How To Reset Blackberry PlayBook App World Cache

Apparently, all you have to do is bring up the keyboard and type “rst”. This should clear out anything stored from the last week or so. Source


Get Apps On Your PlayBook Without Using Blackberry App World

Usually, when you want to download an app for the Playbook, you must use Blackberry App World to do it. This is extremely restricting, which is why How To Side Load PlayBook App instructions were created. Follow these steps so you can avoid having to use App World every time you want to download a […]

Poynt for Blackberry Commerical- Super App

YouTube Mobile Link Check out this Poynt for Blackberry commercial. It shows the Poynt “Super App” in action. I do agree, it deserves this title. Source App For Both Your Blackberry and PlayBook is an app about calendar integration. By connecting to your Calendars in Outlook and Google, for example, it can help you to avoid making two meetings for the same time. Connects to your calendar Connects to Outlook (with or without Exchange), Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac, Lotus Notes, BlackBerry Yahoo!, Windows […]

BlackBerry App World updated to v2.1.2.15!

  BlackBerry App World has been updated to version Now I am still not seeing the update but our good friends over at BBE told us to try clearing cache by Pressing Alt R+S+T within the App World app.

Is this what Blackberry App World 3.0 will look like?

Here’s a look at what Blackberry App World 3.0 might look like. It has not been confirmed if this is legitimate or not but if it is, it’s definitely a huge change from the current one. I think it looks cleaner and more modern. I am not crazy about the dark blue color scheme right […]

TouchUp Pro App for Blackberry PlayBook

Touch Up Pro lets you touch up pictures directly from the app, on your PlayBook. Since the PlayBook is capable of taking pictures, it definitely should have an app that can fix or add things to the photos you take. So crop out unwanted scenery or reduce the size. Or, even make it look like […]

App World Now Available in 109 Countries Including United Arab Emirates

Recently UAE was added to the contries where App World is available. This is awesome for the BlackBerry users in that country but also for support fourm moderators and bloggers alike. Its will be interesting to see what applications get banned from the UAE and what kind of restrictions will be put in place. Source

MTV News Launched for BlackBerry

MTV recently released an app for all of the BlackBerry users out there. This app will allow you to keep up on all of the news in the music world while you are on the go. You can download directly from app world HERE.

200+ Jagamaga Audiobooks free for Blackberry

I love that name, it made me chuckle. So one point for being a funny name and another for being FREE! They are around 200 titles for free and it’s $2.99 to get the rest, which I think is a pretty good deal. Your phone must have OS4.5 or higher for this app to work. […]

Angry Farm for Blackberry

All these angry animals live in a cute little barn together, but they are angry because the foxes are trying to take over! To start, I recommend turning off the sound. I found it to be a bit annoying. I opened up the game and yes it’s exactly like Angry Birds. But still, it is […]

Jam3 launches Tweedless App for Blackberry Playbook

  I am sure as I am typing this there are going to be many Twitter apps in development for the Blackberry Playbook (more options, duh!) but whether or not they will be quality apps remains to be seen. Jam3 has created Tweedless (I first read this as Threadless actually) and its primary function is […]

BlackBerry Bridge Not Available for AT&T Users

The BlackBerrry Bridge application is now available via BlackBerry App World.  That is, unless you are an AT&T customer.  It appears that AT&T is blocking it due to the free tethering option.  This is really not a smart move for AT&T to do.  They are only hurting themselves. Not to fear, CB user (@rr_yy) has […]

BlackBerry App World now available in the Kingdom of Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain, now has access to the BlackBerry App World is now available! The App World is available for all BlackBerry smartphones with a trackball, trackpad or touch screen running BlackBerry OS (device software) 4.2 OS or higher.

Press Release: BlackBerry App World in China for BlackBerry users on-line build mobile Internet ecosystem

BlackBerry App World in China for BlackBerry users on-line build mobile Internet ecosystem We are pleased to inform you that the official BlackBerry ® smartphones application store BlackBerry App World ™ has been on-line in China for Chinese consumers and businesses evaluation content, download and experience the rich and exciting global and local application, China […]

RIM: All Users Must Upgrade BlackBerry App World to v2.1

This is interesting… It look like if you are running BlackBerry App World v1.1, RIM is forcing you to upgrade to v2.1. Check out what they had to say via InsideBB Citizens of the BlackBerry® App World™ storefront! If you’re still using BlackBerry App World client version 1.1, this applies to you (everyone using BlackBerry […]

Super Search 2.0 for BlackBerry from S4BB

S4BB has released yet another FREE application to use with your BlackBerry Here is a screenshot of all of the features that is in Super Search. As always S4BB offers a 30 Day Value Back Guarentee on this app as well. you can download it from App world here.

Now Available: Yahoo! for BlackBerry

Yahoo for BlackBerry has just landed in the BlackBerry App World. The new Yahoo application gives you access to your Yahoo! services like Mail and Messenger. It also gives you access to sports scores or upload and share your photos on Flickr as well as News and Finance and more. Features: Yahoo! Mobile is a […]

RIM to Update BlackBerry App World to Include Update All Function

RIM’s VP of Global Alliances & Developer Relations, Tyler Lessard had a slip of the tongue last night in Toronto at MobileMonday. Lessard slipped up and said the the next update to BlackBerry App World will include the best feature to date the “Update All Function”. I already have this feature on my Android device […]

PingChat updated to v2.4.2

PingChat for BlackBerry has been updated to v2.4.2. What’s new: -Faster sending of messages -Smaller font sizes for touch devices (Torch, Storm, Storm 2) throughout the app ( conversations, list, etc.) -Faster scrolling on conversation list view -User with display name’s that have no spaces can now open My Profile screen again -Picture thumbnails in […]