BlackBerry 10 Adobe AIR SDK Reaches Gold Status

As we quickly approach the official launch of BlackBerry 10 more and more developers tools are reaching Gold status. Today it is the BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR, which will help developers get their AIR based apps fine tuned for BlackBerry 10.


RIM confirms that Adobe AIR apps qualify for the $10K Developer Commitment and Built for BlackBerry Program

When RIM fully announced all the requirements and rules for the $10K Developer Commitment there was much speculation as to whether or not Adobe AIR apps would qualify.  Today RIM has made it clear that Adobe AIR apps will indeed be a part of the developer commitment, which is of course what we expected to […]

RIM suggests using NME for Fast, Native games (without C/C++)

today on the BlackBerry DevBlog, Joshua Granick, made the argument for porting Adobe Air to native speed with NME.  Personally I was unfamiliar with NME, but basically it is a cross-platform framework for rapid game and application development.  Granick makes the argument that developers should really look at NME to get their games ported to […]

Monster Jump Released for the PlayBook

TwoPinStudio has just released a new game for the PlayBook called Monster Jump.  This game is similar to Doodle Jump but exclusive to the Playbook.

Blackberry App Development Workshop 2012: Adobe Air Developement for Blackberry!

PinoyBBDev has just announce the new Blackberry App Development Workshops for 2012. The first one starting off with Adobe Air Developement for Blackberry — Presented by PinoyBBDev and Globe Labs these Workshops will continue to run for the months of July and August hit the jump to get all the details!

BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR Beta is now available for download

For all you developers out there that work within Adobe AIR, the BlackBerry 10 SDK for Air Beta is now available for download.  This SDK will allow for easy ports of existing Adobe AIR based apps, and will hopefully help to bulk up the number of BlackBerry 10 apps available at launch time.  While you […]

RIM Explains Platform Strategy Including Lack of BlackBerry Java on BBX Platform

RIM stated at DevCon last week that the upcoming BlackBerry platform named BBX will not support Java.  Alec Saunders, VP of Dev Relations and Ecosystem Development, released a statement detailing the reasoning behind to lack of Java support on the BBX platform.

Press Release:Android Player Apps And Adobe AIR/Flash apps Will Run On BBX

Since it wasn’t mentioned in the BBX discussion, further info had to be investigated. And yes, Android Player Apps And Adobe AIR/Flash Apps Will run on the new BBX OS. hit the break for more info

Adobe AIR For The Playbook To Be Updated End Of June to v2.7

No word on what the updates will include. The update was confirmed by Mihai Corlan, a Platform Evangelist for Adobe. The Playbook OS is going to be updated to v1.0.6 officially soon (it is currently in the Beta Zone), and is supposed to include the Adobe Air update and Flash 10.3. Source

RIM Introduces WebWorks SDK 2.0 & Final Version of BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR

The BlackBerry WebWorks SDK 2.0 for Tablet OS and Smartphones With this release, the following changes are introduced: JavaScript APIs are now separated from the OS.  This new architecture will allow developers to easily modify and enhance the existing APIs and package them with their BlackBerry WebWorks application. It will also simplify adding new APIs […]

ReelPortal Bringing Adobe AIR 2.5 Video Chatting to PlayBook

ReelPortal is an Adobe AIR 2.5 based video chat and conferencing application for the BlackBerry PlayBook that was seen in the Playbook online App store. Right now the only way to video chat with a Playbook is to connect 2 Playbooks together and chat that way. This is one of the limitations that we have […]

Adobe AIR SDK updated to v0.9.2 – Now supports custom splash screens and portrait mode

Well the title tells it all… The Adobe AIR SDK has been updated to v0.9.2. If you are developing applications for the BlackBerry Playbook this update now supports custom splash screens and portrait mode. Alot of developers have been waiting for this update for a while now. We can’t wait to see what apps will […]

The BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Webcast Series With Adobe Q&A

RIM has posted a Q&A for the BlackBerry PlayBook webcast. The webcast was designed to help inform developers and aspiring developers on how to build applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using the Adobe AIR SDK. Please be sure to swing by the BlackBerry Developers Blog for more info: Some of the most common questions: What are […]

RIM Hosting First BlackBerry Dev. Conference In Asia

RIM has announced that they will be hosting the first ever Developer Conference in Asia on January 13th and 14th.  It will take place at the Bali International Convention Center in Bali, Indonesia.  Those in attendance with have the opportunity to join over 40 different keynotes, breakout, and hands on sessions. Lots of RIM technical […]

RIM Clarrifies And Provides More Information On Playbook Giveaway

Yesterday we reported that RIM was planning on giving any developer that got their app for the Playbook in Appworld.  Well today RIM has clarified what exactly they meant when this was announced at AdobeMAX.  RIM provided this additional information on their Blackberry DevBlog for all developers to take a look at. There has been […]

RIM To Give Free Playbook’s To Developers Who Get Their Apps In Appworld

Now this is a great offer from RIM to all you developers, or anyone wanting to get into developing for the Blackberry platform.  RIM has decided to give a free Playbook to any developer that makes an app for the Playbook and has it accepted into Appworld!! This offer is even making me want to […]