WhatsApp denies rumors regarding Google acquisition

We reported yesterday about a rumor concerning Google looking to acquire WhatsApp for somewhere in the $1 billion range.  Well WhatsApp has now spoken up and are denying these rumors, stating that they are not in talks with the search giant.


RIM Sells NewBay For $55.5 Million To Synchronoss Technologies

It wasn’t that long ago that we reported on the acquisition of NewBay by RIM. Back in October of last year we all speculated that RIM had made the acquisition to help with their cloud storage plans, however today RIM has announced that they have sold NewBay to Synchronoss Technologies for half of the $100 […]

Nokia poised to acquire Scalado, the company behind the BlackBerry 10 time warping camera

When we got to see the awesome new features that the BlackBerry 10 camera app will have, many people automatically knew that Scalado was the software.  Scalado is a Swedish company that currently licenses multiple different including HTC and RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10.  News has hit today that Nokia is going to be acquiring Scalado […]

Confirmed: A New BlackBerry App World UI Coming with PlayBook OS 2.0

Yesterday we told you how RIM messed up and posted an image of an updated App World for PlayBook. Today CB was able to get their hands on the image here. As you can see BlackBerry App World has been indeed updated with a newly redesigned UI.

Samsung is not buying RIM, still isn’t interested in buying RIM

Earlier today we told you about how Samsung was interested in buying RIM and as what this may mean for the future of the two companies, this was all a rumor at the time. And now it has been confirmed to be not true. Samsung commented on the buyout stating that they were,  “not interested” in taking over […]

Research In Motion on Sale to Samsung?!

Research In Motion has once again in the news for a supposed buyout of their company by other vendors. And today according to recent rumors from BGR, RIM is planning to being offered to Samsung for sale of its license to its software, and that they may outright sale of one or more divisions, or even […]

Press Release: Kobo, Leader in eReading Gets Purchased by Rakuten!

Kobo the popular ereader application that comes preinstalled on the Blackberry Playbook and is available for Blackberry Smartphones has been purchased by Rakuten “one of the world’s top 3 e-commerce companies by revenue”, for a total of $315 milllion in cash. Hit the jump for the full press released and as to what the CEO of Rakuten, Hiroshi […]

RIM Officially Acquires NewBay

RIM has officially finalized the acquistion of Ireland based digital content company NewBay.  The signing of a  $100 million, deal that will allow RIM to make way for new digitial content for the new Blackberry X OS.

Swype Gets Bought Out By Nuance Communications

Nuance Communications purchased Swype for $102.5 million, and have already paid off $77.5 million of that amount. Nuance is the company behind Blackberry’s voice command features. Swype has created alternative keyboards for the Android and Symbian platforms. Together maybe they can produce a voice command keyboard?

Sprint and AT&T throw down the gloves in battle over T-Mobile’s acquisition by AT&T

Today has been quite the day of press releases and legal filings when it comes to the battle that has ensued since AT&T announced they were trying to acquire T-Mobile USA.  It has been no secret that Sprint was opposed to the merger, and it seems that the Department of Justice is on thier side […]

RIM Aquires JayCut!

RIM has now added JayCut to the lengthy acquisition list. JayCut is an online video editing service out of Sweden. This acquisition could mean some very cool feature for the PlayBook and other BlackBerry devices. Here is what RIM had to say on the matter: Today we are pleased to announce that JayCut has joined […]

T-Mobile Suffers Lose Of Nearly Half A Million Customer In Q1 2011

T-Mobile seems to be having some issues with keeping customers at the moment.  While they have some of the best phones available on the market across multiple platforms, for whatever reason customers are not staying with the carrier.  In Q1 of 2011 T-Mobile had 471,000 customers wither not resign a contract, or simply just cancelled […]

RIM Acquires Cellmania To Help With Blackberry Apps

  With the launch of Blackberry 6 and the new Appworld 2.0, many have wondered what RIM was going to do to get a better foot hold in the app department.  Well today RIM has made a very nice acquisition that is obviously directed towards expanding their Appworld.  Cellmania is now part of the RIM […]