Amazon UK Lowers Price Of BlackBerry Z10

Amazon UK is offering an amazing deal on the BlackBerry Z10. For £292.99 you get a SIM free Z10. This is a savings of £446.03, or 61% off their outright price. It works out to about $450USD, which would probably be more attainable to more people. You have to pay more up front, but on […]


The Elusive White Blackberry Bold 9900 To Be Finally Released In October At Amazon UK?

A few months ago, we posted on our site that Amazon UK was going to release the white Bold 9900 October 15th. See how there is no picture of it?

Blackberry Bold 9900 Show Up on eBay and Amazon, Possibly in White Flavor

The Blackberry Bold 9900 has been showing its face around a few places. We have not seen a white version yet but it seems that one may soon be available and according to Amazon UK, we just maybe able to get our hands on one. Again this is only speculations but you can pre-order it […]