BlackBerry Q4 Transcript

For who missed the call today you can read up on it here or you can listen to it here 

New Neato BotVac Robot Vacuum Cleans Up with QNX Technology

Neato BotVac robot vacuums use advanced technology and thoughtful design to vacuum homes thoroughly and methodically, making them the most intelligent and powerful home robot vacuums available anywhere. Using advanced laser technology, the robots scan and map a room before cleaning in an organized manner. More information can be found on the Neato Robotics website. […]

Prem Watsa Purchases 129,000 Shares of BlackBerry Stock

Prem Watsa head of Fairfax Financial, in recent news invested a 1 million stake in BlackBerry in a consortium convertible debt deal. He has now increased his own personal stake in the company adding an additional 1290,000 shares of BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:$BBRY). This past week former CEO of RIM, Mike Lazaridis sold his shares off […]

CIO’s Al Sacco, Says Goodbye to BlackBerry, Fade to Black(Berry)

Here is an interesting but sad read from CIO’s Al Sacco Fade to Black(Berry): 8 Years Covering the Rise and Fall of RIM. In the article Mr. Sacco gives us his insight to BlackBerry over the years and as to why he has to hang up his hat on the great company. During the past year, I […]

BlackBerry Plans to Go Private, Now What?

If you have yet to hear the official announcement today BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSX: BB) has signed a letter of intent to be sold under a consortium by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. The buyout purchase price of 4.7 Billion dollars and per share will be 9$. As of current time with the markets already closed for the […]

“Should I stay or Should I go?” – What do strategic alternatives mean for BlackBerry fans

Today there was some troubling news for BlackBerry fans.  While there have been rumors about BlackBerry looking into options for selling the company over the last year, but today BlackBerry released a press release stating that they are forming a committee to look for “strategic alternatives”.  So what does this mean for BlackBerry fans and […]

Fairfax Financial Looking Into ways to make BlackBerry Private

BlackBerry today announced that the Company’s Board of Directors has  formed a Special Committee to explore strategic alternatives to enhance value  and increase scale in order to accelerate BlackBerry 10 deployment. With the announcement of the Special Committee, Prem Watsa, Chairman and CEO of  Fairfax Financial informed the Company that he felt it was appropriate […]

Fan concept of “Z15 Slider” looks very appealing

Since the initial Torch launched there have been fans of slider devices in the BlackBerry fold.  Well there were rumors that a BlackBerry 10 slider was in the works, the MIlan, but that it had been cancelled internally.  This of course left the slider fans out there very sad, but some of those same fans […]

BlackBerry Exec: “BlackBerry Not In Trouble”

Over the past few months BlackBerry has not had a good run despite product lines and sales going well. However ever since the earnings weren’t to impressive and the stock price hovering around 8.43 $BBRY (Nasdaq) mark. BlackBerry Managing Director for India Sunil Lalvani BlackBerry is not in trouble,” Lalvani stated bluntly in a recent […]

15 million of 72 million BlackBerry subscribers are in Indonesia according to local media

There is no doubt that BlackBerry has put a strong effort behind growing their business in the emerging markets.  One such market is Indonesia, where according to a local media report, 15 million BlackBerry subscribers reside.  This is a huge percentage of the total BlackBerry user base, and can mainly be attributed to BlackBerry 7 […]

BlackBerry Q10 Review: Is the Q10 the BlackBerry we have been waiting for?

This review has taken us a little time to put together, but we wanted to ensure that we took a long look at the device before judging it and that at least a few of us had some time with the device. We are of course speaking about the highly anticipated BlackBerry Q10, some may […]

BlackBerry Port-A-Thon program to pay out over $4 million to developers

Prior to BlackBerry unleashing their new BlackBerry 10 operating system, the company ran numerous port-a-thons to help bring apps to the platform.  Well now that the Z10, Q10 and Q5 are hitting the shelves BlackBerry has released some numbers regarding the payouts for said port-a-thons. In case you forgot, BlackBerry made the agreement that they […]

Is BlackBerry 10 doing well in Canada, the UK and South Africa?

We are quickly approaching the Q1 earnings from BlackBerry on June 28th, and we are expecting to see some good numbers for BlackBerry 10 sales.  There have been the usual critics that don’t believe that the Z10 and Q10 are doing that well, however there have been some good reports coming from Canada the UK […]

BlackBerry Q10 “selling well” in Canada according to analyst

It has been a few weeks now since the BlackBerry Q10 was released in Canada.  As of now it seems that the Q10 is selling as well as the Z10 did when it launched.  Obviously the physical keyboard of the Q10 is a major draw for traditional BlackBerry users, while still providing all the features […]

BlackBerry Upgraded to BUY By Jefferies & Co, after Verizon Switches to BB10

During BlackBerry Live a few announcements were made that have interest research firm Jefferies & Co, first the outstanding sellings of the BlackBerry Q10 device in markets shy of US Launch, increasing BlackBerry’s software portfolio by allowing BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to run on Android and iOS, and BlackBerry adding the BlackBerry Q5 to its BB10 lineup, allowing for a budget friendly device to bring a BlackBerry 10 uprising in emerging […]

BlackBerry sales appear to remain strong despite some negative reports

We all know that analysts are not always reporting the exact facts.  It is part of their job to make predictions and analysis that will help to bolster their portfolio.  Recently there have been some negative reports regarding the sales of BlackBerry 10 devices from Pacific Crest and Cleveland research.  Despite these negative reports of […]

Will BlackBerry be able to win third place in the mobile operating system race?

There have been many reports and speculation about whether or not BlackBerry 10 is enough to help BlackBerry win the third position in the mobile operating system race.  There is no doubt that either Android or iOS can be caught, and therefore third place has been left to a battle between BlackBerry 10 and Windows […]

BlackBerry submits patent for wearable computer accessory

It seems that even BlackBerry is looking at getting into the wearable tech game.  Google has had the most media attention of late thanks to Google Galls, but it seems that BlackBerry is also looking to enter the wearable tech market with some accessories to pair nicely with your BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry’s conceptual accessory is […]

BlackBerry named Canada’s top ICT company by Branham Group

BlackBerry has taken top spot this year in the Branham Group’s report on top ICT (Information and Communication Technology) companies within Canada.  The Branham Group looks at revenue to determine which Canadian company will take top honours. While BlackBerry did not have their best year, they have shown that they are on the rise with […]

Will selling 3 million BlackBerry 10 devices help BlackBerry break even in Q1 FY14?

There is always another analyst that is given their opinion on what BlackBerry needs to do in order to remain a profitable company.  Whether it be selling more units than they have in years, or simply start to license their product out to other device manufacturers.  Well according to a contributor over at Seeking Alpha, BlackBerry […]