Ferringo Sound Design: New FUZZengine Contributor & FUZZengine API’s Available Now!!

Devs listen up now! Ferringo Sound Design has joined the FUZZengine team and the API’s are now avaliable to download! What is Ferringo Sound Design you say? ALL of your notifications and sounds on your Blackberry are made by them!! Not to mention they work along side Porsche Design Group, you know Blackberry Porsche P’9981, as well as At&T, and Hollywood production […]

Latest WebWorks SDK points toward SD Card Support in BlackBerry 10 devices

There has been a recent update to the WebWorks SDK from RIM to help fix a small sandboxing logic issue that was pointed out by some devs after the previous release.  This latest update fixes these issues and also gives a clue that points towards SD cards being supported in BlackBerry 10 devices.

RIM lists some of the APIs coming to the BlackBerry 10 SDK in the evolution to Gold status

One of the main points that came out of this years BlackBerry World and BlackBerry 10 Jam is that RIM is dedicated to developers.  We have seen numerous posts done on the BlackBerry DevBlog lately that have provided updated emulators and plans for the new operating system.  In this latest article Tim Neil has detailed what […]

Developers: RIM has Published JsonCpp for BlackBerry 10 Platform on GitHub

RIM is continuing to make progress with and for the Blackberry 10, you can see from the approach that when this platform is finallized it will be ready to take on many challenges as well as critics and other platforms. JsonCpp project development platform on the BlackBerry will use compatible code for Blackberry 10, RIM […]

Blackberry 10 Jam Session Catalog Includes Sessions With Soon To Be Released Tools

The Blackberry 10 Jam Session Catalog is available online and you can see what they are going to present. Some of the developer tools and APIs will be released before or during the session. The following list of sessions includes tools, and apis that imply that specific item is already available or will be sooner […]

Developers: RIM has Published BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Framework Code on GitHub

RIM has made significant progress with the WebWorks platform. WebWorks is pretty solid development platform on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now RIM has published BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Framework Code on GitHub to developers by making things more useful and easier using the new BB10 framework.

Developers: RIM Releases Quake3 Engine Port Source Code for PlayBook

RIM has made significant progress with the GitHub open source platform. Open Source is pretty solid development platform on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now RIM has opened up the Quake3 Engine Port as well as the source code to developers by making it opensource making things more useful and easier using the new framework.

Developers: You can start Porting HP webOS applications to BlackBerry WebWorks Platform & Win!

Well well what do we have here, developers now that Hewlett Packard’s OS has been open source to the  community, you can now port your webOS application to Blackberry using the WebWorks Platform!!! This is great news for developers to not only showcase their applications to a broader end base, but as well as improving the Blackberry applcation ecosystem. Hit the […]

Developers: RIM Opensources Java & WebWorks UI Frameworks

RIM has made significant progress with the WebWorks platform.  WebWorks is pretty solid development platform on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now RIM has opened up the WebWorkds and Java UI framework to developers by making it opensource making things more useful and easier using the new BBUI.js framework

None of the BlackBerry 7 Devices Have FM Tuner – Future Devices Will?

RIM has released the new Blackberry OS 7.1 Beta SDK and within the SDK includes FM Radio API, a developer Streak81 asked if, ” Can you provide a list of the devices that support the FM tuner?  Will current devices support this feature or is it reserved for future devices only?”

RIM May Promote You, If You Use the New BlackBerry 7 APIs in Your App

RIM sent an email to developers notifying them of an opportunity they maybe interested in. As Blackberry OS 7 rolls around in all the new devices, and the updated API’s RIM  will allow and possibly your “app could be featured in a variety of BlackBerry marketing activities” if you submit your app using the new […]

Upcoming BlackBerry ID API for Developers – One ID to Rule Them All

BerryReview had another discussion with Mike Kirkup this discussion was focused on the new BlackBerry ID. As most of you that follow BlackBerry news know, BlackBerry ID is a idea that has been thrown around for a cool minute. As more information regarding OS 7 is released, BlackBerry ID has been mentioned many, many times.  […]

Interview: RIM’s Mike Kirkup on BlackBerry PlayBook Development

  A couple days ago our friends at BerryReview had the chance to speak with Mike Kirkup, Director of Developer Relations, at RIM. They discussed the future of the BlackBerry platform. They discussed a lot of things, most of which were surrounding OS 7 and the PlayBook. Here is an except of what was talked […]

RIM Announces Upcoming WebWorks APIs for Developers

Over the last year, RIM has made significant progress with the WebWorks platform.  WebWorks is pretty solid development platform on the BlackBerry PlayBook, but not so good on Smartphones.  It comes in second to Java apps. RIMs WebWorks team realizes this and is working on catching things up.  They have released the full WebWorks source […]

Build Your Own YouTube Viewer!

Tim W. over at the Official BlackBerry Developers Blog has posted an awesome “how to” on how to build your very own YouTube viewer using BlackBerry 6 Communications API. It is great to see RIM posting some great tutorials for the average developer! It also shows other developers on othe platforms just how simple it […]

Details on the BlackBerry Social Platform Messenger API emerge

RIM announced at DevCon that they were working on releasing a BlackBerry Social Platform which would include BlackBerry Messenger API. We have wanted to see this for many years and now RIM is finally doing it. The idea is that you could play games and so on over a BBM connection. RIM has now set up […]

Geolocation – No GPS Required!

Some great news came from RIM today, announcing the availability of API’s for developers to quickly get your current location without the use of GPS.  Sure all modern BlackBerry’s support GPS, however GPS takes tremendous battery power, and often takes a few moments to initialize.  This feature allows apps to instantly get an estimated location […]