BlackBerry Advertising Service hits end of life on June 16th

BlackBerry has announced that the BlackBerry Advertising Service will hit end of life on June 15th, 2015. This is very important to developers utilizing this service as per BlackBerry “Developers using the service should remove all API calls to the BlackBerry Advertising Service before the June 16, 2015 end-of-life date” Check out more information below. […]

BlackBerry Marketing receives kick in the pants from advertising and marketing firm Gyro

Anyone else feel and see the changing tide when it comes to BlackBerry and their Marketing lately?? Since the BlackBerry Passport Launch we have seen plenty of new videos, new imagery, new ad placements, new slogans and much more. For years BlackBerry fans have been asking for more marketing muscle from our beloved brand, According […]

The truth about advertising and BBM

Last week, I posted about new BBM features that we are beta testing, including Stickers and the BBM Shop. The response has been really good and we’re continuing to drive toward our global launch, so all of our users can have some fun with these. More recently we’ve started to push sponsored content to some […]

BlackBerry Advertises with Amscreen in the UK

BlackBerry continues to push forward with new ways of advertising in the UK. BlackBerry has teamed up with Amscreen Europe’s largest digital media network to run a seven week advertising campaign in the UK. BlackBerry has enlisted Amscreen and their 1,900 screens set up nationwide to run time-specific ads. The 1,900 screens are located in […]

Images of BlackBerry 10 Advertising in the UK

BlackBerry has been taking their advertising to new levels for BlackBerry 10, from the Super Bowl commercial to printed ads. Well BlackBerry’s advertising campaign in the UK is just going full force. It is great to see them post advertising on billboards to floors, it appears BlackBerry does not plan on letting up anytime soon. […]

Verizon Wireless Has Opt In Free Advertising

Verizon Wireless has started opt-in free advertising. You will get sent an email or text and you can choose whether or not to receive the advertising. Beginning this week, Verizon Wireless plans to reach out to some of its consumer customers asking them to opt-in to participate in a new initiative called Verizon Selects, which […]

India Says Action Starts Here

In their new advertising campaign, RIM India is using the slogan “action starts here.” They are trying to get more Blackberry subscribers in India, starting with putting the ad in the Times of India newspaper.

Video: New Blackberry Commercial In Thailand

YouTube Mobile Link We all know Blackberry is a fan favorite over in Thailand. Here’s the latest Blackberry commercial by RIM. It features Blackberry 7 but doesn’t have English subtitles.

RIM Marketing: BlackBerry Sponsors NBA Halftime Report on ESPN

A lot of things have changed with RIM as of late. The addition of a fresh CEO to a company tends to do that, but in this example I think it is going to be good for the company. 

Be Bold – Boldly Go Where No Campus Superstar has Gone Before!

RIM has realized the error of their ways in the past with little to advertising. Lately they have kicked their advertising up quite a few notches. RIM is sponsoring “Be Bold” a Canadian cross-campus competition.