15 million of 72 million BlackBerry subscribers are in Indonesia according to local media

There is no doubt that BlackBerry has put a strong effort behind growing their business in the emerging markets.  One such market is Indonesia, where according to a local media report, 15 million BlackBerry subscribers reside.  This is a huge percentage of the total BlackBerry user base, and can mainly be attributed to BlackBerry 7 […]


BB7 Augmented Reality Promo

Neat promo video from BlackBerry showing off Augmented Reality from Wikitude on BB7 Smartphones! Check ittttt

RIM Plans On Lowering BlackBerry 7 Prices To Increase International Market Share

This should come as no surprise to anyone, but it seems that RIM will be lowering BlackBerry 7 pricing to help expand market share internationally. With the BlackBerry 10 launch right around the corner, there is much opportunity for RIM to increase their market penetration with more affordable BlackBerry 7 devices.

Rob Orr of RIM believes Christmas Momentum is key for BlackBerry 10 in the UK

With RIM set to releases BlackBerry 10 and new devices in the near year, it does leave one wondering how they are going to do over the Christmas season.  Recent RIM Managing Director for the UK and Ireland, Rob Orr, believes that current BlackBerry 7 devices and RIM’s partnerships will be essential in keeping BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry 10 Theme Studio rumored to be coming soon, maybe even this week

It seems that we may see Theme Studio for BlackBerry 10 before we even see it for BlackBerry 7.  According to a tweet that was sent out today by the @BlackBerryDev account we will be seeing Theme Studio for BlackBerry 10 either during BlackBerry Jam in San Jose this week or shortly there after.

MasterCard releases NFC SDK with support for BlackBerry 7

MasterCard has made a big move into making NFC mobile payments a little more accessible today by releasing their NFC SDK, which just happens to support BlackBerry 7.  RIM has definitely made their intentions towards NFC well-known, and it appears that MasterCard has taken notice.  With the release of the SDK developers will not be […]

New Ad promotes BlackBerry Tag with the catchphrase “Things Are Better When We Tap Together”

If there is one thing Research In Motion EMEA is good at it is making some corny, yet funny commercials. The latest ad aims at promoting the functionality of BlackBerry Tag on BlackBerry 7 devices with a clever spoof on the dating scene and how NFC technology makes it that much easier to share important […]

Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 from Redington India

It seems we have yet another official OS release for this evening.  This time around it is for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 and is listed as version and comes from Redington India.  As usual you can expect some bug fixes and such as part of the update, however we are also hearing that there […]

Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9220 from AIS Thailand

The new BlackBerry Curve 9220 has received a new official OS courtesy of AIS Thailand tonight.  The latest OS update brings the version to and will hopefully bring some bug fixes and maybe a new feature or two.  While this is an official OS please remember to use caution if you are loading this […]

Free PrankCam app adds some fun to photo taking (OS 7+)

A new free app has hit AppWorld that will hopefully add some fun and laughter to your picture-taking.  PrankCam from Devcellent Solutions allows you to overlay some funny frames overtop of the pictures you have taken on your BlackBerry.  Now this app is only for BlackBerry 7 devices and up the app includes a basic set […]

Add some style to your BlackBerry with iNew7 from Walker Themes

If you are looking for a new slick look for your BlackBerry you are going to want to take a look at iNew7 from Walker Themes.  The latest theme from Walker brings some awesome features that are compatible with older devices as well as OS7 ones.  Now remember that the OS7 version of this theme has […]

New Version of Blackberry Theme Builder Compatible with Blackberry 7 Coming Soon

As some of you may know, developers have made great strides in creating themes for BlackBerry 7 OS devices despite the lack of a BlackBerry Theme Studio release that officially supports these devices. How did they do it? Some BlackBerry theme advocates were able to use some reverse engineering to get BlackBerry Theme Builder current to […]

Theme Development for BlackBerry 7 Devices to Land on the Inside BlackBerry Blog this Month!

We have been waiting for RIM to say something about Theme Studio for BlackBerry 7 devices for a long time now… It looks like our wait may be over in the next couple of weeks! According to a Tweet from the @BlackBerryDev to @_Lucky45 “Full Details on themes for #BB7 will be hitting the BlackBerry […]


If you are looking for an easy way to take your Bible with you everywhere, why not put it on your BlackBerry.  The Bible App for BlackBerry has just been updated to include a few bug updates and more.  The new version 3.6 includes the following changes; . Changes in version 3.6 include: Faster Performance – The […]

BlackBerry 7 Devices will remain themeless until mid 2012

Now this is some truly bad news to end the day with.  During a recent interview with CIO.com RIM’s new VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, revealed the time frame for an update to the Theme Studio software to allow developers to make themes for BlackBerry 7 devices.  Sadly it appears that we will have […]

BlackBerry Sponsors 2011 CollegeFest in Boston

RIM is once again a sponsor for this year’s CollegeFest that is set to take place in Boston on October 1st and 2nd this year.  The BlackBerry brand will be well represented and in the company of other sponsors such as Verizon, Ford, WalMart, etc.  CollegeFest attracts over 17,000 students from several colleges and universities in the […]

Bible App for BlackBerry gets updated to v3.5.1

If you are looking for an easy way to take your Bible with you everywhere, why not put it on your BlackBerry.  The Bible App for BlackBerry has just been updated to include BB7 support as well as some bug fixes.  The new version 3.5.1 includes the following changes; Solved TVBibleFurry incompatibility bug for OS […]

RIM launches the BlackBerry Torch 9860 in Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar

RIM has not hidden the fact that they are trying to expand their reach throughout the world.  No longer are they solely looking at North America as a gauge at how well they are doing, and this is proving no different with the new BlackBerry 7 devices.  Today RIM has announced the launch of the Torch 9860 […]

Layar Browser brings more augmented reality to BlackBerry 7 devices

When we first saw the possibilities that augmented reality brought with the new BlackBerry 7 devices we were all a little intrigued.  The Wikitude Browser that was our first introduction to the AR scene proved to be neat and a little creepy at the same time.  While we now have a new player on the […]

Gist for BlackBerry updated to v1.5.48, now includes BlackBerry 7 support

The Gist app for BlackBerry has been updated to version 1.5.48 and now includes that all important BlackBerry 7 support. Along with this you now get BBM integration as well as several new countries have been added. For those of you using a BlackBerry 7 device, the update also includes better support for higher resolutions. […]