Amazon To Launch Kindle App For The Blackberry Playbook

  Well only hours after the official annoucing of the new Blackberry Playbook developers are already jumping on board and making their intentions known for this new device.  The Playbook will definetly target users from all categories and the e-book reader is a big one for sure.  So it makes perfect sense that Amazon has […]


Meebo Messenger App For Blackberry Released

There is now another option for all you Social Media fans out there. The latest app to try is Meebo which is actually quite a nice app. The best part about Meebo is that it is FREE. Meebo works with all your standard messenger clients such as Facebook, AOL, Yahoo, GTalk, and so forth. This […]

Video Review of Mobiola Video Studio & Studio Pro

Overall Rating: 4/5 Price rating: 3/5 Are you the type of Blackberry user that loves to be able to watch videos, movies, etc on your device?  Tired of having to try and find a movie that has already been converted for your Blackberry??  Well search no more Mobiola is here and has brought us a […]

Ubertwitter App Updated to v.985

The very popular Twitter client Ubertwitter received another update today. The update is from v.98 to v.985, or release 2 of Beta-8. Either way there are some nice changes and fixes included. Below is the list of the features and capabilities that are new to this release. At the bottom of this page are the […]

DropBox goes into Limited Beta

Dropbox has now gone into limited beta testing for the Blackberry platform. While I’m sure all the 500 spots that were available have been filled, the good news is that it has reached Blackberry finally. The concept of Dropbox is that you get 2GB of free online storage that is accessible from your PC or […]

IM+ Lite Updated to v8.5.1

One of the very popular social media apps has received an upgrade today. While the paid version, IM+ Pro was updated a little while ago, the lite version has been waiting. IM+ is now updated to v.8.5.1 and has some nice enhancements to it. What’s new? Completely redesigned user interface with new theme available. New […]

Google Voice Blackberry App updated to v.

So today one of the Google mobile apps has gotten a much needed update.  Google Voice has now been updated to v.,and it is about time.  The latest version allows you to check your balance, has faster dialing and now includes the all important banner notifications.  Head on over to Google Mobile for more information […]

Looking to Escape to the Unknown??? iSpyCams or Mobiscope can Get You There!

                    Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Price Rating: $19.95 (Mobiscope) 2 out of 5 stars                                        $2.99 (iSpyCams) 4 out of 5 stars Have you ever been sitting at work and thought to yourself how at that very moment you would love to be anywhere […]

Foursquare App for Blackberry Updated to v1.9

For all you Foursquare fans out there, we have some good news for you. Foursquare’s Blackberry app has been updated to v1.9, and it has some nice subtle changes. New Features and Updates: – Short Check-ins: Quickly sort your nearby check-ins by time (most recent check-ins) or by distance (closest check-in). – Photo Upload: Now […]

Bolt Browser Updated To V 2.11

That right Bitstream has released and update for there Bolt Browser to V 2.11 According to the press release version 2.11 addresses the server response times as well as improved Twitter. If you are looking to use the Bolt browser please head on over to Bolt and get your copy today! Source: Crackberry

Hootsuite Coming to Blackberry

For all you Twitter lovers out there, it seems that another app is coming.  If you are always torn between the official Twiter for Blackberry and apps such as Ubertwitter the news that Hootsuite is preparing to release a Balckberry version maybe be great news for you.   Hootsuite has sent out a press release in regards […]

A Look at Beejive v2.0.3 for Blackberry

                Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars Price Rating: 4/5 stars ( starting @ $9.99) For those of you that remember I took a look at the beta version of Beejive a little while ago. Well now let’s have a look at the official version (2.0.3). Beejive is a multi- […]

WordPress V 1.3 Released

WordPress V1.3 release to the Blackberry App World! WordPress V1.3 offers a ton of new features: Option to load more comments, not just the latest 100 Ability to load comments by status (all/spam/pendings) You can now edit the comment details (Author Name/E-mail/URL) Option to manually set the video-size when using VideoPress service A much requested formatting […]

Facebook App to get much needed Chat Function?

As I’m sure many of you have seen already, there is a rumor going around that the RIM Facebook app will eventually have the chat option integrated in. Currently v1.8 of the app is in closed beta testing, and the rumor is that the chat option may not be available till v2.0. Apparently the app […]

Review of MP3 Ringtone Creator by Javatek

We here at NerdBerry got our hands on a quite useful app called MP3 Ringtone Creator. I love it because I love my music. This small app is very creative. It gives the user the option to create a ringtone from his/her favorite song stored on the media card or in phone memory. I find […]

Take Control of Your Battery With PowerBOSS v1.0

Overall Rating: a must have app for any BB user 4/5 stars Price Rating: Great deal at $4.99 4/5 stars Ever looked at your battery status and wondered if you have enough juice left to browse the night away?? Well if you have the JaredCo. app PowerBOSS you will know exactly how long you can […]

Swoosh Alarm v1.10

Overall Rating:  Good addition to your BB, 3/5 stars Price Rating: $4.99 / A little high for what you get, 3/5 stars Are you a super busy person like myself and continually trying to remember when you are supposed to be somewhere? or call someone?  If you answered yes to those than you may want […]

Trillian Beta updated to v1.0 Build 215

For those of you who downloaded Trillian’s beta for Blackberry there is a nice little update for you today.  As with all Beta programs there were a lot of bugs and glitches in the initial public beta that was available on June4th.  The following bugs have been addressed with this latest build; ‘Auth’ contacts should be in […]

WordPress Mobile for Blackberry review

I am writing this from the new beta from WordPress. This is a test and a review tangled into one huge mess. I’d like to get a little help from the audience on this one. I want to try out the comment tracker feature. Anyone who reads this review, please post a comment. Let’s test […]