Is BlackBerry 10 doing well in Canada, the UK and South Africa?

We are quickly approaching the Q1 earnings from BlackBerry on June 28th, and we are expecting to see some good numbers for BlackBerry 10 sales.  There have been the usual critics that don’t believe that the Z10 and Q10 are doing that well, however there have been some good reports coming from Canada the UK […]

BlackBerry 10 demand could be around 1.5 million units per month

According to an article over at SeekingAlpha this morning, BlackBerry 10 demand could be upwards to 1.5 million units per month.  Now we always have to take articles like this one with a grain of salt as actual numbers have not been released, however the author has some pretty comprehensive data to back up their […]

US carriers not hopeful on BlackBerry Z10 according to analyst

The BlackBerry Z10 has been seeing great sales in both the UK and Canada since its release.  However the US market is still waiting to get the first BlackBerry 10 device, and certain analysts believe that the Z10 will not fair as well in the US.  It seems that carriers may be more excited about […]

Citigroup Analyst Doesn’t Buy BlackBerry 10 Hype – Sticks With Sell Rating

Well it should come as no surprise that some analysts out there still aren’t giving RIM a chance with the release of BlackBerry 10.  The stock price has been climbing steadily in the weeks leading up to the launch of BlackBerry 10, but Citigroup analyst Jim Suva isn’t buying into the hype.

Peter Misek changes opinion on RIM from Sell to Hold

If there is one analyst that has been a little tougher than most on RIM lately it is Peter Misek of Jeffries.  He has been urging everyone and their mother to sell off RIM shares before the bottom falls out, well today he has upgraded his stance from Sell to Hold.

Analyst predicts RIM will need to shed 90% of their workforce by 2014

Well folks today has definitely become a bit of a “rag on RIM” sort of day.  We have already seen rumors about RIM splitting the company, which drove the stock down, and there have also been numerous analysts peaking their mind on the life expectancy of RIM has a company.  The latest comes from Morgan […]

RIM stock falls below $20 a share, ahead of Earnings Call

Sadly today RIM stock share has falling to its lowest amount since May 2004 to $15.08. Not too sure as to what this will mean for the future of RIM but all markets have hickups. Reluctantly Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie will be giving the RIM earnings call for the numbers and projections for RIM. Keep it lock to […]

RIM Stock Price Declines Below Book Value; First Time in 9 Years

This news upset me to see but it seems that RIM stocks began to back-slid It is not sure for what has caused the decline or as to what it maybe linked to but the Bloomberg Stock has reported that RIM’s stock price has fallen below the book value for the first time in nine years.  RIM is now worth less than the […]