theScore for BlackBerry 10 gets updated – Now an Android Port

theScore, Inc. has just released a new updated for their BlackBerry 10 application to version This update removes the native AdobeAIR applcation in favor for an Android port. This issue with this is “Push Alerts: We are no longer able to support Push Alerts on BlackBerry 10 following this update. But users can still […]

New video shows Skype (Android Port) running on the BlackBerry Q10

Well we all have been waiting for the moment when Skype reaches Blackberry for the first time, that time is now! Skype is now currently available for the BlackBerry Q10 only… According to an article from N4BB Skype will officially launch for the BlackBerry Z10 in two weeks. Only time will tell if this statement […]

iRunner Now Available For BlackBerry 10

iRunner is originally an Android app but has been ported over to BlackBerry 10. At first I actually thought this was an exercise app. Nope! It’s a game. A running game, where Mr.I has to run through the course left and right. He has objects to collect such as batteries and gifts all while not […]

Download GetGlue (Android Port) for the BlackBerry Z10

Ever since I got my BlackBerry Z10, I have been leaving my Samsung Galaxy S2 at home turned off. I have not had a need for my Android as my BlackBerry Z10 will do the same things and much more. Well I was missing GetGlue, so I converted the Android APK to .Bar file so […]

Chase Bank Android App Can Be Side Loaded To BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry did a really good job of having the major apps ready for BlackBerry 10, but there is the odd ones here and there that haven’t been made yet. Someone was able to side load the Chase Bank app from Android. And it works really well.

WordPress for BlackBerry 10 shown off

One of my most used apps on my BlackBerry is the WordPress app.  With BlackBerry 10 in development I was really looking forward to getting a WordPress app that was more robust like the Android version.  As you can see in the pics, Automatic the creator of WordPress, have gotten their hands on a BlackBerry […]

X Construction Game Lets You Build Bridges On Your Playbook

X Construction is actually a game that was ported over from Android. The whole premise of the game is building a bridge so a train can cross. But it has to be strong even for the train to go over, using the right amount of support beams. If the train doesn’t make it across, you […]

Run For your Life with Canabalt HD for the Blackberry Playbook!

Mobile Link Think you can keep up? Challenge your self with Canabalt HD for the Blackberry Playbook, the directions are simple RUN! Canabalt is the original endless running platform game! Beginning as a 5-day experimental game for the Kyles’ Experimental Gameplay Project, it effectively created the genre and remains addictive and fun to play even today!