Salesforce Calls client comes to the BlackBerry Z10 via Sylphone in BlackBerry World

If you are a Salesforce user that uses the service to make sales calls from your smartphone, then you will be happy to know that there is now an app for the BlackBerry Z10.  Sylphone is a free app that allows you to make calls, update and launch workflows in Salesforce.  Now this is a […]

BlackBerry 10.2 brings Android Hardware Acceleration

When BlackBerry 10 devices first launched we were all very aware that it was utilizing the Android 2.3.3 Runtime, or Gingerbread for those familiar with the names.  However there were promises from BlackBerry that an updated Android Runtime, Android 4.2 or Jelly Bean, would be arriving sometime this summer.  Now that we have seen the […]

Alec Saunders knows BlackBerry 10 users aren’t crazy about Android ports

There is no ignoring the fact that there are a lot of Android ports in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices.  Most of the big name apps that people want, have come to BlackBerry 10 via an Android port.  Well Alec Saunders, head of developer relations for BlackBerry, is well aware of the issues users […]

BlackBerry World Contains Only 20% Android Ports of all BlackBerry 10 Apps

BlackBerry has made it is easy for developers to jump on board and to build their applications for BlackBerry 1o, initially at launch BlackBerry touted 70,000 apps in BlackBerry World. They have now surpassed that feat with more than 100,000 applications, what is even more astonishing it that only 20% of those applications are Android ports. […]

Instagram rumored to be only coming as an Android port to BlackBerry 10

There are a few apps that you need to have to be considered a real player in consumer side of the mobile market.  One of those apps is Instagram, and we had been told that it would be coming to BlackBerry 10, however it now seems that it will only be coming as an Android […]

Skype For BlackBerry 10 Will Be An Android Port

There was a lot of debate leading up to the BlackBerry 10 launch announcement, as to whether or not we would see Skype on BlackBerry 10.  We found out on January 30th that Skype would indeed be coming to BlackBerry 10, but we were not told whether or not it would be a native app.

PineLake shows just how easy it is to port an Android app to BlackBerry 10

In a new post on the BlackBerry DevBlog a local Waterloo based developer, PineLake Communications, has given an interview talking about the ease of porting an Android app over to BlackBerry 10.  The most interesting part of the interview is not how easy it was for PineLake to do the port, but rather that they […]