Bell shows off the BlackBerry Priv in new ad

BlackBerry’s latest device is making a splash all around the interwebs and now the Priv By BlackBerry has landed in a brand new advertisement from Bell Canada. The advertisement highlights Bell’s LTE-A expansion in Canada. We are still missing several details surrounding the device, but we expect more info very soon. Check out the ad […]

BlackBerry Passport unique ad in the Economic Times India

BlackBerry is really doing well marketing the BlackBerry Passport around the would except for the US… In today’s edition of the Economic Times India, BlackBerry has taken an awesome approach at the new ads (see below). The ad features the whole front page along with a full page Amazon ad promoting the Passport as well. […]

BBM ads to be shown on Virgin Atlantic flights

Well this is interesting news for BBM fans! According to UK design company Pope Wainwright, BlackBerry has teamed up with Virgin Atlantic to show in-flight ads for BBM or BlackBerry Messenger! Up to this point in time this will be the first ever BlackBerry Messenger ad campaign to hit the sky. Check out the video […]

TRUTH: BlackBerry Will Rise Again (Video)

Over the last few months several faithful BlackBerry employees and users, abusers that I have spoken to have started to doubt BlackBerry and their ability to rebound in the market place. That being said there have been a couple of times I am thinking WTF BlackBerry WTH are you doing?? I am no longer doubting […]

Check out this short “BBM for All” commercial

During The Amazing Race Canada, BlackBerry ran the below commercial letting Canadians know that BBM for everyone was coming soon! This lines up with the mystery event that is set to take place tomorrow September 18th. Check out the video above and let us know what you think about it in the comments. Was it […]

BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 get featured in TV commercial for Cisco

Check out Cisco’s newest TV commercial titled “Internet of Everything | Weekend Warrior” this TV commercial features both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 of course they are unbranded but you can tell what they are for sure. Take a peek at the 30 second spot below and let us know what you think about it […]

Big Red shows off BlackBerry Z10 Screen Share in new commercial

Mobile Link Ever since getting my hand on the BlackBerry Z10 one of my favorite features is BBL Screen Share. Verizon aka Big Red has posted a great commercial showing off BlackBerry Messenger’s Screen Share. Screen Share makes life easy whether it be for work, play or tech support.

Toronto Blue Jays Get Peek Ad Thanks to BlackBerry

  Mobile LinkAs a baseball and BlackBerry fanatic I found the above advertising from BlackBerry simply amazing! Big thanks to BBA Brian over at BerryReview for posting this very cool advert he spotted during the Toronto Blue Jays. What do you think about the Peek graphic in the video? Let us know in the comments!

BlackBerry Ads Found In USA Today

BlackBerry has been buying newspaper ad space all over the world. It is pretty standard fare for them to run an ad in a newspaper, because not only is there a print version, but an online edition as well. The ads will reach a lot of people. It was a matter of time before the […]

BlackBerry Z10 Commercial – BlackBerry There Then There Now

Mobile Link  BlackBerry has been pusing TV, print and online ads like no tomorrow so it was great to see the above Z10 commercial created by FlyguyCreations.  The video shows the timeline of BlackBerry smartphones in a very unique way, the timeline of someone’s life.

BlackBerry Ad Awareness on the Up, Apple Receding

Forbes has posted an article informing about the changes in brand awareness with in the past year. Fortunately BlackBerry has been on the rise since January. According to BrandIndex BlackBerry has increased from 6% in mid January to 21% in February, on the contrary Apple has been falling back in terms of the likelihood that consumer will purchase products […]

BlackBerry Launches NFC Ad Campaign in the UK

Ever since i was able to enable the NFC feature on the BlackBerry Bold 9900, I have been hooked on the technology. The possibilities are endless with NFC, you can use it to turn on/off Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile payments and much more. BlackBerry has launched a new campaign in the UK using NFC technology to […]

BlackBerry 10 Ads Spike Tame Impala Sales in US

Mobile Link Tame Impala is a popular band from Australia you may or may not have heard of them, but you may have heard their music. Yes featured in the “Keep Moving” commercial from BlackBerry is a soundtrack from the Tame Impala and the album, Lonerism has debuted on Billboard‘s Top 200 Album Chart at #34, has lead to a spike […]

Vote Now for the #1 Super Bowl Commercial! BlackBerry’s Commercial is Currently in 1st Place! Let’s Keep it That Way!

Mobile Link BlackBerry’s first ever Super Bowl commercial is currently in first place as the fan favorite! You can place your vote for your favorte commercial on the NFL’s website: Big thanks to John Peters for the link!

BlackBerry Super Bowl Commercial – What BlackBerry 10 CAN’T Do

Mobile Link Here is BlackBerry’s Super Bowl commercial ever!! Let us know what you think in the comments!

Who is behind the BlackBerry 10 Super Bowl Commercial?

Mobile Link With Research In Motion getting ready to run their first Super Bowl ad ever, one tends to wonder who is behind the commercial??? Well come to find out it is none other then London firm Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. AMV BBDO has produced some of the best ads of all time including the […]

Best Buy Ad Shows BlackBerry 10 Coming Soon and Details on PreOrder!

BlackBerry 10 is heating up the mobile retailers airwaves and this ad from Best Buy Canada shows that BlackBerry 10 is coming! And that you can be one of the first to get your hands on this exclusive device by preordering it in any local Best Buy! Hit the jump to get a full pic of the […]

Burst Camera App, Get A Good Picture.. Or About 20 Of The Same One

I appsolutely (sorry had to do it) love photo applications like this. Kids, pets, action shots, anything moving, it is hard to get a good shot. You have to keep getting the camera to take a picture and then start again. In those precious seconds, you could have the money shot. But no, kitty ran […]

Kijiji Ad: Mom Wants To Buy Her Kid A Blackberry

An interesting ad running on Kijiji in Halifax, NS. The Mom initially mentions how she tried to talk her daughter out of getting a Blackberry, but caved in and posted an ad wanting to get one for her daughter. The funny part is how she mentions BBM and her suggestions for certain kinds of apps. […]

Blackberry DO YOU? Commercial Hits UK in Wake Up Campaign!

Mobile Link We believe life’s made up of two kinds of people. Those content to go with the flow, and those who grab life with both hands. If you are someone who seizes opportunities, asks the questions, makes things happen, BlackBerry is designed for you. So the question is non-Blackberry users DO YOU? Thanks @fortneyland95