Get the MEGA BAR File for your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone

If you are like a lot of people I know, then you use MEGA formally MEGA Upload to store and share your files. Well a great friend of mine @BBSuperAbuser sent me the converted Android BAR file, So I could use the unofficial MEGA application on my BlackBerry Q10 and Z10. This application will allow […]

Virgin Mobile Canada Looking For People To Join Their BlackBerry 10 Testing Team

It’s that time again, Virgin Mobile Canada is “building an army of super-savvy Member phone lovers”. If you qualify then you will “get your hands on the re-invented BlackBerry first.” Virgin Mobile has done this many times before, getting specially picked people to test out the latest hottest phone.

RIM Shows Off BlackBerry Hub at Consumer Electronics Show

Mobile Link One of the most welcome features that we are looking forward to that we have knowledge of is the new BlackBerry Hub feature! The awesome unified inbox allows you to quickly see all of your messaging and social application and more application to come with the opening of the BlackBerry Hub API. RIM was in attendance at CES 2013 to not only show off the capabilities of […]