Streamline Voice Notes With QuickVoice Recorder One Touch

TrustBe has just released a new app called QuickVoice Recorder One Touch.  Hit the break for more information.

BlackBerry App World Gets Some Adjustments

Last night we noticed that App World was apparently down for a few hours, so this morning RIM sent us an email informing us that they have made some adjustments to App World. What adjustments you ask? Well App World categories, which have been modified to let users easily find and discover applications faster along […]

Free Amazing Pool for BlackBerry Smartphones

There are a lot of us that like to play games on our BlackBerry phones. Hit the break for more info.

WhatsApp Messenger Updated to v2.7.7907

Today WhatsApp Messenger released a new update, v2.7.7907, to be downloaded to your BlackBerry. WhatsApp Messenger is a multiplatform messaging app that allows you to use your smartphone data plan to contact friends, family and whomever you pick without the need for a minutes or texting plan. Download this app today to send videos, imagines […]

PmBox Updated in App World to v0.4.8

PmBox has been updated in App World to v0.4.8. Welcome to PmBox. Save your most used personal messages to apply with the touch of a button. Search for your favorite artist and post their lyrics direct to your BBM personal message. This is PmBox!

XWeather for BlackBerry Updated to v2.8.515 in App World

XWeather for BlackBerry has been updated to v2.8.515 in the BlackBerry App World. XWeather is the fastest and the most accurate weather app for BlackBerry.The Creator of beautiful curve of the temperature trend.Push and DIY the weather info widget into your home screen wallpaper.Vivid homescreen icons and inner Pages Layout.

BlackBerry 10 Titanium Appcelerator Cloud Services Coming in the Fall

In the midst of BlackBerry world, Appcelerator made the announcement that they had the intent of bringing Titanium to BlackBerry 10, but the official release date has been unknown. Right now, with all of the amazing progress that is currently underway, their estimated launch date is fall of 2012.

U.S. Governments Apps for BlackBerry

A series of FREE new apps have recently be released allowing access to a plethora of U.S. government content and information right on you BlackBerry or PlayBook. With this series of apps, you’ll get the most current information regarding different agencies including, National Weather Service, TSA, The White House and many others!

Parental Controls Coming to All BlackBerry OS 5.0 and Greater

Parental controls have popped up in a few OS leaks as well as being a customary part of BlackBerry Curve 9220 and 9320. These controls supposedly are similar to the rules enterprise customers have in place, which in turn makes it very easy for RIM to integrate the parental controls into older OS’s.

Scotiabank launches iTRADE app for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone

Scotiabank has developed and launched their iTRADE app for BlackBerry, as well as Android and iOS.  Hit the break for the full details on the app.

Smash Cops Coming to BlackBerry PlayBook

In the midst of BlackBerry World, Union was working diligently to bring Smash Cops to BlackBerry App World and the PlayBook. Smash Cops is one of those games that you just can not stop playing. As soon as you get your hands on it, you can start chasing down criminals but make sure you don’t […]

Official F1 Timing App Now Available for the PlayBook

There is a new F1 timing app available for BlackBerry Smartphones and the BlackBerry Playbook.  This app is jam packed full of features. Hit the break for all of the information.

New Payment Services in BlackBerry App World

To make buying and downloading apps that much easier, Research in Motion has announced that there will be a few changes in the payment services of BlackBerry App World. With the future changes, RIM hopes that this will help improve transactions and encourage even more buying and selling of apps in App World.

SystemDash is now Battery Pack

SystemDash has been updated to version 2.4.o and also renamed Battery Pack.  Battery Pack is another battery and system management application that is available from App World.  Hit the break for the full description of the application and the changes in version 2.4.0

imo Now Available in BlackBerry App World

Imo is now available for download via App World.   Hit the break for more details.

WordPress for BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to Version 2.1.0

WordPress for BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to Version  2.1.0. 

Significant Expensify Version Upgrade Is On The Way!

If there’s one thing I know everyone loves, it’s those significant app upgrades that we all wish would occur more often. Obviously it’s not an easy task to make some major improvements every time an app is upgraded, so those little bug fixes are just enough incentive to keep us hanging on until then. For […]

Tapatalk for BlackBerry Updated to v1.4.7.5

TapaTalk the popular forum reader application for Blackberry has been updated to version  Hit the break for details on the update.

Facebook for BlackBerry Gets Updated to v3.0.0.17 in App World

Facebook for BlackBerry has received an update to v3.0.0.17 in the BlackBerry App World! Now this update is still not showing for everyone at this time as RIM is still rolling out the update to the world! Try clearing your App World cache by pressing and holding ALT then type +RST. The last update for […]

Edit photos on the go with Uber Iris for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Photo Editing software has been the new thing to develop as of late.  iOS and android users have Instagram, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of development of these apps for the BlackBerry platform. Xlabz  has changed this with the introduction of Uber Iris for the PlayBook.  Hit the break for all of the […]