Inside BlackBerry DevBlog Interviews With Jerome Carty And Kyle Fowler

The Inside BlackBerry DevBlog has posted up a few interviews today that they had with some of the developers that are over in Amsterdam for BlackBerry Jam Europe.  Two of the more known devs, Jerome Carty (Blaq) and Kyle Fowler (Foursquare), took some time to chat with Alex Kinsella about BlackBerry 10 and their individual […]


Box Offers Up 10GB Free Storage Accounts For BlackBerry 10 Users

If you are lucky enough to have a BlackBerry Z10 already then you will have noticed that the Box app is integrated into the operating system.  Box is a great cloud based storage company like Dropbox, but they are always giving new customers great deals.  So if you don’t already have a Box account, then sign up on your BlackBerry […]

Twitter For BlackBerry 10 Updated To Version

One of the apps that is really bugging me on my Z10 is the native Twitter app.  The response and pf the app isn’t great, and the lack of multiple account support has been driving me up the wall.  This is why I got excited when I saw an update in my Hub this morning.  The native Twitter client […]

BlackBerry Releases Tons of App Updates for the BlackBerry Z10 – FaceBook, Foursquare and more!

I was BBMing with B_Ren a little bit ago and he sent me the below screenshot of several application updates he received on the BlackBerry Z10. The updates include BlackBerry Maps to version, BlackBerry Newsstand to version, LinkedIn to version, Foursquare to version and lastly Facebook to version 10.0.83. At this […]

World Of Goo Game Now Available For BlackBerry 10

Mobile Link The thing I have been pleasantly surprise with on my Z10 is that there seems to be an ever growing app count.  The latest addition that I am sure will be a favourite of many folks once they get their BlackBerry 10 devices is the Awesome World of Goo.  This is a game that has won numerous […]

S4BB Adds 89 Apps, 12 Games and 1,610 Audiobooks to BlackBerry 10!

With BlackBerry 10 finally launching today S4BB has updated and gotten you ready with 89 apps, 12 games and 1,610 audiobooks! A whole slew of new applications weather it books, learning new languages, playing a new game, they have you covered! Hit the jump to check them all out!

BlackBerry 10 Lets You Wirelessly Install Apps From BlackBerry World Store Front

BlackBerry has taken a big leap in terms of ease of use when it comes to app installs.  You can now wirelessly install apps to your BlackBerry 10 device straight from the BlackBerry World Store Front on your computer.  This is something that iOS and Android have had for some time, and it was one of the […]

Truphone Launches Their VoIP Tru App For BlackBerry 10

As promised Truphone has launched their VoIP app, Tru, for BlackBerry 10 today.  The Tru app will allow you to make VoIP calls over either 3G/4G-LTE or WiFi.  You can check out the app in BlackBerry World here. Hit the break for a full press release from Truphone.

TuneIn Radio for BlackBerry 10 Now Available!

Add to the on going list of apps now available to BlackBerry World comes in TuneIn Radio. TuneIn lets you listen to the world’s radio with music, sports, news, talk, and comedy streaming from every continent. Enjoy 70,000 live radio stations and two million podcasts, concerts or shows on your Blackberry device–all for free.

Facebook For BlackBerry 10 Makes Appearance in BlackBerry World

We are truly mere hours away from the launch of BlackBerry 10 and more updated apps are finding their way into BlackBerry World.  This time around it is the official Facebook app for BlackBerry 10, version  Now for those of you with a Dev Alpha device you should be able to install it, however […]

SayIt Will Be Coming To BlackBerry 10

A lot of you may have used the SayIt app on your current BlackBerry device.  The app provides you with a voice recognition all that really helps you let get things done on your BlackBerry, without having to type away or navigate around.  We now have word that SayIt will be coming to BlackBerry 10, […]

10tons’ Releases 10 Games For BlackBerry 10

It seems that apps and games are popping up everywhere in anticipation of tomorrow’s BlackBerry 10 announcement.  This time we have word from 10tons’ that they now have 10 games in BlackBerry World ready to go for BlackBerry 10.  And yes we are aware that this post contains the number ’10′ a lot, I am […]

The Reader App For BlackBerry 10 Pops Up On Facebook

We are starting to see a lot of apps come out of the woodwork now that we are mere hours away from launch for BlackBerry 10.  I just happened to see a tweet go out for The Reader App’s Facebook page, and decided to take a look.  The Reader App looks to be a very clean RSS […]

Student Developers Within Kochi’s Startup Village In India Develop 150 Apps For BlackBerry 10

The Kochi Startup Village in India has definitely been busy getting apps ready for BlackBerry 10.  There are 57 companies housed within the Startup Village and the students employed by these companies have been very busy getting apps ready for BlackBerry 10.

5 Reasons Why SpectorSoft Is Betting Big On BlackBerry

Last week SpectorSoft shocked a few people when they announced a BlackBerry specific upgrade of Spector 360.  For those that don’t know Spector 360 is an employee monitoring system that tracks activities performed on Windows, Mac and BlackBerry.  To explain their reasoning behind sticking with BlackBerry  SpectorSoft VP of Marketing, Nick Cavalancia, listed the top 5 reasons […]

WhatsApp Gets Into Trouble With Privacy Laws

It seems that the very popular cross-platform messenger, WhatsApp, has gotten into a bit of trouble with the Canadian and Dutch governments.  It seems that the way in which WhatsApp asks for access to all your contacts is in violation  of these countries privacy laws.

Changes To BlackBerry World Pricing Tiers In Preparation For BlackBerry 10 Launch

For BlackBerry users over in the UK, Europe and most of the world outside of North America, there has been a discrepancy on app pricing.  One of the biggest advocates of the much-needed change has been @rr_yy, and he tweeted out a link to the Inside BlackBerry DevBlog post that discusses the changes.

Songza For BlackBerry 10 Now Available In BlackBerry World

The other day we brought a report that seemed to point at Songza coming to BlackBerry 10.  Well today it has been confirmed, as the Songza app is now available for BlackBerry 10 in BlackBerry World.

XLabz Technologies Releases Dictionary+ & Bird Calls for PlayBook

Our good friends over at XLabz Technologies let us know that they have added two more applications into BlackBerry World. The applications are as follows Dictionary+ and Bird Calls they are both available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Dictionary+ will run you $1.99 and Bird Calls will run you $4.99 Hit the break to find out […]