Alec Saunders rejoins Microsoft

Alec Saunders BlackBerry’s former VP of Developer Relations and part of the QNX team left BlackBerry way back in October. Mr Saunders has now joined Microsoft as a “Principal Technical Evangelist” at Microsoft Ventures. Mr. Saunders had to say this in a blog post: “So it was natural that one of the first companies I […]

Project Ion VP and VP of developer relations Alec Saunders to leave BlackBerry

Today is a sad day for BlackBerry fans and developers… Alec Saunders has just announced via his personal blog that he will be leaving BlackBerry for good between now and November 3rd. Mr. Saunders held some very important roles at BlackBerry, he was the VP of Developer Relations, then went on to VP of Cloud […]

Alec Saunders talks QNX and Project Ion at O’Reilly Solid 2014

Vice president of QNX Software Systems Cloud Services, Alec Saunders took to the stage during O’Reilly Solid 2014 Conference. Mr Saunders was there to talk about QNX and Project Ion. In the brief six minutes keynote you can learn a lot of information on QNX and and Project Ion. Check out the video below and let […]

Alec Saunders talks about his new role as VP of QNX Cloud

Just recently BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, announced that Alec Saunders would be taking on a new role as the Vice President of the new QNX Cloud division. Alec Saunders has finally taken to his blog to talk more about his new position in the company. You can check out what he had to say below. […]

Alec Saunders Wants Your App In BlackBerry World

I am paraphrasing here. He actually said “Simply put, BlackBerry World is where your app belongs.” He said this after a long explanation as to what BlackBerry has done to make you want to put your app in BlackBerry World. BlackBerry World is the first place that millions of customers go to find trusted applications. […]

Alec Saunders knows BlackBerry 10 users aren’t crazy about Android ports

There is no ignoring the fact that there are a lot of Android ports in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices.  Most of the big name apps that people want, have come to BlackBerry 10 via an Android port.  Well Alec Saunders, head of developer relations for BlackBerry, is well aware of the issues users […]

Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations Talks BlackBerry with NBC’s Press:Here

It is great to see BlackBerry running their media blitz this year! VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders recently sat down with NBC’s Press:Here.The round table discussion surrounds BlackBerry developers and apps. Check out the video and let us know what you think about how Alec handled to discussion.

Alec Saunders Brings Us BlackBerry 10 — At Last!

Mobile Link VP of BlackBerry Developer Relations, Alec Saunders is back with his last BlackBerry song titled BlackBerry 10 At Last. Check out the above video from BlackBerry and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition Will Be Shown Off At BlackBerry Jam Europe

We have been wondering when the BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition device was going to be unveiled.  It looks like we are going to get the first official look at it tomorrow during BlackBerry Jam Europe.  Thanks to a tweet sent out by Alec Saunders, we have some news about the LE BlackBerry 10 device.

Alec Saunders And Marty Mallick Take A Leap Of Faith To Show Support For Developers

It takes some guts to jump off the edge of a perfectly good building, and that is exactly what Alec Saunders and Marty Mallick did while in Vegas for CES.  Saunders, VP Developer Relations, and Mallick, Sr. Director, Strategic Business Development decided to prove to developers just how much they mean to RIM by partaking in the Stratosphere […]

Alec Saunders Shows How The Built For BlackBerry Program Works

Alec Saunders is making it easier for developers to understand the criteria for the Built For BlackBerry program. Some people didn’t completely understand what kind of apps qualified so Alec used FancyTran as the example of what they are looking for.

BlackBerry 10 Has All The Apps It Needs For Successful Launch According To RIM VP

The big question with the launch of BlackBerry 10 has been whether or not the apps would be there.  While iOS and Android have been padding their app numbers over the last few years, this is one area where RIM has always been behind the field. However what it really comes down to is the […]

Engadget Interviews Alec Saunders at CES 2013

Today at CES 2013 Engadget had a chance to sit down with Research In Motions’s VP of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development, Alec Saunders. The near fifteen minute interview is worth the time spent watching it.

RIM Working To Get WhatsApp On BlackBerry 10 By Launch

RIM has not kept it secret that they are working hard at getting developers to bring their apps to BlackBerry 10.  One of the most popular cross-platform messaging clients out there is WhatsApp, and RIM is working hard to get it on BlackBerry 10 by launch.

Alec Saunders makes guest post directed towards Appcelerator’s 390,000 Titanium Developers

Yesterday RIM released a press release about their joint venture with Appcelerator for the BlackBerry 10 platform.  Today Alec Saunders, VP of BlackBerry Developer Relations, has made a guest post on the Appcelerator site stating “There is No Better Time – Carpe Diem Devs”.

Alec Saunders: There is No Better Time – Carpe Diem Devs

RIM announced earlier today the partnership using the Appcelerator, and Alec Saunders, VP, Developer Relations & Ecosystems, Research In Motion, has given us more insight to the new opportunity and advantages of developing for BlackBerry 10, hit the jump to check out the full read! 

Built For Blackberry Is Now Live

More news from Blackberry Jam Asia, Alec Saunders announced that the Built for BlackBerry certification program is now live. By receiving the Built for BlackBerry certification for their app the developers can then qualify for the $10k Developer Commitment program. The program is another way that RIM is showing their support for developers because it […]

Alec Saunders Ends Blackberry Jam In His Own Way

Alec Saunders wrote a nice note on the Inside Blackberry Developer Blog. As you know Blackberry Jam Americas has ended and Alec had some words to say about it. He sums up the events and how working for RIM for the past year has been.

Alec Saunders BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 Keynote Video

Mobile Link At BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012, Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development at RIM, spoke about the three elements that distinguish every BlackBerry 10 application – integrated, social and beautiful.

Alec Saunders Thinks You Should Go To Blackberry Jam Americas

And he tells you why in the quick video below. As if Blackberry Developers really need a reason to go to the conference. But Alec Saunders is going to tell you why you should anyway. Getting to see the Blackberry 10 platform up close and personal is reason enough. Scroll down and check it out! […]