Check out the TapCam Series for BlackBerry 10

S4BB Limited just let us know that they have launched a new series of applications for Blackberry 10. These apps allow you to post directly to Facebook, Twitter, Silent, Timer. BlackBerry 10: TapCam Series. Whether you want to upload your photos in one go to Facebook or Twitter, like to take your photos in silence […]

Make the most of your Civic Holiday weekend with Canadian apps from BlackBerry World

The Civic holiday this weekend gives Canadians an opportunity to celebrate the history and heritage of their communities and their country. The holiday also gives many Canadians an extra day off and who doesn’t love long summer weekends? That extra day could mean meeting friends for a coffee, catching a movie with the kids, or hosting a big meal […]

Alec Saunders Confirms iOS App Player for BlackBerry 10 “appeared to work”

Holy hell batman! VP of BlackBerry Developer Relations, Alec Saunders has confirmed via Twitter that he has seen the iOS App Player for BlackBerry 10. “I’ve seen it myself. Don’t know what limitations it had, but it appeared to work.” This is huge news for BlackBerry in my opinion! It would be great to see […]

Devs: BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013, Giving Rise to Headless Applications

We having been hearing for sometime the ability for BlackBerry 10 applications to run in the background known as Headless applications, well the BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013, is kicking off just the information and session devs will need to know if you want to know exactly how to add headless applications. JAM06 – Built for BlackBerry: System […]

Now Available: Marmalade 6.2.1 with BlackBerry 10 Beta Support

Marmalade has released version 6.2.1 with BlackBerry 10 Beta Support. Marmalade is a uniquely powerful cross-platform SDK for the development of smartphone, tablet, desktop and Smart TV apps and games. Marmalade SDK supports deployment of Apps and Games directly to the BlackBerry Playbook and BlackBerry 10 devices. If you are currently developing using Marmalade SDK […]

XLabz Releases 14 BlackBerry 10 Apps into BlackBerry World!

Our good friends over at XLabz Technologies have developed and released fourteen applications into BlackBerry World! The applications below are also available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Some of our faverate applications from XLabz are Weather+ HD, ProInsights for LinkedIn, Groovy Notes and The Logo Game all of which are available in BlackBerry World for both […]

Photo Studio Pro Updated to v1.1.14

The KVAD Group, has just released an update to their application Photo Studio Pro to version 1.1.14. Photo Studio for BlackBerry is utilized by both amateur and professional photographers who seek simple, but powerful image processing on-the-go. Users can turn their BlackBerry® into a fantastic photo editing studio. Hit the break to find out what’s […]

With Halloween Around the Corner Check Out These Apps!

If you are like me you are planing a Halloween party or planing your trick or treating route with your kids. RIM has put together a great list of applications for the PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphone that will help you have a GREAT Halloween! Your smartphone can be a source of Halloween spookiness too…. In […]

How Do You Submit Your Apps for BlackBerry 10 Devices?

Research In Motion has posted a very cool “How to” on submitting your BlackBerry 10 applications into App World on the Developer Blog. We also recived an email from RIM  with the following information: Amidst trumpet fanfare and rising anticipation, the commercial release of BlackBerry® 10 devices is right around the corner (slated for first […]

MintChip Challenge Vote For The Winners

The MintChip Challenge put on by the Royal Canadian Mint: The Royal Canadian MintChip Challenge (the “Competition”) is an initiative of the Royal Canadian Mint, challenging the software development community to create innovative software applications utilizing their MintChip technology. The Competition is intended to provide recognition to individuals and teams consisting of individuals, for-profit legal […]

CTIA Brings Out MobileCON, Dismisses Enterprise & Application Conference.

CTIA has replaced their Enterprise & Applications conference with new evolution conference MobileCON. The focus will be entirely on mobile related issues. For their first MobileCON they have a RIM speaker at the event. hit the break for the full press release

Check out PCRx Apps in App World

A very good friend of my mine as well as a fellow Nerd @fortneyland95 has been very busy posting applications in App World. @fortneyland currently has five applications in App World, they range from a FREE NerdBerry App to VolNews. The reason for this article is to let the world know about PCRx and all […]

Cascades, What’s New, Improved And Coming

Cascades Tooling Beta 2 got an update. Going on user feedback, they have improved the design view, mainly by replacing the red/green error cue with an error indication that is much easier to notice. Outline view improvements, previously was read only, now you can drag components, rearrange objects and remove objects. New project templates, there […]

Berryset Celebrates their 1st Birthday – Get 7 Apps for Only $4.99

Berryset is celebrating their first birthday with a bang! Beeryset is offering seven of their awesome application for the low low price of $4.99. If you were to purchase all of the applications listed below you would notice that it would cost you $16.93 for all seven applications. That is a savings of $11.94, this […]

BlackBerry App and Developer Milestones

RIM just let us know about some great stats for BlackBerry app’s and developer’s milestones! There has been a 21% increase in BlackBerry smartphone apps this is a huge increase over last years numbers! Hit the break for more info!

All ShaoSoft Applications are only $.99 all week!

Still haven’t found the right Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone? Well you are in luck ShaoSoft is coming to rescue you, because all of their applications are now on sale in the BlackBerry App World for only $.99!

Ninja Fruit Bash – Slice and Dice Your way to Victory Christmas Edition

Ninja Fruit Bash game for BlackBerry Smartphones is an awesome fruit slicing game, I love this game and can get lost playing this game for hours! And with the new updated Holiday version should keep you busy for hours while visiting the folks during the holidays!

RIM reaching out to devs on NFC app development

NFC communication is something that was a selling point for the OS7 phones.  There hasn’t been a whole lot of development when it comes to applications that utilize NFC and RIM wants to change that. 

Viber Coming Soon to BlackBerry

There is a new app coming to BlackBerry called Viber that allows you to text and call other users for free.  The company tweeted that their software would soon be available for BlackBerry users. 

Fruits and Ninja on Sale for $.99! For the BlackBerry PlayBook and Blackberry Smartphones

Ninja Fruit Bash is an awesome fruit slicing game, I love this game and can get lost playing this game for hours! And with the new update to version 1.5 comes about much updated features that make the game worth downloading, and it is on sale for $.99! And of course you can grab this great […]