Your BlackBerry Days Are Done, Alicia Keys I hardly Knew Ya

I have been putting off writing this for a while to give benefit of a doubt and in vain hope but after hunting around on Google since the news came out that BlackBerry would be letting their Creative Director Alicia Keys go… I have been struggling to find anything positive about her term… What is […]

Alicia Keys loves all the phones – Promotes BlackBerry with photo taken on an iPhone 5 posted to Google+

  Though Alicia Keys has been given notice and will no longer be BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director after January 31st, based on the photos that were posted yesterday to her social accounts, it’s at least looking like she’s keeping her commitment to the Q10 live until then. Yesterday she was on her way to see Michelle Obama, so having […]

Effective January 30th BlackBerry and Alicia Keys will part ways

Well this should not come as any real surprise… Effective January 30th BlackBerry and Alicia Keys will part ways. Alicia Keys took the title of Global Creative Director during the BlackBerry 10 launch. She has been a big part in BlackBerry’s push to get into the consumer market with the BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects and launched […]

Check out Alicia Keys Secret Session in the UK

BlackBerry Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys has been hosting Secret Session at nearly every concert during her Set The World on Fire tour. These secret session’s are sponsored by BlackBerry and are strictly for BlackBerry fans, this recent session was hosted by Jonathan Ross a UK TV presenter. Check out the above video and let […]

Check out Alicia Keys Secret Sessions

BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director Alicia Keys has been very busy with her career it is hard to believe she actually has time to Secret Sessions for the BlackBerry Keep Moving series. Back on April 8th in Newark, New Jersey she heald a special event for some very special fans. Check out the above video and […]

Alicia Keys Announces “BlackBerry Scholars” Program to Help Women Champion Their Ambition

Alicia Keys took stage at BlackBerry Live and along with BlackBerry and the Keep Moving campaign, the company has announced the new BlackBerry Scholars program that will give full four year tuition scholarships to women with interesting mobile computing. BlackBerry Scholars Program Established to Engage More Women Across the Globe in Areas of Science, Technology, […]

Alicia Keys Keep Moving Experience Performance Is Going To Be Live Streamed

Tomorrow night Alicia Keys is performing at the BlackBerry Live Event. This continues her Keep Moving Experience. BlackBerry will be live streaming the event, which also includes performances from Alabama Shakes, Miguel, Maria Gadú, and Cedric Gervais. BlackBerry Live is happening in Orlando, and the performance starts at 7:30PM EST.

Alicia Keys, Miguel, Alabama Shakes, Maria Gadú, and Cedric Gervais to perform at BlackBerry Live 2013

If you have attended BlackBerry Live formally BlackBerry World in the past then you are know about the great party BlackBerry throws at Universal Studios. Well this year will the Keep Moving Experience produced by Alicia Keys promises an unprecedented night of musical and artistic collaboration with Miguel, Alabama Shakes, Maria Gadú, and Cedric Gervais! […]

Alicia Keys & the Keep Moving Projects – Your City Your Video – Atlanta, Greensboro and Toronto

Mobile LinkBlackBerry and Alicia Keys has just released three new Keep Moving Projects, Your City Your Video for Atlanta, Greensboro, Miami, Tampa and Toronto. In the video’s you will see lots of photo’s Alicia has collected. These pictures are of her fans and has displayed them in the video’s while she is singing. Hit the break […]

T-Mobile handing out Alicia Keys tickets to the first 10 BlackBerry Z10 buyers at NYC location

If you are in New York City, a T-Mobile customer and plan on buying a BlackBerry Z1o tomorrow – you are going to want to head to one specific location to snag your Z10.  It seems that to celebrate the BlackBerry Z10 coming to T-Mobile, they will be handing out Alicia Keys tickets to the […]

Sign Up For Updates On The Q10 At Bell, Get Entered To Win Tickets

Bell is offering more incentives for people to buy the upcoming Q10. Since Blackberry’s Creative Director Alicia Keys puts on shows, makes sense that a prize would be tickets to see her in concert. That’s what Bell is offering.

New Videos: Alicia Keys & the Keep Moving Projects – Your City Your Video for Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, Oakland, and Vancouver

Houston   Mobile LinkAlicia Keys is on a roll with BlackBerry and her “Set the World on Fire” tour so We are happy to let you know that BlackBerry has posted Your City Your Video’s for Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, Oakland, and Vancouver. After the break you will get to see all […]

Official ‘Set The World on Fire’ Tour Teaser – BlackBerry Keep Moving – Episode III

Mobile Link Alicia Keys today unveiled an intimate behind-the-scenes video for her Set The World On Fire Tour, which recently launched to rave reviews.  The video features a special behind-the-scenes look of Keys as she prepares for her tour and shares her thoughts about looking forward to connecting with fans on the road.

BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben gives Q&A to discuss Alicia Keys’ role as Global Creative Director

There were a lot of questions about what exactly Alicia Keys was going to do as the Global Creative Director for BlackBerry.  Well BlackBerry CMO, Frank Boulben, sat down with MarketingWeek to discuss this very topics.

BlackBerry Z10 Keep Moving with Alicia Keys Sweepstakes

BlackBerry has teamed up with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile for the “BlackBerry Z10 Keep Moving with Alicia Keys” Sweepstakes, which has officially kicked off as of 9:00am this morning! Up until March 20th, fans can enter for a chance to win BlackBerry Z10 smartphones and an “Alicia Keys VIP Experience.”


BlackBerry today announced its recently appointed Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys, will be engaging fans through the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project during her Set The World On Fire Tour, Presented by BlackBerry. Keys is inviting fans to provide personal pictures of themselves through the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub. These pictures will then be used to […]

BlackBerry Keep Moving Project: Alicia Keys Ep. 1

Mobile Link Alicia Keys this time, new BlackBerry Global Creative Director, chimes in with the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project. She is planning to take her BlackBerry Z10 device to create her Keep Moving Project. She’s  collecting photos of her fans in every city she visits this year to create an amazing series of music videos. Follow her […]

Alicia Keys shows off her white Z10 at the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest

The Global Creative Director for BlackBerry has recently been under a microscope after an apparently “hacked” tweet from her account was sent on a iOS device.  Well this weekend Alicia Keys has been at the NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston and has been rocking a white BlackBerry Z10.  It is great to see Keys showing off the […]

Alicia Keys Tweets from iPhone – Claims She was Hacked

When Alicia Keys was brought out on stage and announced as the new Global Creative Director for BlackBerry, she went through a whole analogy about how she had strayed to another platform but that she was back on BlackBerry.  While the whole thing was a little weird, it did seem that she was committed to […]

BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects Episode 1 Now Available

BlackBerry has developed a new campaign called “Keep Moving”.  The films follow Alicia Keys, Robert Rodriguez, Neil Gaiman as they use their BlackBerry 10 phones to connect people and “move forward” in their career.  Hit the break for the intro video as well as Episode 1.