Nimbuzz Launches API and Introduces Chat Buddy to Developers!

Nimbuzz the popular mutiplatform has announce today the opening up of thier Messenger API with the launch of Chat Buddy Developer Program (CBDP). With these new API’s developers can build chat rooms and instant messages across several platforms and devices. Nimbuzz is all you need to communicate for free.


TAT Gives BlackBerry Jam & Developer Microsites Redesigned Facelift

TAT, The Astonishing Tribe was acquired by RIM and with the future of Blackberry Tablet OS which powers the Blackberry Playbook as well as the new Blackberry 10 OS. With their ability to deliver amazing UI’s as well as killer interfaces they have launched new microsites to the BlackBerry developer community with the BlackBerry Jam Zone given a facelift to […]

QNX phones set to be shown off at DevCon

The good news of an earnings call, regardless of the numbers, is that we usually get some more news and announcements. While we heard that the PlayBook 2.0 update wouldn’t be hitting until after DevCon, we did find out that we should see some QNX phones there. Both Jim Balsille and Mike Lazridis admitted that […]