TeleCommunication Systems Has Planned Updates And Innovation For BlackBerry 10 Maps

TeleCommunication Systems is already being used by BlackBerry 10. But with the press release, it is officially confirmed that they will be doing more to the maps. That is, just because the app is already out, it doesn’t mean that they are done. In fact they said : “The mapping and navigation solution includes a […]

Leaked Screenshots Show BlackBerry 10 Maps

As we get closer to the launch of BlackBerry 10, we are starting to see more and more leaked images showing off the native applications baked in to the OS. We now have a nice spread of images showing off the native BlackBerry 10 Maps application! the images depict a older software version, one would […]

No 3D Maps for BlackBerry 10?

When Research In Motion and TomTom partnered up earlier this year we were super stoked to see this partnership. We assumed that this partnership would bring 3D mapping to BlackBerry 10, according to a slide from BlackBerry Jam Americas this is not the case… The BlackBerry 10 Map application will only support 2D views.