Press Release: Blackberry Mobile Fusion Launched In Singapore

Blackberry Mobile Fusion was just launched in Singapore yesterday. Read on for the Press Release. Press Release (Singapore, 20 July 2012) BlackBerry® Mobile Fusion, RIM’s next-generation mobile device management (MDM) solution is now available for enterprise customers in Singapore. Continue reading for more on RIM Singapore’s Official Announcement. Built on the foundation that has established […]


Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia – A look at Mobile Fusion

The announcement of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion meant that many enterprise customers would be able to offer their employees a little more choice when it came to picking a device.  This is especially important as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement as really started to gain a foothold in the enterprise market.  Martha Stewart Living is a […]

Qantas Airlines is making the move from BlackBerry to iPhone

Today news has broken that Qantas Airlines in Australia is getting ready to move all their 1,300 employees off of BlackBerry smartphones and moving them to iPhones. The company has done surveys within the organization and has found that the majority of their employees would prefer to have an iPhone over a BlackBerry.  Further more […]

RIM Host First Blackberry Security Summit!

Today, it is easy to see how the mobile security landscape parallels threats seen in the desktop space for years. And while there are many similarities, mobile computing does have its own unique set of challenges in the way customers use, access and store data. Regardless, customers have the same expectations for their mobile devices […]

Keep up with Security Information on your Blackberry Smartphone with Dell SecureWorks!

With the Dell SecureWorks application you can keep up with security services to help your company protect IT assets, comply with regulations as well as reduce security costs all on your Blackberry Smartphone.

Uppidy adds enterprise support to their text messaging backup service

Uppidy has provided text message backup service for  a little while now that allows you to save and search your SMS messages in the cloud.  Today they have announced that they are adding Enterprise support to their app, which will focus on company issues devices.  The idea is that companies will be able to monitor […]

RiM announces approval of BlackBerry 7 devices for use in the U.S. Department of Defense

RIM has taken a lot of heat recently for their lost market share in the enterprise environment.  Sure there are many big business’ that have switched from issuing each employee a BlackBerry, to allowing their employees to BYOD (bring your own device) and then have it connected with the IT policies of said business.  Well […]

RIM Answers Questions About BlackBerry Mobile Fusion: BlackBerry Enterprise Server and More

If you’re like me, when RIM launched Mobile Fusion, you were wondering more about it. Because, like usual, RIM launches something and doesn’t say much about it. You probably also wanted to know about ActiveSync and the status of Blackberry Enterprise Server. Well you’re in luck because BizBlog has collected a bunch of questions and […]

RIM Finally Sets Up BlackBerry Server in Mumbai

Research in Motion has in the past had issues with India and the Blackberry but they a have been “In Motion” to change things around by appointing Sunil Dutt as their New Managing Director for India and with the BlackBerry PlayBooks Selling out in 4 Days in India along with the new Blackberry OS 2.o expected to hit tomorrow RIM […]

How To: Import new IT policy rule definitions for BlackBerry Device Software 7.1.0

RIM has just posted a new knowledge base article KB29510 for new Blackberry Device Software 7.1 that includes BES IT Policies Including one for SecureKey Browser Plug-In on Blackberry Smartphones. Hit the break for more info.

Samsung is not buying RIM, still isn’t interested in buying RIM

Earlier today we told you about how Samsung was interested in buying RIM and as what this may mean for the future of the two companies, this was all a rumor at the time. And now it has been confirmed to be not true. Samsung commented on the buyout stating that they were,  “not interested” in taking over […]

Research In Motion on Sale to Samsung?!

Research In Motion has once again in the news for a supposed buyout of their company by other vendors. And today according to recent rumors from BGR, RIM is planning to being offered to Samsung for sale of its license to its software, and that they may outright sale of one or more divisions, or even […]

Video: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express wirelessly synchronizes your in-house Microsoft® Exchange or IBM® Lotus® Domino® email and personal information management features (like tasks, notes and calendar) with BlackBerry® smartphones. And best of all, at a price you can afford…it’s free.

BIS Service Update Letter from RIM CIO Robin Bienfait

RIM has just posted this update to the ongoing BIS outage that has been ongoing since Monday in some parts of the world.  This update letter comes directly from RIM’s Chief Information Officer Robin Bienfait, and lays out that most BlackBerry services are coming back online.  Personally I am still having issues here in Ottawa, […]

RIM Launches BlackBerry Service Update Web Page to Update You on Service Outages

In midst of the Blackberry Outages in affected areas including the Americas, RIM has launched a webpage to update on the status on Blackberr Services. The last update reported this morning at 9:45 (GMT-5) BlackBerry subscribers in the Americas may be experiencing intermittent service delays this morning.  We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as […]

BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365 Available in Beta

We recently reported on how RIM was implementing ways of using BES and Microsoft’s Office 365, within Blackberry’s Business Cloud Messaging Service, well today RIM has annouced applications for participation in the Open Beta Program.  The application is for beta testing only, and final released is planned in January if of course it is ready. […]

BIS outage continues to spread, North America now affected

Over the last three days there has been a major BIS outage in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  RIM reported that the issue was  failure of a core switch and the backup procedure did not work. Well this morning we can now report that Canada, Mexico and the US are now affected.  There has […]

RIM: “BlackBerry Outage Caused by Core Switch Failure” Now Working Through Backlog

RIM reported to the AP news that the BlackBerry outage that has been effecting EMEA region for the last two days was caused by a “core switch failure”. The cause for the outage was the extreme data delay that happened when they switched from the core that they were using at the time.  I would […]

RIM Implementing Real Time Data Interception Services, Report Claims

The Indian government has threatened Research In Motion that it will ban Blackberry Services for a year. This claim is coming about with a issue of the Indian government demanding access for the de-encryption keys for Blackberry Messenger, emails, phone calls and more. According to the report, RIM is working and testing a means of […]

Mike Kirkup, Former Director Misses Corporate, Managed BlackBerry

Former RIM, Senior Director of Global Developer Relations Mike Kirkup sounds off on his personal blog on his reason why he misses his corporate, managed Blackberry. While it is preculur the he was sound off on his former company device. It is worth reading on BIS and BES email and how Blackberry are still hold the […]