Devs: Enter Your Chance to Win $5K in Built For BlackBerry Contest

Devs if you have yet to build for BlackBerry or yet to get your Built for BlackBerry application ready yet, BlackBerry may have 5,000 things to help push you to get your application submitted. Yes with the $5,000 Built for BlackBerry Contest, an opportunity to take your rightful place developing award-winning BlackBerry apps for a […]

Latest BlackBerry 10 Port-a-thon and 15,000 apps were submitted over 36 Hours!

These port-a-thons are truly remarkable. RIM has great incentives ($100 an app) and free hardware after reaching certain cutoffs like 10 apps, 20 apps etc. If all 15,000 apps submitted get approved–that means RIM will pay 1.5 MILLION dollars out to developers! Truly amazing, RIM is putting their money where their mouth is and getting developers excited […]

Blackberry 10 Port-A-Thon Comes December 14th

So it’s now called Blackberry 10 Port-A-Thon but that doesn’t really come as a surprise considering what is going down next month. Starting on Dec 14th, for 36 hours, there will be a porting party. Port your app from another OS to Blackberry 10. And the best part is, you don’t have to go anywhere […]

Devs: Official BlackBerry Developers’ Group MIAMI – @BBDevMiami

 Ipsan reached out to us to let us know about an Official BlackBerry Developers group that has been started for the folks in Miami. Their first meeting will take place tomorrow Wednesday, June 27th 2012 at 7PM at Planet Linux Caffe 1430 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL. The Miami BlackBerry® Developers’ Group is a community-run group that provides developers an opportunity […]