A huge THANK YOU to all of the Veterans out there!

  At NerdBerry we are honored to observe Veterans Day as a day to celebrate, commemorate and remember those who give us the freedoms we love and enjoy everyday.  The cost of freedom has never been higher.  Everyone serving our country from the front lines to the cook lines is somebody’s mother, father, sister, brother, […]

BlackBerry issues statement on Air Force swaping 5,000 BlackBerry devices for iPhones

Just yesterday the US Air Force released some startling information on them switching from BlackBerry devices to iPhones. If you did not see the article check it out here. Check out the official statement below: The ongoing threat of cyber attacks requires organizations to be vigilant about mobile security. For customers that have the highest […]

Air Force Swaps 5,000 BlackBerry Devices to iPhones

“The Air Force is replacing 5,000 of its BlackBerry devices with Apple smartphones, in a broader move to eradicate the legacy devices in favor of more modern commercial technologies” Currently in use is a mixture of OS6 and OS7 Legacy devices so I can understand the need.. the requirement.. the demand to upgrade to “more […]