***UPDATE*** “RIM is dead for me, unless…” from @rr_yy

@rr_yy Just messaged us to let us know that RIM has sent him a new BlackBerry Bold 9900. The device was hand delivered to him from a RIM employee. We are glad he is now back up and running!   A good friend (@rr_yy)of mine just DM’ed me with the following article writing he just […]


Official OS 7.1 for BlackBerry 9900, 9360, 9810, 9860 and 9380 from O2 UK

BlackBerry Handheld Software v7.1.0.1149 (All Languages) Package Version: Consisting of: Applications: Software Platform: File name: 9860AllLang_PBr7.1.0_rel1149_PL5.1.0.276_A7.1.0.342_O2_UK.exe File size: 263.83MB Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

T-Mobile Magenta Sale On Saturday November 19th , Includes 3 Blackberries

Instead of Black Friday, TMo is having a Magenta Saturday, this Saturday November 19th. For one day only here are the prices: * BlackBerry Bold 9900: $199.99 down & $20/mo., total: $599.99; $150 MIR avail. * BlackBerry Torch 9810: $149.99 down & $20/mo., total: $549.99; $100 MIR avail. * BlackBerry Curve 9360: $49.99 down & […]

Disappointed With Low App Memory On the 9900 and 9810? RIM Explains Why You Don’t Need More

Usually when RIM launches new devices, the app storage amount goes up too. This isn’t the case for the newly launched OS7 devices. 189MB does not seem like a lot of storage space for apps, but the lack of storage was explained away at BBM Apps Hackathon event in NYC: The 189 MB of free […]

Blackberry Bold 9900 To Be Sold Soon In Kuwait, Showcased Picture Taken As Proof

The picture above, was taken in a Eureka store in Salmiya , Kuwait. This proves that the Blackberry brand is reaching cities all over the world. The expected price is 200KD but there is no exact launch date. Source

Select Roger Locations Are Already Selling Blackberry Bold 9900

Some Rogers locations apparently have them in stock and you can buy them. But only some of the stores that have the device are actually letting customers buy them. A few potential customers have been told they either don’t have them in stock, they are stock but we can’t sell until Thursday, or yes you […]

Hands On With The BlackBerry Bold 9900 At #BB7FanNight In Toronto

Probably the most anticipated of the new devices that RIM is getting ready to release on the world, is the Bold 9900.  Following in the footsteps of the Bold 9000 the 9900 has what is probably the best BlackBerry keyboard I have used.  RIM managed to make the keyboard on the 9900 6% larger than […]

More Leaked Slides Point Towards August 31st Launch For The BlackBerry 9900 On T-Mobile

If any of the previous leaked documents didn’t have you fully convinced that we would be seeing the new BlackBerry 9900 dakota on T-Mobile before the end of August, this should just about do it for you.  As you can see from the leaked slide the Target Launch for the 9900 is August 17th for the Entreprise […]

Vodafone DE Shows the BlackBerry Bold 9900 As Coming Soon!

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is now showing up on Vodafone DE’s Website as coming soon! This morning we have seen Blackberry Bold 9900 show up on eBay and Amazon, possibly in white flavor. This is great news for all of you that are on Vodafone DE. Are you planing on picking up the BlackBerry Bold […]

T-Mobile 4G Download Speeds Faster Than Ever

With 4G networks soon to become the norm, it’s a good thing T-Mobile is upping their game. The Blackberry 9900 will be the first 4G Blackberry. Read on to see their improvements. T-Mobile’s 4G Network Now Even Faster in Nearly 100 Markets Across the Country Today, T-Mobile is doubling the speed of its 4G network […]

1.2GHz Dual Core Processor For The Blackberry Bold 9900? Vodaphone Displays Wrong Specs

Although it would have been nice to have the higher specs, the Bold will come with a single core processor. Someone at Vodaphone made a mistake when listing the specs. Source

Live Images: BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 Accessories

While most people were looking at the new phones that are being released at BlackBerry World Conference, RIM quietly also released information on the accessories for the devices. The soft shell, hard shell, pocket, and swivel case for the 9900/9930 were all on display. SOURCE