CascaRun Sports Tracker Update, Audio Feedback Added In

I stay active and love a good run and a goody that I have been using lately is CascaRun Sports Tracker, and it has been updated with a great missing feature Audio Feedback has been added in. CascaRun is a native Sports Tracking application optimized for BlackBerry 10 devices which provides a user-friendly and powerful […]

Change Your BlackBerry 10 Profiles on the go with, Profile Changer

If youre like me coming into the office everyday I tend to forget to switch the profiles of my BlackBerry Z10 and or Q10, I wish there was a way to automate those changes so that no matter where I go I can always have my notifications match up so I don’t miss important things, […]

Whine, a Vine Client Coming to BlackBerry 10

We have been wanting big name applications on the BlackBerry 1o platform ever since it was ever announced. Some of the big name players have jump on board such as Skype and Angry Birds and others but a few other big name players such as Netflix and Instagram have not yet been developed but that […]

PlayCloud 10 Updated to v3.4.0.6

PlayCloud 10 the file management application has been updated to version  This update is an overhall of new features added in to make this application even better! Hit the jump download and update your application to see all the features Download PlayCloud from BlackBerry World  

Orbit for BlackBerry 10, Have the World in your Pocket

I love new awesome applications and this one is a pretty cool, clock and with appWith Orbit, you have the world in your pocket! Explore our beautiful planet in magnificent 3D while it slowly spins through space. Fly around the earth in your own virtual satellite, zoom in & out, watch the sun rise and set, […]

Do you miss the BlackBerry Trackpad? Get it back with Trackpad Editor

So if you have been a long time BlackBerry user we all at some point have used a trackpad or even the track ball, remember those days. Well anyway now with BlackBerry 10 and all new touchscreens one of the missed features, where is the trackpad? Well now Trackpad Editor brings you back to a […]

Secret Pictures for BBM, SnapChat like App for BlackBerry 10

So if you are slightly jealous of iOS and Android users and thier ability to use the cool secret picture sharing app, known as SnapChat (other than sideloading it) well now you can enjoy the same features securely using BBM on your BlackBerry 1o device. Secret Pictures for BBM™ is the only app that securely allows you […]

Frisbee Forever now available for the BlackBerry Z10

You may remember the game Frisbee Forever from the BlackBerry PlayBook, well now the game is available for the BlackBerry Z10.  The developer of Frisbee Forever, Unity, also decided to make the game free which is a huge plus. The gameplay of Frisbee Forever is pretty simple, but it will require some skill to master […]

FaceFlow for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.6.0.0 – Includes support for the Q10 and Q5

FaceFlow for BlackBerry 10 have received an update recently that brings some added support to the app.  The main new feature is that the FaceFlow app now supports both the Q10 and the Q5.  Now FaceFlow has recently switched from a free app to a paid one, but the developer did promise to provide more […]

Gadget Box for BlackBerry 10 Updated to v1.10.0.47

The great multi-use application Gadget Box has been updated to version1.10.0.47 and comes with a few added updates to give you more from this awesome application. Gadget Box turns your BlackBerry into a host of useful tools, removing the need of several apps to perform the same functionality, and can be setup to load any […]

iHeartRadio Available for BlackBerry 10

If you enjoy music and enjoy listening to your favorite local or other radio stations well now you’re in luck finally we have iHearRadio available for and to download for BlackBerry 10 iHeartRadio offers free music in an all-in-one, free internet radio service that lets you stream your favorite live radio stations. With the Android radio app, […]

Unique Keep Calm Generator from MMMOOO for BlackBerry 10

If you are a fan of the “Keep Calm And….” posters than you are going to want to grab this app from MMMOOO.  The Unique Keep Calm Generator lets you add your own text and images to the posters in the app to personalize them to your needs.  The app has a variety of backgrounds […]

Max Safe Browser now available for BlackBerry 10

If you are looking for a super secure browser for your BlackBerry 10 device, you may want to check out a new app that was released yesterday.  Max Safe Browser is a third party browser for BlackBerry 10 devices that is built as a native app and has anti-phishing built in.  The app will run you […]

Runtastic now available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

For those runners out there you will be happy to know that Runtastic is now in BlackBerry World for your BlackBerry 10 device.  Runtastic decided to port their Android app instead of develop a native one, but it still gets the job done.  At the moment it is only their PRO version, which will run […]

Salesforce Calls client comes to the BlackBerry Z10 via Sylphone in BlackBerry World

If you are a Salesforce user that uses the service to make sales calls from your smartphone, then you will be happy to know that there is now an app for the BlackBerry Z10.  Sylphone is a free app that allows you to make calls, update and launch workflows in Salesforce.  Now this is a […]

Viber CEO says BlackBerry 10 app likely to come with OS 10.2 release

Not too long after BlackBerry 10 was released, Viber made it clear that they were going to be releasing an app for the new platform.  Well today there is some new news as to when the app with full VoIP capabilities will be released.  Viber CEO made a comment to TruTower, that the Viber app […]

gNewsReader for Google Reader Updated Adds Feedly Support

Well if you don’t know by now Google Reader will be dying in two short weeks, many Google Reader users are having to make the switch to other alternative services well rest assure gNewsReader has added support for Feedly and will soon be adding NewsBlur as well. Download gNewsReader for Google Reader from BlackBerry World

British Airways app released for BlackBerry 10

If you are a frequent flyer who uses British Airways often, then you are going to want to grab this app.  The British Airways app is now available for the Blackberry Z10 and Q10 in BlackBerry World.  The app will allow you to track all of your flights on British Airways, as well as conveniently […]

My Alarm Clock comes to BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook

If you are looking for an app that will provide you with the benefits of bedside mode, but give you a bunch of options and other features, then the My Alarm Clock app is for you.  My Alarm Clock brings a ton of features like a sleep timer and the ability to pick your favourite […]

Neutron Music Player for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook updated – adds support for Active Frames and much more

If you are really into music then you most likely don’t like or use the standard music app on your smartphones.  For BlackBerry 10 there are a few options, however one of the better ones is NeutronMusic Player.  It gives you tons of control over the music you are listening to, and it provides a […]