Not All Blackberry Jam Attendees Get A Blackberry 10 Device

So it’s not like before where anyone who attended the Blackberry Jam got the device. This time around, the rules are a little stricter. Last year though, they weren’t about to launch a whole new OS. I understand why they would be tight on who to give it to. Q. How do I qualify for […]

Blackberry 10 Images- More In Depth Picture Preview

The guys over at Crackberry got their hands on an Alpha Blackberry 10 device. And took a bunch of pictures to show off their experience with the highly anticipated phone. I personally like the looks of the homescreen and the keyboard. And the major update to the music player. That is something that I believe […]

Leaked: More Images of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer Device!

More images of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer device have leaked out! the mini PlayBook lookalike look amazing and we hope that RIM keeps this form factor. From what we are hearing the official release of the first BlackBerry 10 device will look nothing like this device but we think the Alpha devices is a […]