Check out the BlackBerry 10 and ActiveSync Webinar tomorrow

BlackBerry is hosting all sorts of webinars this week! Tomorrow Wednesday, Aug 27 2014 at 11:00 AM EST Blackberry will be hosting a BlackBerry 10 and ActiveSync Webinar. Check out the details below: BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is the ideal method of deploying, managing and securing BlackBerry 10 smartphones and devices that run iOS and […]

BlackBerry 10 And ActiveSync

BlackBerry has just released the Q10 into the UK and Canadian market. And will soon be releasing it in the USA and elsewhere. Businesses should consider BlackBerry 10 devices as they use ActiveSync. It’s an easy setup, is secure and you have your important services on your phone. What’s the benefit of ActiveSync? As the […]

RIM explains ActiveSync use with BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook

With the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and when BlackBerry 10 finally comes to market, ActiveSync will become something we will talk about much more.  There has been some confusion as to how exactly ActiveSync works, and whether or not it is as secure as the previous MAPI protocol.  Lucky for all of us Jeff Holleran, […]

RIM Answers Questions About BlackBerry Mobile Fusion: BlackBerry Enterprise Server and More

If you’re like me, when RIM launched Mobile Fusion, you were wondering more about it. Because, like usual, RIM launches something and doesn’t say much about it. You probably also wanted to know about ActiveSync and the status of Blackberry Enterprise Server. Well you’re in luck because BizBlog has collected a bunch of questions and […]