Oxygen channel from NBC now available for BlackBerry 10

NBCUniversal Media, LLC has released the Oxygen channel application for BlackBerry 10. The Oxygen channel app is currently available in BalckBerry World free of charge. Oxygen is your new destination for clips of your favorite Oxygen TV shows. Video clips are available the day after they appear on TV, and back episodes are available for […]


Get the headless Wallpaper Changer app for BlackBerry 10

One thing I have really enjoyed about BlackBerry from the beginning was the ability to run applications even though they were not opened. With the introduction of BlackBerry 10 this headless feature went away and is now back with BlackBerry 10.2. ToySoft has recently updated their Wallpaper Changer application for BlackBerry 10 to include the […]

Check out Christmas Shelf Themes for BlackBerry 10

Raluca Vlad, let us know about Christmas Shelf Themes for BlackBerry 10. If you are looking to get in the holiday spirit you can start with this application. Christmas Shelf Themes contains 30 icon shelves-like themes for your phone. Each theme is custom designed to look awesome on the screen of your phone, making it to look […]

Canada Post Launches A BlackBerry 10 App

Canada Post has launched their BlackBerry 10 app in time for the holidays. You’ve probably got presents to send out and it’s an easy way to keep track of what you’ve sent out. Or even what you are receiving in the mail. There are a bunch more features that makes it worth it to download […]

Nutty Player For BlackBerry 10 Gets An Update

Nutty Player has been updated and they’ve done a lot of fixing. The app is now a v1.0.0.108. When the app first came around it wasn’t well received. But now that they’ve made changes, hopefully it will change your mind. What’s in the update? Video list loading issue fixes Application startup issues fix MKV format […]

Shopping for eBay Gets Updated – Re-designed in Native Cascades

Tundra Core Studios just let us know that they have released an update to Shopping for eBay. This update takes the version to and is currently available in BlackBerry World for FREE! The update includes a complete re-design in Native Cascades (as it was originally created in Webworks). There’s also a drop down feature […]

SoundHound for BlackBerry 10 Updated

SoundHound for BlackBerry 10 has received a nice update to version 1.2. Below you can check out what’s new! Unlimited music recognition! Identify music or a singing search with the touch of a button. SoundHound is instant music and discovery. Features: Blazing fast music recognition The world’s only singing and humming recognition LiveLyrics: see lyrics […]

Business Insider Now Available for BlackBerry 10

Business Insider, Inc. has launched their application for BlackBerry 10! With the Business Insider application you will be able to stay in the know when it comes to tech, finance, Wall Street, strategy, politics, and more, Business Insider brings you the top news across the web at rapid-fire pace. Keep up to date with this […]

Check out Whereis? for BlackBerry 10

Sven Ziegler has released a cool native BlackBerry 10 application titled Whereis? Have you ever been on the road in a town or city that you are unfamiliar with? Are you looking for the hot spot to party, looking for a nice meal and so on? Well Whereis? can help you find what is around […]

Check out What To-Do for BlackBerry 10

My good buddy Toby from Tundra Core Studios let us know that they have released What To-Do for BlackBerry 10. What To-Do gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently take notes and make to-do lists within seconds! Are you tired of constantly switching between apps to write down a quick to-do list and then back to another app […]

Down Tube for YouTube

  Down Tube simply says it is allowing you to cache or preload the YouTube video to watch it later. This is great for people who do not want to wait for buffering video and can just watch the video when it is done. You specifically cannot save the YouTube videos afterwards but you can […]

Twitter for legacy BlackBerry devices updated to v4.4.03

BlackBerry has released a very nice update to Twitter for legacy BlackBerry (T4BB) devices. This update takes the version to 4.4.03 and is currently available in BlackBerry World if you have not already updated your device. Be sure to check out all the change logs below. What’s new? Photo Thumbnail size uniformity In-Tweet media player […]

OnStar RemoteLink App Now Available For The Z10 And Z30

OnStar has made their Onstar RemoteLink app available for download on the Z10 and the Z30. If you have one of these devices, an OnStar subscription and a 2010 GM vehicle or newer eligible model you can access the app. Depending on the model of car you have, some features are not available. Features include: […]

Amazon says they don’t support the Appstore on BlackBerry 10, but ‘please enjoy it’

So Amazon doesn’t actually support BlackBerry 10 but they are far from discouraging users to take advantage of their services. A member of CB reached out to Amazon and this is what was said. I understand your concern and there isn’t to worry I’d love to help you out.  As you already know officially Amazon […]

Dhoom 3 Bollywood Inspired Motorcycle Games Hits BlackBerry 10

99Games has just released an official Dhoom 3 game for the much awaited Bollywood movie. This game has you racing as Amir Khan to lose your tail on your super bike through traffic, police, and more. Its pretty fun with power boosts and all. The game is made for India but seems to be available […]

Device Switch App now available

BlackBerry has released a new application to help keep you moving with an easy device switch. “Learn how to easily transfer data from your old BlackBerry, Android or iPhone to your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone with the Device Switch app. It’s done over Wi-Fi, without the need of a computer, and you can multi-task and […]

BlackBerry Beta Zone app for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.0.0.26

BlackBerry is currently rolling out a new update to their BlackBerry Beta Zone application for BlackBerry 10. This update takes the version to, and brings some new features like filling out surveys, to a Self-Updating client. You can check out all the details below. Surveys – Complete your Beta Zone surveys right from the […]

App Wednesday Powered by BlackBerry

It is that time of the week where BlackBerry puts their list together for the top applications and games for the week! Check out the list below and let us know what you think about the applications in the comments. Highlights of the Week: We have some seriously awesome news for hardcore Rush fans. The […]

SoundCloud Hits BlackBerry 10

SoundCloud has finally officially landed on BlackBerry 10! SoundCloud is an Android port , but it is running like a champ on BlackBerry 10! Discover the best new music & audio with the official SoundCloud app. Hear what’s new and next from the world’s largest community of musicians, bands, producers and audio creators of all […]

Win A BlackBerry Q10 By Recommending Opera Mini

Easy contest to enter. All you have to do is recommend Opera Mini to other people. And you will be entered to win a BlackBerry Q10. Opera Mini is the third party web browser for BlackBerry that is faster than the stock browser. It also claims to use up to 90% less data. You can […]