better head there quick. To order online check out this link.

Finally RIM Confirms What We Already Know, Playbook Reduced To Prices Starting At $199 For 16GB

RIM has compiled a list of retailers that have the Playbook for $199. Right in time for the holidays, you have a number of options on where to purchase it from. Hit the break for the list!

Staples Selling 16gb PlayBook For What Works Out To Be $199 During The Back-At-School Offer

Unconfirmed reports are saying that you can go to Staples and using their one-time-use $150 off Staples (select people are being sent the coupon) store coupon plus the $100 gift card promotion AND the $50 off current sale price ($449) of the Playbook, works out to $199. You get all that?