Geordie Greig Writes A Book On His BlackBerry

It seems that BlackBerries or BlackBerry related products are the new device to write a book on. A while back we told you about the man who wrote his book on his BlackBerry Playbook. Author Geordie Greig wrote a biography of Lucian Freud. The book is 272 pages and it was mostly written on his […]


Amazon says they don’t support the Appstore on BlackBerry 10, but ‘please enjoy it’

So Amazon doesn’t actually support BlackBerry 10 but they are far from discouraging users to take advantage of their services. A member of CB reached out to Amazon and this is what was said. I understand your concern and there isn’t to worry I’d love to help you out.  As you already know officially Amazon […]

Running OS 10.2.1? Get the Amazon app store or 1Mobile Market app running!

We are still ogling over the latest leaked OS for BlackBerry 10, OS This OS has included a ton of new features, enhancements and more! One of the best features to date is the ability to install APK’s right to your BlackBerry 10 device! This feature brought tons of rumors saying that BlackBerry and […]

Author Writes His First Book On His Playbook

C. S. Brandon Moore took a unique approach in writing his first book, Adam Time’s Immortal File (A Tale Of Two Immortals) (Volume 1) . Nowadays some may think actually writing it out by hand would be different. In this case, Mr. Moore used his Playbook entirely with a little help from his Bold 9700. […]

Get A Verizon BlackBerry Q10 On Amazon, Selling For A Low $99

You can now get a Verizon BlackBerry Q10 through Amazon. Coming in both black and white, it sells for a respectable $99 on a new contract. That seems to be the only catch, that it has to be a new contract rather than a renewal. You would have to sign for either an individual plan […]

Amazon offering great deals on BlackBerry Z10 for AT&T and Verizon Wireless

If you are looking to get a BlackBerry Z10 on either AT&T or Verizon, then look no further than the awesome deals on Amazon.  You can grab the Z10 from either carrier for only $99.99 from Amazon when adding a line or signing a new 2 year contract.

BlackBerry Z10 on Sale from Amazon Wireless, AT&T, and Best Buy Mobile!

The BlackBerry Z10 has officially launched in the US and AT&T is the first carrier to bring you the new BlackBerry 10 device. You can now purchase the new BlackBerry Z10 online and in stores respectively from BestBuy Mobile, Amazon Wireless, and AT&T. So if you have yet to get your hands on your own BlackBerry Z10 from AT&T hit the jump […]

Amazon Kindle Now Available for BlackBerry 10

The Kindle application has finally come to BlackBerry, now with the launch of BlackBerry 10 you can now enjoy all of your Kindle books and more. The Kindle app puts over a million books at your fingertips. It’s the app for every reader, whether you’re a book reader, magazine reader, or newspaper reader—and you don’t […]

Amazon Kindle & OpenTable BlackBerry 10 Apps Launching Today – OpenTable Now Available

With the US BlackBerry Z10 launch happening in less then 24 hours BlackBerry has announced that the Amazon Kindle & OpenTable BlackBerry 10 applications will be launching today! Now I do see OpenTable on my Z10, but the Amazon Kindle application has not yet appeared in BlackBerry World. So make sure you keep checking BlackBerry […]

Blackberry Folding Blade Charger for Playbook Gets A Major Drop In Price

If you are in the market for an extra charger for your Playbook, and it would be a good idea to have more than one, Amazon has lowered their price.Previously it was sold for $39.99 is now down to $12.97. That’s a savings of 68%!

Onite 3200mAH BlackBerry Bold 9900 Batteries only $20 from Amazon!

I use my BlackBerry frequently, checking emails, BBM’s or streaming using BBMusic love it all, but what I hate most is having to constantly keep charging my BlackBerry! What better way to keep up with me and all the juice I need for the day that than of a battery will a little extra power to keep […]

RIM’s Statement About the Recent News Surrounding Splitting the Company

After today’s news about RIM Possibly Prepping to Split Company into Two Divisions, N4BB reached out to one of there RIM contacts and received the following statement:

RIM Possibly Prepping to Split Company into Two Divisions

Last month Research In Motion hired JP Morgan and RBC Capital to “to assist the Company and our Board of Directors in reviewing RIM’s business and financial performance.” That being said it is now being reported that RIM is preparing to split the company into two different divisions, one will handle the smartphone and tablet […]

Unofficial Amazon and Ebay Apps Launched At Blackberry App World

SCrApps has created two apps, ebay and Amazon. Though unofficial, they both are efficient and you can easily browse through them on your Playbook.

Pick up the BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB from Amazon for ONLY $199 with Free Shipping!

Amazon is currently selling the BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB version for only $199 with FREE shipping! This is a huge deal as Amazon has been known to be a bit higher on the price for the PlayBook.

Beginning BlackBerry 7 Development A Book On How To Develop Apps For Blackberry 7 Devices

What better way to gain knowledge of Blackberry 7 and app development, then to read up a whole book dedicated to the subject. RIM always needs app developers, but I am sure a lot of people are wary of it because it can be confusing. How do you get started? How do you get your […]

Kindle on the PlayBook – Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon just released thier Kindle Cloud Reader application into the market.  While this application was not targeted at the PlayBook directly, due to some ingenuity from some crafty folks, it can work with the PlayBook.  There are some steps that are required to make the Cloud Reader function and they are outlined after the break.

Kindle Coming to the Playbook Soon!

We all can remember back when the Blackberry Playbook was first announced and Kindle was one of the first big name applications that had its sights set on the Playbook.  Well today our friends over at BerryReview have noticed a forums post stating that Kindle for the Playbook will be released soon: Hello Christian, Kindle for BlackBerry […]

Blackberry Playbook Now Available from Amazon

  If you still haven’t picked up your Blackberry Playbook yet, Amazon now has the PlayBook for sale. Prices varying from the vendor you choose, through  Prices ranging for the 16GB $440-$495, 32GB $540-$585, and 64GB $685-$691. You can order your PlayBook from Amazon at the links below. 16 GB PlayBook from Amazon 32 […]

Amazon Lists the BlackBerry PlayBook for pre-order with ship date of June 1st

  Amazon has listed the PlayBook for sale for the 16GB $498, 32GB $598, and 64GB $699, respectively. You can pre-order your PlayBook from Amazon at the links below.