RIM Becomes More Efficient By Trimming, Flextronics

RIM has been trimming the fat on the company to make themselves more lean and themselves more lean and more efficient to ramp of things to get Blackberry 1o device out the door and in our hands! Recently they have trimmed things up a bit by not allowing Flextronics  to manufacture anymore Blackberry phones in Penang. RIM responded in […]

How To: Recent Contact Management Retention on Blackberry OS 7.1

RIM has just posted a new knowledge base article KB32484 on how you can use the new Recent Contact Management Retention feature to help you when writing messages on your Blackberry Smartphone. Hit the break for more info.

BlackBerry 10 Cascades and WebWorks Beta Roadmap Confirms Magnetic Holsters!

One of the things I love about Blackberry and a must a have accessory is the magnet holster. Having your Blackberry holstered on your side and automatically opening the latest message received it the most assuring feature. One of the thing that I would truly miss if this feature was not included in the new […]

Update:RIM states that BES 10 will be backward compatible for older BlackBerry devices

**Update: It seems that BGR has received confirmation from RIM that BES administrators will need to have BES 5 and BES 10 running in parallel for existing in-market BlackBerry 7 devices and new BlackBerry 10 devices to run on the same servers. This goes a little against what RIM stated early today. At this point BGR’s […]

HedoneDesign Release’s Jam Theme for your Blackberry Smartphone!

HedoneDesign makes some great themes and today we are going to take a look at their latest product, HedoneDesign Jam Theme. Put your icons in a spotlight with the new HedoneDesign theme, Jam. Brilliant white circles ensconce a sharp, clean, easily understood, and unique icon set. Fixed icons will be enhanced with the spotlight effect as well. Unique and beautiful […]

Stay Healthy and Motivated with Healty Living for Blackberry Smarthphones!

Its now August thinking back was your New Years Resolution to get in shape, improve yourself, or just eat better? Well to make those resolutions a little easier with Healthy Living for your Blackberry Smartphone! Healthy Living is a fitness and well being application to help you improve your life and get yourself back on track! Healthy Living […]

Blackberry Webinar: Installing Universal Device Service and Mobile Fusion Studio 6.1!

RIM has been pushing the envelope to get more and more developers on board as well as extending their strong support to business with security and device collaboration, even if those devices don’t come in a Blackberry flavor, with Mobile Fusion. To give you more insight on how Mobile Fusion can help improve your business, RIM is continuing their […]

Action Starts Here Campaign Continues With Contest: Win A Bold, Torch Or Curve

There was an ad spread in India’s major newspaper, and then a sing along commercial. Next up? A contest. Blackberry India is putting on the contest, so what do you have to do? Aside from being at least 18 and a resident of India.

TELUS Now Selling The Blackberry Curve 9320

And for some reason, they are charging the most, at $249.99. Remember though, you can get the same Telus branded Curve at Walmart, for $198.83. For more details check it out at the Telus website.

Unlocked-Mobiles.Com Offering The Blackberry Bold 9790 SIM Free In The UK

For £304.98 users in the UK can get one of the white Blackberry Bold 9790s. It is only the white version that they are offering, but I still think this is a good deal. You also get next day delivery.

Video: New Blackberry Commercial In Thailand

YouTube Mobile Link We all know Blackberry is a fan favorite over in Thailand. Here’s the latest Blackberry commercial by RIM. It features Blackberry 7 but doesn’t have English subtitles.

Official OS released by Alegro Ecuador for the BlackBerry Curve 9360

A new official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 from Alegro Ecuador has been released today.  This official OS is v7.1.0.569 and most likely contains some bug fixes and the sort.  Remember to be careful when loading this one if Alegro Ecuador is not your carrier.  Hit the break for more info and the download […]

Get Your Study On With Study Buddy For Blackberry

Study Buddy was launched through Vodafone India and IMS. Study for your tests on your Blackberry. This is a good way to pass the time plus utilize the storage in your phone so you don’t have to carry all your books with you. Only those in India and that have Blackberry 7 devices can use […]

Inside BlackBerry posts Q&A with Streeter and Amir of College Humor

If you are not familiar with College Humor please go and Google it immediately.  If you are an astute BlackBerry fan you will have noticed that Streeter and Amir of College Humor have been involved in some web series of ads that dispel misconceptions about the BlackBerry platform.  The Q&A is worth a read and can […]

New Ad promotes BlackBerry Tag with the catchphrase “Things Are Better When We Tap Together”

If there is one thing Research In Motion EMEA is good at it is making some corny, yet funny commercials. The latest ad aims at promoting the functionality of BlackBerry Tag on BlackBerry 7 devices with a clever spoof on the dating scene and how NFC technology makes it that much easier to share important […]

RIM Executive Vice President of Global Smartphone Business Carlo Chiarello talks BlackBerry 7

Mobile Link Research In Motion Executive Vice President of Global Smartphone Business Carlo Chiarello talks BlackBerry 7 at BlackBerry World 2012, as well as discusses the BlackBerry 7.1 OS update and the new features included.

RIM’s new Executive VP of Global Sales gives interview to tell “their side”

The senior team at RIM has definitely gone on the offense since last weeks Q1 earnings call and the news about BlackBerry 10 being delayed.  We have seen numerous interviews with Thorsten Heins regarding the company as a whole, and today Crackberry did an interview with Rick Costanzo, the new Executive VP of Global Sales […]

Editorial: The Malaise, The Bad and The Ugly – A Look at RIM’s Q1 Earnings

Today we read and heard about RIM’s Q1 earnings for their 2013 fiscal year.  While there is a lot of bad and ugly news, there was still a bit of relatively ok news.    The worst news of all is that BlackBerry 10, the “Savior OS” that was going to bring RIM back into the […]

Cricket launches the BlackBerry Curve 9350 for $199.99

Today Cricket has announced the addition of the BlackBerry Curve 9350 to their lineup.  The 9350 will cost you $199.99 and will be available on the $55 unlimited talk, text and data plan without a contract.  This is a great option for any BlackBerry fans out there that are looking to avoid the large monthly […]

Free PrankCam app adds some fun to photo taking (OS 7+)

A new free app has hit AppWorld that will hopefully add some fun and laughter to your picture-taking.  PrankCam from Devcellent Solutions allows you to overlay some funny frames overtop of the pictures you have taken on your BlackBerry.  Now this app is only for BlackBerry 7 devices and up the app includes a basic set […]