BlackBerry 10 Ads Showing Up On The Internet And In Print

I am sure most of you have already seen the BlackBerry ad from the Super Bowl. Now there is a huge ad spread in the London Evening Standard. I don’t even recall ads from the past BlackBerries. I know that there were some, but BlackBerry is going all out with the ads this time around.

Check Out Blackberry 10 In The New York Times

Just over a month before launch, and now there is a big ad spread in the New York Times issue today. These are full page spreads we are talking about. What better way to get people noticing BB10 then to put it in the New York Times?

India Continues “Action Starts Here” With A Commerical

Big ads are not enough for India’s Blackberry campaign. Now there is a commercial out, with a sing-a-long kind of vibe. Be sure to check it out! I wonder what they will put out next?