Koodo Mobile Updates Their Self Serve App, Including BlackBerry 10

Koodo Mobile updated their self serve app for multiple platforms. BlackBerry 10′s version of the app was included. They even updated the BlackBerry 6&7 version as well. BlackBerry 10′s version is at 2.0. What’s been updated? Fresher look Categories are arranged in a tic tac toe box formation Usage timestamp on the dashboard that allows […]


Force India Formula 1 Team Use BlackBerry Devices

BlackBerry currently sponsors Team Mercedes AMG Petronas. And as you know, members of the team have been to BlackBerry events, and the drivers use BlackBerry devices. Force India Formula 1 Team, though not sponsored by BlackBerry actually uses BlackBerry themselves. Force India IT chief Adrian Collinson had some things to talk about regarding BlackBerry and […]

Verano by Pootermobile, A Theme For Your Legacy Device

Leave it to the folks at Pootermobile to come up with a theme for the older BlackBerry devices. It’s been a while since they released the last one, but better late than never, right? The theme will help make your device look current, as it has a modern look to it. Quite different from the […]

T-Mobile Austria Releases New Official OS For The Bold 9700, Pearl 9105, Curve 9300 And Torch 9800

The folks over at T-Mobile Austria have released a plethora of new official builds of BlackBerry 6 for a variety of devices.  The version number is for all the devices in question.  These new official build from T-Mobile Austria are available for the Bold 9700, Pearl 9105, Curve 9300 and the Torch 9800.  Hit […]

Blackberry Data Usage Is Becoming An Issue For Vodacom

Blackberry 6 and 7 are most popular for Vodacom subscribers and with their release there came an increase in data usage. And with the upcoming major release of Blackberry 10, people are bound to use even more data. Jannie van Zyl, who is a data lead at Vodacom, said: As a matter of fact we’ve […]

Valentine’s Day Theme For Your Blackberry 6 Device

Christmas and New Year’s just passed, up next is Valentine’s Day! Get this free theme from bbthemelab at Blackberry App World.

Official OS for the BlackBerry Pearl 9100/9105 v6.0.0.688 from Vodafone Netherlands

The BlackBerry Pearl 9100/9105 have just received a new official OS from Vodafone Netherlands.  This official build of BlackBerry 6 brings the OS version to  No word on a change log as of yet, but if you do laod this OS please let us know if you find anything new or any bugs by […]

Full Security Advisory publshed by RIM for old BlackBerry 6 Webkit vulnerability

If you remember way back 6 months ago, which in the mobile tech world may as well be 20 years, RIM released an advisory concerning a vulnerability with the BlackBerry 6 WebKit browser.  Well this week RIM has finally published the full security advisory, and it includes some interesting facts regarding why it took so […]

Official OS: BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 9300 OS From Mobilicity

BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.2858 (Asia) Package Version: Consisting of: Applications: Software Platform: File name: 9300jAsia_PBr6.0.0_rel2858_PL6.6.0.236_A6.0.0.650_Mobilicity.exe File size: 149.53MB Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

BlackBerry OS 6.0 Devices Get Their Improved Google Search On!

Google has been in the news a lot this week with it Google + and more, today is no different. They have updated Google search and optimized it for your OS 6 BlackBerry. Check it out for yourself: www.google.com on your device. What’s New: Enter searches faster: Save time by using autocomplete and search history […]

Johnson Controls Hooks up with a Blackberry Torch!

Smart phone integration in automobiles Is a fast moving trend and one everyone wants. The trouble with a lot of today’s available products is they only work with one device, typically our the Iphone. Johnson Controls is showing off its Connected Center Stack. its a framework of sorts for OEM and Aftermarket radio manufacturers to […]

Hints of the big V(erizon) updating devices to OS6?

From the looks of this photo, it looks like Verizon is going to release some much needed updates to a few devices. This includes the Bold 9650 and the curve 3g 9330. While we don’t know what kind of update most of us hope and pray that its the OS6 update we have all wanted. […]

Delta Airlines Creates App for BB and ticketing

With so many business men carrying BlackBerries its a wonder it took this long for an app like this to be created by the Airlines. With this app you can get a mobile Boarding pass, check flight statuses, get push updates on the flight status and even check in for flights. This wont save you […]

Leaked OS For The Blackberry Curve 3G 9300

After seeing a leaked OS for the Bold 9700 we now have a new leak for the Blackberry Curve 3G 9300. This one is the same build number as the 9700 one, No word yet on the quality of this build, but we would love to hear about bugs/glitches or fixes, so please drop […]

Waze Free Turn by turn Navigation

This is an application that uses all of us users to keep its traffic and road conditions up to date. If the application is up and running while your driving, it monitors your movement speed and if there are jams. It then uploads the data to their servers and other users running this application will […]

Verizon Wireless Sending flyers showing off OS6 benefits

We are all aware of the benefits of BlackBerry OS 6 but now many customers are seeing in writing the benefits via a flyer that Verizon is sending out. In this flyer you can see images of a Bold 9650 and the Curve 9330 3G. This is giving us hope that OS6 will soon be […]

Untappd redesigns mobile site to allow Pre OS6 devices to get in on the fun

UnTappd a Social site for Drinkers and Pub visitors has just opened the gates to their world a little wider. Until now their mobile site would not work on pre OS 6 devices. this was due to the way the site was designed. They have heard our cries and have redesigned it to allow us […]

Proof that BlackBerrys new WebKit is helping them hold on

Accroding to StatCounter Global Stats You can see that Blackberry OS has taken over iOS in the month of November for percent of the market in web browsing. This is proof that BlackBerry users are using their devices to browse the web more then Apple. This is largely due to the popularity of the new […]

Untappd – A New Way To Share Pints Between Friends

As a beer lover I am always looking for new and exciting brands to try. Well it seems that now there is a perfect way for me to share and discover new brews. Untappd is an online based “app” that allows users to share their beer of choice at that moment, basically it is Foursquare […]

Leaked OS For Blackberry Curve 3G 9330 v6.0.0.357

Today starts with another OS 6 leak, this time for the Blackberry Curve 3G 9330.  This latest leak brings the build number up to  With all these leaks coming out for CDMA devices, one must assume that Verizon is getting very close to officially releasing a build, which will be nice for all of […]