Challenging Puzzle Game Cubyrinth, For The Playbook Plus Game Trailer

It’s a labyrinth (maze) in cube form, hence the name Cubyrinth. They come in different colors, difficulty groups and 70 goals. You have to rotate the smaller cubes within the Cubyrinth to get to the goal and along the way avoid enemies. hit the break for the game trailer!

SecuStore-Password Manager For The Playbook

SecuStore is a password manager for the Playbook. But it also has a bunch of other features. If you have trouble coming up with a password, no problem! It comes with a password generator. Also store your passwords in DropBox.

Smart Office 2 And Lite For The Playbook Plus Video

Use Smart Office 2 to view your Microsoft Office files on your Playbook. Not only can you view them, but edit and create as well, and then print it out. It has support in multiple languages and Microsoft Office going back to 1997. hit the break for the video!

File Manager “Stuff” App, Explore Your Playbook Files, Blackberry Files And Dropbox

This is a fitting app name. You can access your files and folders, aka your “stuff” on your Playbook. You can look at your pictures, music, documents files in one place. Also using the app, you can access your Bridge connect Blackberry and Dropbox files.

Corkboard For The Playbook, Emulates A Real Life Cork Board

But you don’t poke yourself with a thumbtack! Just like a cork board you can put sticky notes on your Playbook and arrange them anyway you want.

Contacts Cleaner App For Blackberry Smartphones

Nope, you can’t use it to clean your eye contacts. This app helps to clean out any extra contacts,duplicates of contacts. This is really helpful for someone who uses a Blackberry for Business use primarily and has a big contact list.

Cut The Thread Game For Blackberry

Cut The Thread isn’t really a good title for this game. I am thinking Feed The Puppy Something would be more accurate. In the vain of cut the rope, you must cut the thread to get the item to the puppy. It gets more challenging as you pass each level.

RIM Intros BlackBerry App World Enterprise Solution for BlackBerry PlayBook

The private BlackBerry App World Enterprise app solution has officially arrived with BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0! This solution is designed to provide a streamlined framework for enterprises to deploy mobile applications for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users within their organization. The enterprise app catalog exists as a private channel within the BlackBerry App World storefront on the BlackBerry PlayBook […]

Photo Studio PRO FREE for Boost and Virgin Mobile Customers

Photo Studio the awesome photo editing application has been updated as well as giving a nice promo for Boost and Virgin Mobile Customers giving them Photo Studio PRO FREE! Photo Studio for BlackBerry is utilized by both amateur and professional photographers who seek simple, but powerful image processing on-the-go. Users can turn their BlackBerry into a fantastic photo editing studio […]

BlackBerry App World Updated to v3.1.2.20 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone – NFC Sharing

Yesterday we saw BBM Music updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone today App World has been updated to v3.1.2.20 in the Beta Zone. Hit the break to learn more!

Unofficial Amazon and Ebay Apps Launched At Blackberry App World

SCrApps has created two apps, ebay and Amazon. Though unofficial, they both are efficient and you can easily browse through them on your Playbook.

Rebuild- A Zombie Apocalypse Game Is Launched For The Playbook

Rebuild is a zombie apocalypse game and you need to defend your fort in order to survive. There are some survivors who you can put to work so you don’t have to do it alone. Rebuild is the perfect title for a game like this.

Verizon Mobile Conference Connection App Now Available For Blackberries

Verizon’s Mobile Conference Connection App is now available to download. It keeps track of meeting dates and details including participants.

Traffic Mania Game For The Playbook

Traffic Mania game is available for the Playbook. Another traffic type game where you have to guide the cars through the streets without hitting other cars and objects. If you crash, you have to start all over again.

Winamp App For The Playbook

The Winamp App for the Playbook was just launched. It’s a music player that I am sure a lot of you would recognize from years ago. It brings back memories for me, I used to like to change the skin. Get it for free from Blackberry App World.

Photo Studio For Blackberry Gets An Update

Photo Studio for Blackberry got update to v0.9.8.26. So what’s in the update? 14 new amazing effects in Vintage, Sketch and Art categories added corners and frames colors for PicFrames application special build for OS6 and higher device to choose photos in on click with new file picker

Angry Pigs Seasons- Valentines Day Downloadable Game

Angry Pigs has their own regular level based games, but they also have a seasons version. In the current season you can find it set to a Valentines Day theme. Even though it has passed, it’s still colorful and suitable for what is going to be spring in a matter of days. I would imagine […]

Beer Apps Just In Time For St. Patricks Day

There are a few apps out there that are like beer encyclopedias. You can find out beer terminology, where it’s from, and search for breweries.

Google URL Shortener App Now Available

Google URL Shortener App is now available for your Blackberry smartphone. THis is a simple but useful app where you copy the google link and it is shortened for you. Copy and paste it into emails, texts and more.

Seagull Poop Onslaught Game For Blackberry Smartphones

Yep.. a game based on seagull poop. You must save the world from the Seagull poop that’s falling. Well, at least you the game is free and amusing. Get it from Blackberry App World.