BarInstall provides BlackBerry 10 users a means to update and convert BAR files OTA

The inability to update apps OTA (over the air) on BlackBerry 10 is one of the major issues I have with the OS.  Previously on legacy BlackBerry devices you could easily update an app as long as you had a link to the .jad file, however with BlackBerry 10 the only apps you can update […]


LocalBar2 for Z10

Let’s give a big thanks to Yohanes and Lloyd along with the entire OSBB crew for there new website full of helpful information! Now we have LocalBar2 for the Z10 and Q10 so head on over to  OSBB and read up on LocalBar and download for BlackBerry 10 as always let us know how you enjoy LocalBar!  

How-To: Run Just About Any Android 2.3.3 app on BlackBerry 10

xsacha has put together a great how to on being able to run just about any Android 2.3.3 application on BlackBerry 10. This process is not really geared for the noobs but more for advanced users. Check out the how to below and let us know in the comments what apps you have working on […]

Devs: BlackBerry Q10 Device Support Added for Android Apps

Devs in your building of application for the new BlackBerry 10 devices note that when building applications for the BlackBerry Q10 that you will be dealing with a smaller screen. If you are planning to port over your Android applications to BlackBerry 10, both the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 support icons with a size of 114 x 114 […]

Instagram rumored to be only coming as an Android port to BlackBerry 10

There are a few apps that you need to have to be considered a real player in consumer side of the mobile market.  One of those apps is Instagram, and we had been told that it would be coming to BlackBerry 10, however it now seems that it will only be coming as an Android […]

The Android Port-A-Thon for BlackBerry 10 is Coming Soon!

RIM has held several events to help developers bring their apps over to BlackBerry 10.  They have now announced that they will be holding a virtual Android Port-A-Thon to help developers of Android applications to bring their apps over to BlackBerry 10.

Download Bar Files for your Blackberry Playbook with PlayBook .apk to .bar Converter

We all know that the Blackberry Playbook can support Android Application and can be sideloaded to the Playbook either using the DDPB install or Local Bar2 application, the only drawback is the ability to get the selected bar files to begin with, now with PlayBook .apk to .bar Converter a new site that allows you […]

RIM Wants your Android Apps Submitted by Monday, February 6th, 2012

RIM Wants your Android Apps Submitted by Monday, February 6th, 2012. RIM is really pushing for developers to have their Android applications submitted to App World for the launch of the Playbook OS 2.0!At CES 2012 in Las Vegas, we previewed the upcoming BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0 software, which is designed to have the BlackBerry® […]

Video: Check Out Android’s Gingerbread And Honeycomb Running On the Playbook

This video shows off the power of the Playbook and its capabilities using the Honeycomb and Gingerbread launchers. See how it works, running different apps after the break.

Kindle and many other Android apps now working on the PlayBook thanks to the Android Player Repackaging Tools

With the release of the developer beat of the PlayBook os 2.0 update we now have the ability to load Android apps that have been converted from .APK files to .BAR files.  Among them the Kindle app has been converted and will now work on your PlayBook, this is especially nice considering Amazon is getting […]

RIM Intros BlackBerry BBX and Other Developer Tools at DevCon Americas

With DevCon underway the much anticipated new OS, BBX has finally been officially announced and develops can now access the new Native Plabook Tablet OS SDK that includes Android Apps via Blackberry Runtime. Additional announcements and highlights from BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 include: – BlackBerry WebWorks and HTML5 apps compatible with current BlackBerry smartphones and tablets […]

RIM Is Making It Easier To Port Android Web Apps To The Playbook And Blackberries At DevCon

RIM is making it pretty easy for Android app developers to get their apps on the Playbook and Blackberry smart phones. So easy in fact, it’s a big part of their upcoming conference. There is a dedicated area called App Express where this will be going on.

Rumor: QNX powered BlackBerry smartphones will support Android apps

According to reports by Bloomberg, the highly anticipated QNX powered smartphones that RIM has been working on, will also run Android apps.  Bloomberg reported this today, and states that RIM will be adding the ability in an attempt to attract users back that have switched to Android or iOS for the extensive app catalogs that both […]

How To: Installing Android App’s on your PlayBook

N4BB has posted a nice “How To” install Android Apps on your PlayBook. Here is how to do it: Download the Software: Android SDK - install platform tools (first option) Java JDK

RIM Answers your questions about Java-based, Android apps and Native SDK on the PlayBook

RIM has finally posted some answers to questions we have had when it comes to Java-based, Android apps and native SDK on the PlayBook. RIM has mentioned the Android Player will support Android 2.3 at launch and “we intend to update the player based on market needs.” They have stated “application player for BlackBerry Java-based […]

More Rumors of Android Apps coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook

We have already heard about RIM’s rumored plans to run Android applications on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Bloomberg states that RIM has changed their mind on using the Dalvik Virtual Machine on the Blackberry PlayBook based on some patent disputes happening between Oracle Corp. and Google. They are going to go a different route but have […]