BlackBerry Dev Alpha devices get a new lease on life!

In a very interesting turn of events BlackBerry has decided not to kill off the BlackBerry Dev Alpha devices come June! BlackBerry has posted the following information on their BlackBerry Dev Blog: For those developers who’ve been part of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha program with either a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A or BlackBerry 10 Dev […]

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Updated to OS

As we reported BlackBerry has released an OS update to the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha bringing it to version This update is available Over-The-Air (OTA). As of right not the Developer page has not been updated to reflect the new version. What we do know is the it is supposed to bring the BlackBerry […]

Another Dev Alpha Lands On eBay

Last week we reported on a Dev Alpha that landed on eBay and was selling for a ridiculous price.  Well it has happened again, and this time it is currently at a bid of over $2k.  I am not really sure why anyone would want to pay that much for a Dev Alpha this close to the launch […]

New BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Wallpapers Available for your BlackBerry Smartphone

Last night the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha units received a nice bump along with an update to v.! Along with the goodies of the new update along with BlackBerry World, comes about a set of new wallpapers! Twenty-One of them to be exact and you can download them now for your current BlackBerry Smartphone! Hit […]

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha microSIMs Received at BlackBerry World Have Expired

Earlier this year at Blackberry World and BlackBerry Jam, the first issued Blackberry Dev devices included a working microSIM from AT&T, however these sims have expired. The microSIM included with the Dev Alpha device last day of usage was September 30th. Alternatively you can still use your own microSIM in your BlackBerry Dev device and or use […]

BlackBerry 10 Demo Video Shows Off True Multitasking Abilities!

Mobile Link Over the past few months we have seen quite a few RIM demo videos of Blackberry 10, but now we get to see a new video of just how it all works. The true multitasking abilities of the Blackberry 10 device of the home screen and the ability to swipe and change applications. Also in […]

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Updated to OS

The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha has been updated to OS today! At this time there is no change log available so, if you see something new feel free to let us know in the comments and we will update this article accordingly.

RIM is Aware of Dev Alpha Message Indicating The Program Is Over

Just a few days ago we posted an article on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha displaying: “Thank you for participating! The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device program has ended. For details on what to do next, please visit” Well this weekend I did not have a chance to boot up our Dev Alpha (we […]