The Android Port-A-Thon for BlackBerry 10 is Coming Soon!

RIM has held several events to help developers bring their apps over to BlackBerry 10.  They have now announced that they will be holding a virtual Android Port-A-Thon to help developers of Android applications to bring their apps over to BlackBerry 10.

125,000 FREE PlayBooks Going Out to Developers at Hackathons, DevCons and More

RIM has really been pushing the envelope for development for the Blackberry Playbook. Android developers can port their applications to the Blackberry platform. RIM is pushing developers to develop using the Blackberry 10 OS and soon to be unreleased Blackberry BBX 10 devices by offering free Blackberry Playbooks to get things IN MOTION. RIM is pushing the […]

FREE BlackBerry PlayBook Offer Is NOT Just for Android Devs!

RIMhas mad their FREE PlayBook offering to Android developers available to developer! The offer is vaild to the developer who builds an application and submits it to App World by February 13th.