Unannounced BlackBerry ‘Rio’ Accessories coming by the end of February?!

BlackBerry has yet to talk about the rumored BlackBerry ‘Rio’ we keep hearing and seeing different things like the mention of the ‘Rio’ popping up in BlackBerry OS and more. Now according to a new document the BlackBerry ‘Rio’ has an accessory lineup that is rumored to be due out by the end of this […]

BlackBerry Passport and Classic are set to get more accessories

Yesterday we let you know about a BlackBerry Passport sync pod that was coming for the BlackBerry Passport. Now even more accessories for both the BlackBerry passport and Classic have started appearing on the interwebs. it appears that both the Passport and Classic will get docks as well as a leather swivel holster for the […]

BlackBerry Passport accessories now available for purchase!

Just like the title suggests, BlackBerry has started rolling out OEM BlackBerry Passport accessories. Currently you can get a white of black hard shell case and a screen protector!! Check out the BlackBerry Passport accessories and let us know your thoughts in the comments!   Head on over to ShopBlackBerry now!

Bumper Cases For The Z30 Turn Up On Ebay

Though the BlackBerry Z30 has not launched in any market, cases for it have. A couple of cases have already turned up on Ebay and now a few more. It’s good to have a variety. Plus, some of these come from China and will take a while to ship, so better to stock up now. […]

Case Review: SoftShell case for the BlackBerry Q10

The SoftShell case for the BlackBerry Q10 is perfect case for someone that is not looking for a huge amount of protection and bulk.  The case itself is fairly flimsy and isn’t going to keep the Q10 safe if it goes for a tumble.  However it does keep the back and sides from getting scratched, […]

Case Review: BlackBerry Q10 HardShell case

One of the best things about the BlackBerry OEM cases is that there is a variety to choose from.  BlackBerry has made sure that they provide users with a good selection of cases for their new BlackBerry 10 devices.  Today we are going to take a look at the HardShell case for the BlackBerry Q10. […]

Case Review: BlackBerry Q10 FlipShell Case

With the release of the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry released a variety of new cases and accessories that they had developed for the new phone.  Now that the Q10 has been released in several countries we can take a look at the accessories that BlackBerry has made for the second BlackBerry 10 device.  First up we […]

Casetop KickStart Project Shows Future of BlackBerry Accessories

There has been talk in the past about a dock that would turn your BlackBerry smartphone into a net book of sorts.  This idea has been patented by Mr. Heins and when he decides to make use of the patent we will see the patent come to light.  In the mean time, John Andrus of […]

Puremobile Canada Releases It’s Collection of Blackberry Q10 Cases and Accessories

Puremobile Canada is unveiling a new line of cases for the Blackberry Q10 as the phone gets ready to hit the shelves. Cases by Incipio and Blackberry’s own premium stereo headsets are at the forefront of Puremobile’s new line. What’s great about the new Blackberry cases are the bright colors. Variety is really important for […]

Incipio announces their BlackBerry Q10 case lineup

If you are planning on getting a BlackBerry Q10 when it is released, and have been wondering which case manufacturers are going to be making products, you can check off Incipio on that list.  While they are not yet available Incipio has released some info as well as images of the cases they will be […]

Review: The Simple Wallet case for the BlackBerry Z10 from MobileFun

The folks over at MobileFun were kind enough to send over a few different products for us to take a look at, the first one being a wallet case for the BlackBerry Z10.  If you are looking for a way to carry around your Z10 and some credit cards, ID and maybe a little cash […]

Review: A look at the iCarbons Skin for the BlackBerry Z10

I am always looking for the perfect case or skin for my smartphone, and the Z10 has been no different.  I have tried numerous cases and have now decided to give a stick on skin a try.  When it comes to skins there are a few options but one company that makes some really nice […]

Looking to add some color to your BlackBerry Z10? Try out an iCarbons skin

If you are not familiar with iCarbons, they make an easy to apply 3M carbon fiber film that will add some color and style to your device.  I have used iCarbons on multiple devices over the years, and I am happy to see that they are offering their high-quality skins for the BlackBerry Z10.

Case Review: Case-Mate Zebrawood Case for the BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10 has a great weight and feel without adorning it with a case of any kind.  However to keep our expensive smartphones safe, a lot of us put a case on them to keep them safe and sound.  I have been searching for a case for my Z10 that meets all my requirements, […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Case and Charger Combo Sale for $17.99 from Groupon!

If you have been enjoying your BlackBerry PlayBook like me for quite sometime keeping it changed and protected is a must. Well if you have been holding out for quite sometime for a chance to nap a few cheap accessories now the is the chance. Groupon is offering you a choice of the BlackBerry PlayBook Envelope Case […]

ShopBlackBerry.com Back Up and Running

For what seemed to be a long time, BlackBerry’s ShopBlackBerry.com website was down (for upgrades). Well we are happy to report that shop BlackBerry is back up and running! They are stocking everything for BlackBerry from batteries for the BlackBerry Z10 to the BlackBerry Music Gateway.

Video: Top BlackBerry 10 Accessories for Life on the Move

  Mobile LinkBlackBerry has published the above video on their YouTube channel showcasing the Top BlackBerry 10 Accessories for Life on the Move. Now we have covered Transform Shell case for the BlackBerry Z10 and the Flip Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10. We have yet to test out the Mini Bluetooth speaker from BlackBerry, […]

Win a BlackBerry Z10 from iSkins

If you are still without a BlackBerry Z10, iSkins is offering up a sweepstakes for a chance to win one.  This is one of the easiest contests ever, as all you have to do is sign up to get notified when the new iSkins cases for the BlackBerry Z10 are available and you will automatically […]

Shop BlackBerry Store is back up and running

A few months ago BlackBerry took down their Shop BlackBerry page as they switched companies that handled the back-end of things.  It seems that Shop BlackBerry is now back up and running and is a great place to get all your OEM cases, batteries, chargers, etc.

Case Documentation Points Towards BlackBerry Z10 Charging Dock

There have been rumors about a charging dock for the BlackBerry Z10, and it looks like one will be making its way to retailers at some point.  In the documentation that comes with some of the Z10 cases, there is an image that points towards a charging dock of some kind.