Alec Saunders Wants Your App In BlackBerry World

I am paraphrasing here. He actually said “Simply put, BlackBerry World is where your app belongs.” He said this after a long explanation as to what BlackBerry has done to make you want to put your app in BlackBerry World. BlackBerry World is the first place that millions of customers go to find trusted applications. […]

BlackBerry Releases BlackBerry Tools for Android Development 2.0 Beta

BlackBerry has updated their tools for Android Development. It’s now at Beta 2.0. Because BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps was recently updated to support Jelly Bean 4.2.2, it makes sense that the tools were updated as well. What’s been updated? Allow Android developers to quickly and easily repackage their existing Android apps for BlackBerry 10 […]

BlackBerry Does A Makeover To Developer Micro Sites, Looks In Style

Re-designing the developer micro sites was probably not high on the list of BlackBerry priorities. But they have gone and fixed them up and made them look nicer. It appears that they’ve actually listened to recommendations and ideas from developers by implementing them into the new design. And they confirm they will continue listen to […]

Built for BlackBerry and $10K Commitment Program dates get cleared up

It seems that there has been some confusion amongst the developer community as to what dates, and approvals were required to be eligible for both the Built for BlackBerry and the $10K Commitment Programs.  Well Alec Saunders has taken to the BlackBerry DevBlog to clear everything up, and it contains some very important information for […]

Alec Saunders Shows How The Built For BlackBerry Program Works

Alec Saunders is making it easier for developers to understand the criteria for the Built For BlackBerry program. Some people didn’t completely understand what kind of apps qualified so Alec used FancyTran as the example of what they are looking for.

Android Developers Get Ready To Port Your Apps, And Get Rewarded For Doing So

We told you about the Android Port-A-Thon a little while ago, but now there are more details on the event. Android developers will be able to port their apps over to BlackBerry 10 during a 36 hour virtual event that will start on January 11th at noon ET. For those developers that take part there […]

RIM Targets VoIP Developers With Addition of PJSIP Libraries to BlackBerry 10

There is no doubt that RIM has been puling out all the stops in trying to lure developers to the BlackBerry 10 platform.  Their latest targets are VoIP developers for whom they have added PJSIP open source SIP libraries to BlackBerry 10.

The Android Port-A-Thon for BlackBerry 10 is Coming Soon!

RIM has held several events to help developers bring their apps over to BlackBerry 10.  They have now announced that they will be holding a virtual Android Port-A-Thon to help developers of Android applications to bring their apps over to BlackBerry 10.

Project Zygote helps BlackBerry 10 Cascades apps open faster

The folks over at the BlackBerry DevBlog have added a new post that will benefit developers working with Cascades for their BlackBerry 10 apps. Developers have been asking for a method to make Cascades apps open faster since May.

BlackBerry DevBlog interviews Wolfgang Damm, Chief Development Architect at Wikitude

With the launch of BlackBerry 7 one of the coolest things we started to see what the inclusion of augmented reality into the platform.  The main app that provided us with augmented reality at the get go was Wikitude, and with the Wikitude for BlackBerry 10 SDK being made available to BlackBerry 10 developers we […]

Blackberry Dev Blog Guides You In The Blackberry 10 Flow

Anders Larsson put together a helpful guide to make it easier to understand the Blackberry 10 flow. Creating apps on the new platform can be a bit overwhelming so this is a good place to start.

RIM suggests using NME for Fast, Native games (without C/C++)

today on the BlackBerry DevBlog, Joshua Granick, made the argument for porting Adobe Air to native speed with NME.  Personally I was unfamiliar with NME, but basically it is a cross-platform framework for rapid game and application development.  Granick makes the argument that developers should really look at NME to get their games ported to […]

BlackBerry 10 Jam Zone moves to BlackBerry ID login

We are now starting to see the beginnings of RIM moving their products over to a single unified login.  The BlackBerry 10 Jam Zone has now moved over to BlackBerry ID login, which makes it much easier for those of you that use multiple devices.  We will eventually see this same process makes its way to […]

PineLake shows just how easy it is to port an Android app to BlackBerry 10

In a new post on the BlackBerry DevBlog a local Waterloo based developer, PineLake Communications, has given an interview talking about the ease of porting an Android app over to BlackBerry 10.  The most interesting part of the interview is not how easy it was for PineLake to do the port, but rather that they […]

RIM releases version 0.9.3 of the bbUI Framework

RIM is continuing to provide developers with the necessary tools to ensure that BlackBerry 10 gets all the attention it needs.  The latest tool is an update to the bbUI Framework, now at version 0.9.3, in which they have included some of the feature requests RIM has received at the BlackBerry 10 Jam events.

Latest BlackBerry10 Beta SDKs Are Available For Download

Tim Neil over at Blackberry DevBlog released the schedule of the upcoming Blackberry 10 Beta SDK release dates. He also mentions what RIM is planning to do, even saying that it is something that RIM has never done. And that is, share the feature release plan for each of the runtimes with devs. He goes […]