HD Tablet TV PRO Free Download For The Playbook

Yaybe.tv has put out a tv app, there is a free and paid version. Download the free one to check it out and if you like it get the paid version here. You can view tv shows right from your Playbook!

Blackberry App World Has Some Playbook Games On Sale

This weekend isn’t anything special, but no matter, Blackberry App World has some Playbook game titles on sale. This includes: Shopper’s Paradise $2.99 Kami Retro HD $1.99 Great Little War Game $2.99

TalkBox App Available For Beta Download

TalkBox for Blackberry is available for beta download. The app is considered to be a voice chat app/walkie talkie. I think of it as a glorified voice mail app kinda. You can send voice messages to people all over the world. Or even do a voice post on Twitter or Facebook.

Scribble Worm – Drawing Puzzles Game For The Playbook

Scribble Worm lets you draw the worms in a notebook like setting and they start to move. There are obstacles to avoid and 48 levels to get through. Watch the video to see the game in action. hit the break for a video preview

Talk Clock App For The Playbook Plus Video Preview

Talk Clock App for the Playbook features a timer, messages, and raffler. With such a big screen it is easy to use the playbook as a timer and other people can also read the remaining time as well. This is a slightly different clock app then what we are used to. hit the break for […]

ShopWise Canada App From Yellow Pages, Find The Hottest Deals On Your Blackberry

Yellow Pages has just launched their ShopWise Canada app for Blackberry smartphones. Deals are listed by category, and you can also search for products as well. Get ready to save money!

Wunderlist for BlackBerry PlayBook- Task Application With Cloud Sync

Wunderlist is a cloud-sync task application. Sign up for a free Wunderlist account and sync your tasks from your Playbook. You can access the account from anywhere but the app gives you more features.

Burn The City- Monster Destroys Everything

When I first read the game description I thought his name was Wanton. Nope it’s wanton destruction on the city. So I will rename him Wonton. Wonton breathes his fiery breath and destroys the cities. You rack up points and move on to destroy even more! Download it for the Playbook.

Uppidy Service Keeps You Worry Free About Your SMS Storage

Uppidy is a service that you can use to store your sms messages. This way you don’t have to use your phone real estate to keep them all. It also comes in handy when you transfer to another blackberry or your device gets lost, stolen or broken. hit the break for a video preview!

beExecutor Sound Effects App

beExecutor is now available for touchscreen Blackberries. Pew Pew! This fun little app has 8-bit, 8-sound effects similar to the original Sound Effect “Executor” Keychain: Bomb “Sound Effects”, Explosions, Siren, “Machine Gun”, Phasers, Lasers, Falls and a Gatling Gun.

Let’s Get Phyzicle, Phyzicle Sandbox Puzzle Game For The Playbook

Phyzicle Sandbox kind of reminds me of the Lego that you could build that came with a little motor. I think there was one where you could build a little car and it actually moved, really you could create whatever you wanted with it. Phyzicle kind of mimics that idea. You use various different parts […]

SlateIt for Facebook Fan Pages Free Download

SlateIt allows you to view your Facebook fan pages on your Blackberry. You can also comment, like and manage the pages as well.

Make Your Own App With “Your First Application HD Pro” App For The Playbook

If you’ve ever considered making an app but decided against it because it was a bit overwhelming, then this app may be for you. For one thing, it assumes you have never made one and starts at a beginner level. There is a free version so you can try before you buy. With features like: […]

NodeBeat For The Playbook Gets Launched

NodeBeat is already on iOS and Android and is now available for the Playbook. You can make your own musical creations, with a colorful visualization and record the music you create. General Features: – Friendly, Intuitive and Easy to Use – Record and Save Creations – Drum and Octave Generators – Preset Layouts to Help […]

Peggle Game For Blackberry

Clear each level by shooting at the specific colored peg. You only get a certain number of balls, so it isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are 75 challenges in all.

IMDB App For Blackberry

IMDB app is now available for download on Blackberry smartphones. It’s not the official app, but you can still get your movie info. You can also look at actor’s profiles, tv shows and more.

Somyeol Jump and Run For The Playbook Plus Game Trailer

Somyeol Jump and Run is a free ad supported game for the Playbook. You control multiple Somyeols at once by running and jumping through the levels. There are 100 (!) levels to get through and as you go along, it gets more difficult! hit the break for the game trailer!

Talking Monkey App For Blackberry

These talking apps remind me of those bears they had back in the 90’s. Remember those? You would say something to the bear and it would say in back. Creepy, but entertaining. Anyway, Talking Monkey lets you do the same thing. Say something into your phone and he will repeat what you say. Bonus: No […]

Topo Sports HD App For The Playbook- Topography Maps On Your Playbook

Finally, Topography Map app for the Playbook. It covers the USA,except for Alaska, Canada and New Zealand. This app is perfect for the outdoors adventure types, like bikers and hikers.

GPS Nautical Maps For Blackberry

The GPS Nautical Maps app for Blackberry allows you to check out nautical maps while offline. As well as other cool features. Some features include: Distance and Bearing tools can measure the distance and direction of any point. Custom waypoints from your current location, manual selection, or by entering coordinates. Point of Interest layer for […]