BlackBerry Bridge has Been Updated To v1.0.7.4

RIM is sending out an update from Blackberry Bridge. This version of Bridge is, this update could mean one of two things. 1) this update brings Bridge capiablitity to Beta OS 2.0 or 2) there could be an update on the way for PlayBook OS 1! I am downloading the update as I type […]

Tether for BlackBerry Receives A Huge Price Reduction!

The Tether tean let us know that their popular application Tether for Blackberry has recived a huge price reduction! Here is what they had to say:

Video: Premium Apps for Free at BlackBerry App World – Thank You Gift from BlackBerry

A selection of premium apps will be offered free of charge to active BlackBerry customers as an expression of appreciation for their patience. The various apps will become available (free of charge) on BlackBerry App World on different dates between October 19 – November 30. All of these apps will remain available to download at […]

Caro Gets Updated to v1.4.2

Caro for BlackBerry has been updated to v1.4.2. What is Caro? Caro is a TicTacToe like game with 15×15 grid field and 5 same symbols in a row will win.Row, Column, Diagonal) With BBM Social Platform integration, Caro allows BBM friends playing with each other. With Facebook integration, Caro activities are shared onto player’s Facebook […]

Fruits and Ninja on Sale for $.99! For the BlackBerry PlayBook and Blackberry Smartphones

Ninja Fruit Bash is an awesome fruit slicing game, I love this game and can get lost playing this game for hours! And with the new update to version 1.5 comes about much updated features that make the game worth downloading, and it is on sale for $.99! And of course you can grab this great […]

VirtualHair- Lets You Try On Elvis Hair And Other Hairstyles

VirtualHair for Blackberry smartphones is a newly launched makeover-style app. That is, take a picture of yourself and try on different hairstyles.

WhatsApp-The Multi Platform Messaging App Now Up To 1 Billion + Messages Sent Per Day

WhatsApp users are generating a staggering 1 Billion + messages a day! Like the entire population of China is messaging each other. The people behind the WhatsApp Application had to say:

HopStop App For Blackberry, GPS Enabled App Helps You Travel The US And Canada

Get directions from your current location to another city, you can choose how you travel there: by bus, car, train and walking, estimate how much a taxi trip will cost you and more!

AOL IM for BlackBerry to Be AIM for BlackBerry by AOL

With the new update of Native BlackBerry IM Clients Updated to V2.5.108 for Blackberry AOL was not included, As of October 28, 2011, BlackBerry® smartphone users will not be able to download or use AOL® Instant Messenger™ for BlackBerry smartphones, developed by Research In Motion®.

ShopSmart Does The Work For You, Saves You Money And Keeps You Updated On Pricing

ShopSmart App for Blackberry saves you the work of searching for great prices on items. You get deal alerts to your phone, scan items you already have to see how much they cost and more!

N.O.V.A and Texas Hold’em Poker 2 – Compliments of BlackBerry

Thank you for choosing and supporting BlackBerry®. In appreciation, Texas Hold’em Poker and N.O.V.A is free of charge for a limited time compliments of BlackBerry. N.O.V.A You are Kal Wardin, the hero of an elite military force, the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, or N.O.V.A., established to protect humanity from alien threats. Now you are called […]

Shazam Encore To Be Available “early November”

Shazam Encore is one on the “Thank You” gifts from RIM, and will be available for download in early November!

Thrutu- An Interactive Phone App, Allows Users To Share Pictures And Locations

Thrutu has just launched their phone app for Blackberry, having already made one for Android and the Iphone. Call your friends and you can share where you are at, send photos, and contacts while still on the phone.

Blackberry’s Thank You Gift is Now available for download! – Bubble Bash 2

Thank you for choosing and supporting BlackBerry®. In appreciation, Bubble Bash 2 is free of charge for a limited time (a $4.99 USD value), compliments of BlackBerry. Discover the new edition of the award winning puzzle series on your mobile. Bash together 3 or more like-colored bubbles to make them all explode just like before. […]

Poynt for Blackberry Updated to v1.8.3

Poynt for BlackBerry has been updated to v1.8.3. Use Poynt to find businesses, retailers, people, restaurants, movies, gas prices (US only), events and weather information around you. Poynt uses GPS or cell-site location to quickly deliver the information you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

EZLinks For BBM makes it “easy” to update your Status

EZLinks for BBM makes it super easy to update your status. You can access your BBM status within any app and update it.