RIM suggests using NME for Fast, Native games (without C/C++)

today on the BlackBerry DevBlog, Joshua Granick, made the argument for porting Adobe Air to native speed with NME.  Personally I was unfamiliar with NME, but basically it is a cross-platform framework for rapid game and application development.  Granick makes the argument that developers should really look at NME to get their games ported to […]


RIM sponsoring 50 Android Developer Meetups to help promote the Android App Player for the PlayBook

RIM is obviously looking towards the Android App Player on the PlayBook as a means to help keep the “app tonnage” high.  It has come to our attention that RIM is sponsoring 50 Android developer meetups around North America to help promote the App Player and perhaps help to draw some developers over to the BlackBerry […]