App Wednesday Powered by BlackBerry

It is that time of the week where BlackBerry puts their list together for the top applications and games for the week! Check out the list below and let us know what you think about the applications in the comments. We hope you’re having a good week. Wanted to give you a heads up on […]

SMB Week Canada: Top BlackBerry Apps for SMBs

SMB Week Canada is just around the corner (October 14 – 20, 2013) and undoubtedly, mobile devices and its many apps have become a ubiquitous tools for small and medium businesses. The options are endless when it comes to selecting great apps that help your business run more efficiently, especially when it comes to choosing […]

10 Top Blackberry Development Firms Declared by for September 2013

The independent authority on web design and development,, publishes the listings of the top Blackberry development firms for the month of September 2013. 10 Top Blackberry Development Firms Declared by for September 2013 (PRWEB) September 24, 2013 – has named the 10 top Blackberry app development agencies offering solutions in the web […]

BlackBerry 10 Getting Some Australian Developed Apps

BlackBerry is very worldly. We always hear about Indonesia, the Philippines, India, the UK and Canada when it comes to BlackBerry. Australia? Not so much. BlackBerry is making an effort to get some Australia developed apps into Blackberry World since the Z10 will be launched there soon.

Port-A-Thon Reviews To Be Done By March 12th

At least that is what BlackBerry is saying. Back in January, BlackBerry held Port-A-Thons. Developers have been waiting since then for BlackBerry to review and approve their apps. That is a long time to wait, considering how badly BlackBerry wanted these apps to be ported.

Make A BlackBerry App With Your Content In Under 10 Minutes! [Video]

If you have a blog, YouTube channel or just want to share all your Facebook updates in a BlackBerry app there is a new method that is easy and simply.  This can all be accomplished using the BlackBerry App Generator, and it means that you can make your app in under 10 minutes.  Hit the […]

Save BIG Money by Buying BlackBerry Apps in Bulk

If you have a big family or own a small business we are almost sure you shop at Sam’s Club, Costco’s, BJ’s Wholesale or some other time of bulk club (I know I do). In an interesting marketing concept from BBbundle you can now purchase premium BlackBerry applications in bulk and save approximately 85%! With […]

Plan Your Own Covert Operation with Black Ops Maps app for BlackBerry Smartphones and PlayBook

Any of you out there that are a fan of the Black Ops video game, then you might be interested in planning out your own covert operations with Skylab Mobilesystems Black Ops Maps app for BlackBerry.  The Black Ops Maps is a twist on their standard Google Maps application, but with a very different theme overtop […]

BlackBerry for Business LinkedIn Discussion Group hits 10,000 member milestone

The Inside BlackBerry Blog posted a video today to announce that they have hit a milestone on their BlackBerry for Business Discussion group on LinkedIn.  This group is for the movers and shakers in the business world that enjoy using their BlackBerry to be successful.

Inside BlackBerry Blog lists apps perfect for any Secret Agent in the making

When becoming a secret agent the question always becomes, what apps will I need? Well the Inside BlackBerry Blog has made a list for the secret agent in all of us.

Educate Yourself with your BlackBerry and GCSE apps!

Would you like to help yourself learn, study, and do better with your school work? Well now you can with GCSE apps! Theses are some great Free Education applications too help you study and learn material over a variety of subjects and use can use the applications with BBM for a better experience. Hit the jump to download […]

Bellshare Has Mega Sale

For a short period of time, Bellshare is offering all their apps on sale for half off. Probably best known for BeBuzz(the led app), take advantage of these offers. I love BeBuzz! Hit the break for the app list

Advance OS & LED v15 update coming soon with great new features

Advance OS & LED is one of those apps that allows you to take control of your BlackBerry and make it work the way you want it to.  The developer, Sultan Al Sooz, is apparently getting ready to release version 5 of his popular app that will include some features that were suggested to him […]

RIM Is Ready For The Massive Amount Of Apps To Come For Blackberry 10

You’ll probably remember that when the first Playbook launched, along with it came a bunch of apps. This was because at the time RIM was heavily promoting the Playbook. They didn’t realize that so much apps were going to be developed that they could not handle it. Well this time around with the imminent launch […]

Yardi Maintenance releases mobile app for BlackBerry

Yardi Maintenance has released a mobile app for BlackBerry that is now available in AppWorld.  For those of you not familiar with Yardi has been in business for 30 years and they provide real-estate and property management companies with software that allows them to easily manage their properties.  The addition of a mobile app for […]

Forthcoming BlackBerry Bridge rumored to be bringing some exciting features

According to Bla1ze over at Crackberry the forthcoming update to BlackBerry Bridge will bring some features that many users have been waiting for.  Now keep in mind that there isn’t any leaked documentation or anything to go on, but when it comes to things like this Bla1ze is someone who we tend to listen to. […]

Blackberry 10 Jam Contest Already Produces 6 Winners

Just recently we did a post on the Blackberry 10 Jam contest for developers. Every 100th app that was submitted gets a free trip to Blackberry Jam this year. Thus far, 600+ apps have been entered. hit the break for the list of the winners!

BlackBerry PlayBook Application to save Surrey Council £100,000

Over in the UK in Surrey County the county council is developing an application for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and Torch smartphone to give youth it workers  the ability to access to records easily and securely on their Blackberry devices.

Add Business Cards to your Conact list easily with Card2Contact!

Being one person whom of which is always on the go one of the things I get the most from different people I meet is their business cards. And with my beloved Blackberry Smartphone sure I could sit down in the evening and imput all this valuable into my Blackberry but it is a little […]

Get a Stronger You with Push Ups Fitness for BlackBerry PlayBook

Its now March was your New Years Resolution to get in shape, workout more, or just eat better? Well to make those resolutions a little easier with Push Ups for the Blackberry Playbook. Push Ups Fitness app is designed to suggest you a schedule of push up exercises that gets you a little fitter each day you use […]